Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards 2021 8 Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards APR2w2 Degree Insurance is an unquestionably innovative insurance product that guarantees a student’s income in the first five years after graduation. College is the largest uninsured investment most people ever make. Students dedicate three to six years, and often 10-20 times their net worth to complete a degree and then just “hope” that it works out in the end. Founded in 2017 by Wade Eyerly, CEO and Dennis Murashko, President, the two embarked on a journey that was launched on the understanding that getting into a college or university, while often seen as part of the American Dream, was insufficient to advancing someone’s future. Graduating college is where the benefit lies. To ensure that individuals are thriving, succeeding, and achieving the best possible outcomes from a university degree, Degree Insurance provides students the confidence necessary not only to enroll, but also to persist through to graduation. The presence of a safety net can help give students not only peace of mind while studying, but also the assurance that they can safely pursue their dreams. Degree Insurance works based on the coverage level determined by school and the major of an individual. For example, an engineering major at a particular school may be guaranteed a rate of $50,000/year for the first five years after graduation. An English major may be guaranteed $38,000/year, etc. If a graduate was unsuccessful in earning what was promised in those five years post-graduation, Degree Insurance pays the difference. Unfortunately, not everyone who graduates from a specific program has the same outcomes as others. Colleges that work with Degree Insurance can guarantee that their graduates will see an equal return in their higher-education investment. Equal pay for study can help reduce equity gaps, something all institutions should want. Degree Insurance provides the confidence to enroll and the determination to persist towards graduation. But the colleges and universities also benefit from implementing Degree Insurance for their students. Degree Insurance’s new and innovative concept, recently brought to market, works with colleges and universities to recruit, and retain students by providing an income guarantee post-graduation. Celebrated as Insurance Innovators of the Year, Degree’s mission is to allow students to fulfil the American Dream without the burden or worry of financial outcomes. Insurance Innovators of the Year - USA With an increase in student yield, retention and graduation, the institution sees a clear boost to the bottom line, which endures for years to come. Degree Insurance is a silent safety net, safeguarding the earning potential of graduates. The most significant fear amongst students is the cost of tuition followed by the worry of finding a job in a field they’ve chosen and the ability to earn what they are worth. Often students are disappointed to enter the work field and discover that salaries may not be what they expected. Degree Insurance can help guide students’ expectations and inform decisions on schools, classes and majors. Upon graduation, students will be able to bring confidence into their choices without the worry of earning enough. Degree Insurance Co. Nov21839 Company Name: Degree Insurance Co. Contact Name: Carren Crossley Contact Email: [email protected] Web Address: