Fund Awards 2022 8 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards Neventa Capital is a growth equity firm committed to generating exceptional returns for its investors, usually family offices, HNWIs, wealth managers, and institutional investors. It invests in private high-growth companies leading the global digital transformation with investments that go beyond capital. Neventa creates value by leveraging its experienced team, extensive industry experience and international network to advise and assist its clients in making their next steps into the digital space. The core mission of Neventa is to generate above-average returns and provide its clients with an innovative investment platform to foster long-lasting GP/LP relationships. Through this strategy, Neventa has positioned itself as a major player in the growth capital space. When asked how Neventa remains at the cutting edge of industry developments, Thomas Felix Baden, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, says, “We are confident in our direction, as we keep track of the developments that influence our industry but are never strictly beholden to them. We believe in striking a healthy balance between listening to the market and to experts in our network, whether our board and investment committee or other partners in the industry. Simultaneously, we neither follow trends nor adhere to a herd mentality. We keep on our path even in the face of potential headwinds.” Neventa’s philosophy is to put its clients and investors at the centre of its business. The needs of clients are placed before everything else, as the firm aims to achieve the best return for them. Consequently, Neventa has established a diligent and tailor-made approach to serving its clients, providing various flexible and sophisticated investment options according to their individual needs and requirements. For example, Neventa offers its central fund to long-term orientated investors who are usually more familiar with private equity investments. This is an ideal opportunity for an investor seeking to achieve a portfolio effect in terms of industry verticals and geography, as Neventa The implementation of digital solutions is a high priority for funds and firms across the globe, particularly as assets and markets exclusive to the digital space explode into the mainstream. However, Europe’s Best Digital Technology Investment Company, Neventa Capital, understands that just building platforms and recognising FinTech is not enough. Consistent performance and adapting to clients’ needs are just as essential. Best Digital Technology Investment Company – Europe Aug22659 covers various in-demand verticals like AgTech, FinTech, Enterprise Software, and AI/ML, with geographic exposure to the US, Europe and opportunistically Southeast Asia. In addition, the firm also offers deal-specific special investment/purpose vehicles (SPVs), in which investors can gain direct exposure to a particular deal, thereby providing a flexible and opportunistic alternative for investors who prefer to have exposure to a specific company. Moreover, an investor can also opt for a Separate Managed Account (SMA), which can provide access to a particular industry vertical, like FinTech, and to a specific region. For example, suppose an investor is only interested in software or FinTech businesses. In that case, Neventa could set up a managed account for this specific vertical, with the same methodology applied to regions of interest. Another initiative worth mentioning is Neventa’s current work on a digital offering to augment its coinvestment business. The platform is expected to digitalise the co-investment process for investors, making deal-by-deal investing even more efficient, flexible, and accessible for its clients. Lastly, Neventa approaches growth equity differently by applying an exceptionally rigorous buy-out-like due diligence process. Neventa combines external advisors, market experts, and in-house diligence to understand a target company at the most granular level before making any move or investment. Despite the wild swings of the public markets over the last two years, the private markets, particularly the growth capital space, has remained robust with record funding rounds and exits. The pandemic effectively served as a tailwind for Neventa’s portfolio, focusing on digital technology businesses that facilitate and enable digitalisation and transformation. However, investing in uncertain market conditions necessitates even more emphasis on Neventa’s due diligence processes. The firm has always strictly applied rigorous methodologies to verify its target companies’ growth and scale potential. As markets have become more unpredictable, Neventa continues to layer additional scenario analyses on top of its usual critical assessment of growth plans, particularly when presented with exponential growth projections. Though its portfolio companies performed well over the last two years, they have had to overcome challenges regarding additional financing requirements to adapt to rapidly changing market environments. Therefore, Neventa particularly focuses on management teams while conducting pre-investment due diligence and enjoys seeing teams that have managed and tackled challenges in the past. The future growth of Neventa will not only be driven by increasing demand for private markets, which will nearly double by 2025, but also by demonstrating performance to clients. Equally, being flexible with its offering, being excellent in sourcing and execution, always listening to client’s needs and requirements, and achieving superior returns remain major growth drivers. An example of this approach in action is Neventa’s upcoming launch of a structured product offering for accredited wealth management clients with smaller investment tickets into its fund. With a minimum ticket of $125k, investors can buy a certificate of the fund listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. The digital space becomes increasingly essential with every passing day, not just to the market but to life in general. Neventa Capital’s recognition of this has not only informed its digital tools and practices but also forged a strategy of backing key players in transforming the space as we know it. As technology advances, it will always require the backing to advance to the next stage in development, and Neventa will be present, supporting the industry the whole way. Contact: Thomas Felix Baden Company: Neventa Capital SA Web Address: