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Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards 3 APR2w2 Content 4. Upptec: Insurtech Company of the Year - Scandinavia 5. Zala Technology: Best Management & Technology Consulting Firm - Washington DC 6. Simply Benefits: Best Digital Employee Health Insurance Platform – Canada 7. KOBA Insurance: Most Innovative Car Insurance Company - Australia 8. Degree Insurance Co: Insurance Innovators of the Year - USA 9. KNEIP: Best Fund Data Management & Reporting Specialists 2021 4 Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards Upptec is one of the world’s leading insurtech companies. Taking on its first client on the 1st of January 2006, the company has progressed greatly since then, spreading out of Sweden and across Europe and North America. Since its founding, Upptec has been developing groundbreaking technologies that shape the insurtech industry. For example, Upptec has developed a cloud-based, completely automated claims journey that enables instant settlement for the policyholders. Simply, Upptec has optimised the entire process, making claims valuation and settlement as easy as it can be. Upptec is a leader – not a follower – as such, it is on a mission to pave the way into the future, constantly on the lookout for improvement and innovative solutions to cater to its client’s needs. Indeed, the firm thrives on pioneering digital experiences and sees any challenge as a great start to develop new ideas, challenging itself as it delves into unchartered territories. As a result, Upptec’s seamless combination of experience, determination, and ground-breaking digital solutions, have allowed the company to cater to its client’s needs with humble excellence. Client-centricity is the beating heart within the company. Upptec is committed to providing a service powered by transparency and efficiency, with the overarching aim to build trust with its clients. It has never lost a customer ¬– a fact that it views as confirmation of its willingness to create solutions that are of the utmost importance for its customers. Furthermore, the company prioritises working in collaboration with its clients, adorning them with industry expertise and an unrivalled level of customer service. It is honest and generous with knowledge as it wants the best outcome for its customers. It is this formation of a partnership with the customer that has enabled the company to shoot to unprecedented success. Upptec notes that customers are driving the digital claims shift, not the insurers. This is a key reason why the company chooses to work in collaboration with its customers, insurance companies, to develop and create the best possible solutions for the end consumer. The end goal is simple – to make For the better part of two decades Upptec has been leading the insurtech industry. Providing innovative solutions that optimise the insurance world, Upptec has simplified the claims valuation and settlement processes, ensuring that not only its client but the end consumer has a positive experience. Indeed, as the company enters 2022, it has plans to expand its reach further across the globe. Insurtech Company of the Year - Scandinavia claims automation easy to navigate. Henceforth, by doing so, transforming the insurance industry through cutting-edge tech innovations. Operating with the mantra, ‘solving tomorrow’s problem today,’ in mind, Upptec has remained ahead of its competition and has built a loyal network of clients across the globe. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the face of the industry, as numerous insurance companies have flocked towards the digitisation of their services. In turn, Upptec noted an influx of clients, while the industry was pushed into a new dimension. The progression towards a truly optimised, digital landscape was only enhanced by the global lockdowns and closure of in-person businesses. Upptec served to create a new platform for the insurance industry and altered the customer experience in preparation for the new normal. Upptec 2022 is set to be an exciting year for the company, as it plans to deliver new exciting solutions, and update existing products with innovative features, which will help solve problems that have been holding the industry back. Consequently, this provides the opportunity to leapfrog the digital transformation and deliver a whole new level of claims automation, which will create a streamlined experience for its customers. Ultimately, Upptec’s main goal is to continue its expansion, as it believes that this year will see the insurer shift from manual to digital and, possibly, beyond. Contact: Matilda Hansson Company: Upptec Web Address: Jan22381

Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards 5 Zala Technology is an international management & technology consulting company with a focus on the insurtech world. The firm is on a mission to alter the way the insurance world operates, working with insurance start-ups, brokers, and companies whose goal is to make insurance easy and robust. Across a variety of services, including insurance management consulting, custom software development, Zala Technology works with clients internationally to empower them in the digital landscape. As one of the only companies servicing insurtech around the globe, Zala Technology prides itself on its ability to evolve the insurance industry. Be it UI design or API development, Zala Technology endeavours to provide the best possible solution – one that is sure to create an impact not only within its client’s company, but across the industry as a whole. Therefore, the company lives and breathes insurance, striving to remain informed about new developments and updates in legislation. Zala Technology wants to be the premium insurtech consultancy, therefore, it goes above and beyond the call of duty to guarantee perfection. It is with this in mind that Zala Technology takes a client-centric approach, moving away from what it wants and getting closer to what its customers need and love. Simply, Zala Technology believes in listening to the customer. As a result, it has built trusting bonds with brands globally, including One Click Code, HSB, and Zeguro. Furthermore, each decision Zala Technology makes involving its clients is influenced by its mission statement, ‘to encourage and empower insurtech organizations that seek to rethink the way insurance business is being conducted.’ The power of the happy customer should not be underestimated. It is because of its clients that Zala Technology has been able to thrive in a niche industry. Constantly developing, the insurance industry is notoriously hard to break into, and is even harder to remain relevant within. Zala Technology strives to remain ahead of the curve and invests greatly in education and research and works with universities and research groups to guide its understanding as to how future Challenging the traditional structure of the insurance industry, Zala Technology is drawing a focus to the insurtech world. Working with clients around the globe, the firm is on a mission to change the way the industry operates, modernizing it from the inside out. Indeed, Zala Technology believes that change starts from within – therefore, it operates to disrupt insurance in the right way. BestManagement &Technology Consulting Firm-WashingtonDC Zala Technology Jan22021 technologies can impact the insurance industry. Additionally, Zala Technology closely follows the NAIC and their strategic initiatives, to keep track of the latest legislation around cutting-edge technology in the insurance industry. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted numerous industries, and with no end in sight many have been forced to drastically alter their operations. Consequently, Zala Technology has seen an influx of clients over the past few years, and has, in fact, benefitted greatly from the new normal. The introduction of remote working has furthered this success, as the company has allowed its staff to work wherever they want whenever they want – making its teams significantly more productive and enthusiastic about their work. This success is set to continue throughout 2022, where in the first quarter, the company will be announcing a new insurtech product. Zala Technology also hopes to expand, introducing new staff into its offices universally. However, the firm can expect some leadership changes as the current CEO will spearhead its insurtech product company to challenge the status quo among specialty insurance providers. Contact: Layla Atya Company: Zala Technology Web Address: 6 Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards APR2w2 With over 15 years of experience as a benefits broker, Jeff Cox knew first-hand the good and the bad of the health insurance industry and the slow pace of adapting new technology. This aversion is partly due to the lack of good digital options but also an aging demographic in insurance that isn’t tech-savvy and/or lacks the expertise or desire to deliver digital solutions that the younger workforce wants and expects. It was time for some innovation in group health insurance. A Digital Solution for All Customers While at a conference in 2017, Jeff attended a presentation that sparked the idea of how the group health insurance industry could simplify the benefits experience for three key customers: • Employees - to help employees, and their dependents, better understand and use their employer-sponsored group benefits anytime, anywhere. Benefits are an important attraction and retention strategy for employers so if employees don’t know what they have and how to use them, the value is lost - definitely not what employers want. • Employers - to help plan administrators streamline the benefits management process for new employee enrolments and terminations while enabling employees to directly make changes online reducing their administration time and improving efficiency. • Advisors - benefits brokers play a critical part in helping employers design a plan that employees value while helping clients to find insurance partners that can effectively deliver the right mix of products, price and technology. Advisors are a valuable ally to employers to help them shop the marketplace and advocate for them and their employees. Once we fully understood the unique needs of each of these users, it was determined that any new technology had to be 100% digital and help all three customers to be a success! Advisors Are Lifeblood to Distribution With many insurance technologies, the advisor’s needs are often an afterthought. In fact, some Frustrated by the lack of digital employee benefits options, the frequent push back from insurers and long, endless paperwork, Canadian group advisor Jeff Cox decided to take action to revolutionize the BenTech space. Best Digital EmployeeHealth Insurance Platform– Canada insurers completely bypass them altogether and work directly with employers. But, as an Advisor himself, Jeff knew that good advisors give good advice and clients trust them. He didn’t think it made sense to cut Advisors out of the process because he knew group benefits are a complex buy and employers need ongoing support. New technology needed to make the advisor needs a priority - not an afterthought. Ready, Set, Launch In 2008, with a mission to simplify Canadian employee health insurance through innovative technology for a better experience, the development of a 100% digital benefits management platform began at an aggressive pace. By Fall 2020, Simply Benefits onboarded its first customers and experienced rapid growth throughout 2021. Looking forward to 2022 and beyond, Simply Benefits has aggressive revenue growth plans and a continued mission to digitize the benefits space with the addition of voluntary benefits, modular flex and cafeteria plans. Canada’s Newest Digital Benefits Provider With over a year of being fully operational, Simply Benefits is Canada’s newest 100% digital employee benefits third-party payor (TPP) that partners with leading industry providers including Beneva, Empire Life, Telus Health, AIG, HumanaCare, PocketPills and beyond - giving employers more choice. Simply Benefits’ digital platform offers three unique portals for employees, employers and advisors that can help: Simply Benefits • Engage Employees Anytime, Anywhere ○ - Employees can login 24/7 from any device or desktop to sign-up, update personal data, view coverage, access digital drug cards, and submit claims with fast reimbursement (typically within 48 hours). ○ - Administrators can communicate to one, some or all employees quickly through push notifications. ○ - Employees can view plan details and use an AIpowered keyword search to see their coverage: “I hurt my back!” - you have $500 of physiotherapy coverage. • Simplify the Benefits Experience ○ - A fully digital experience from start to finish for insured, pooled and ASO benefits plus health and lifestyle spending accounts - all in one place with real-time data. ○ - Advisors can onboard members in about 30-minutes. Plus, employees are then guided through a 5-minute paperless enrollment process and once complete, they are instantly live and ready to use their benefits immediately. ○ - Employers can pick and choose from select insurers and a growing network of third-party partners including mental health, virtual care and wellness programs. • Evolve an Advisors Benefits Business ○ - Simply Benefits provides competitive pricing and commissions and never works directly with employers. In fact, Simply refers employer leads to advisor partners to help them grow their business. ○ - White label options are available for advisors and employers looking to fully brand the platform to make it their own. ○ - Advisors eliminate the time consuming and manual process of switching employers from one carrier to another, freeing up their time so they can spend it better elsewhere. As a responsive start-up, Simply Benefits listens carefully to all customer feedback to continue to improve the platform and the overall user experience. With ambitious new development plans for the future, the team is excited to be a key player in leading the digital revolution for Canadian health insurance. Contact: [email protected] Website:

Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards 7 APR2w2 Insurance is a vital part of the driving experience, protecting those who travel on the road, but most insurers charge an annual premium that doesn’t take into account how much you drive. For those who find themselves travelling less as the world reasserts itself after the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, paying per kilometre seems much fairer. The KOBA Insurance team have made this solution a reality, allowing consumers to pay according to their lifestyles and placing you in control of your car insurance costs. With KOBA, what you pay changes based on the distance travelled each month. KOBA customers pay an upfront cost for comprehensive coverage while parked, and from 3¢ per kilometre you drive. This innovation is driven by the use of connectivity technology, or what’s called a KOBA Rider, which attaches to the car’s onboard diagnostic (OBD) outlet, measuring distances travelled and powering the KOBA app in real time to charge a small perkilometre rate for each trip. Data security and privacy is an important element of KOBA’s service and the location and distance data is used to determine your per-kilometre rate. All other data collected from the vehicle is used for the customer’s benefit through personalised services. Future-plans to introduce a range of these services could include monthly reports on driving behaviour to decrease fuel consumption and help reduce the risk of speeding, as well as provide customers with vehicle maintenance updates or emergency services alerts when the vehicle is involved in a serious collision. Whilst their coverage is designed for low-usage drivers, who KOBA believe pose less risk and are involved in fewer accidents, KOBA also understands that no two weeks are the same. Their Capped Price Promise means drivers who travel over 250km/day, or over 1,750km/month are Car insurance is a mighty burden for those who don’t use their car regularly, but finding a more equitable system is often seen as overcomplex. The team at KOBA Insurance have changed the game, with their customers paying per KM. In Wealth and Finance International’s Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards 2021, the team were named Most Innovative Car Insurance Company – Australia for their efforts. We take a look at how they secured this remarkable success. Most Innovative Car Insurance Company - Australia capped at those limits, with the rest of the day or month’s billing covered by KOBA. Product features and plans like these showcase KOBA’s commitment to innovative technology, while also being in the mindset of their consumer. A focus on data-driven insights, consumer value and exceptional customer service is why so many continue to make the switch to this new insurtech. It goes without saying the pandemic has changed the way in which we work, and the businesses which will thrive are those which are able to adapt to the way in which we now live. KOBA Insurance has built a new start-up that is ideally equipped to the world in which we live, offering flexibility, transparency and personalised value. We celebrate their success and look forward to their achievements in the months and years to come. For more information on pay-per-km insurance, visit KOBA Insurance Dec21357 KOBA Insurance Pty Ltd (KOBA) (ABN 33 642 789 286, AR number 1288655) is authorised to deal in the insurance which is issued by Eric Insurance Limited (eric) (ABN 18 009 129 793, AFSL 238279). Any advice provided is general in nature and does not take into account your particular needs and circumstances. Before purchasing the insurance, decide whether this product is right for you by reading the Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination - available on the KOBA website. Company: KOBA Insurance Contact: Erica Lam (PR + Communications) Email: [email protected] 8 Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards APR2w2 Degree Insurance is an unquestionably innovative insurance product that guarantees a student’s income in the first five years after graduation. College is the largest uninsured investment most people ever make. Students dedicate three to six years, and often 10-20 times their net worth to complete a degree and then just “hope” that it works out in the end. Founded in 2017 by Wade Eyerly, CEO and Dennis Murashko, President, the two embarked on a journey that was launched on the understanding that getting into a college or university, while often seen as part of the American Dream, was insufficient to advancing someone’s future. Graduating college is where the benefit lies. To ensure that individuals are thriving, succeeding, and achieving the best possible outcomes from a university degree, Degree Insurance provides students the confidence necessary not only to enroll, but also to persist through to graduation. The presence of a safety net can help give students not only peace of mind while studying, but also the assurance that they can safely pursue their dreams. Degree Insurance works based on the coverage level determined by school and the major of an individual. For example, an engineering major at a particular school may be guaranteed a rate of $50,000/year for the first five years after graduation. An English major may be guaranteed $38,000/year, etc. If a graduate was unsuccessful in earning what was promised in those five years post-graduation, Degree Insurance pays the difference. Unfortunately, not everyone who graduates from a specific program has the same outcomes as others. Colleges that work with Degree Insurance can guarantee that their graduates will see an equal return in their higher-education investment. Equal pay for study can help reduce equity gaps, something all institutions should want. Degree Insurance provides the confidence to enroll and the determination to persist towards graduation. But the colleges and universities also benefit from implementing Degree Insurance for their students. Degree Insurance’s new and innovative concept, recently brought to market, works with colleges and universities to recruit, and retain students by providing an income guarantee post-graduation. Celebrated as Insurance Innovators of the Year, Degree’s mission is to allow students to fulfil the American Dream without the burden or worry of financial outcomes. Insurance Innovators of the Year - USA With an increase in student yield, retention and graduation, the institution sees a clear boost to the bottom line, which endures for years to come. Degree Insurance is a silent safety net, safeguarding the earning potential of graduates. The most significant fear amongst students is the cost of tuition followed by the worry of finding a job in a field they’ve chosen and the ability to earn what they are worth. Often students are disappointed to enter the work field and discover that salaries may not be what they expected. Degree Insurance can help guide students’ expectations and inform decisions on schools, classes and majors. Upon graduation, students will be able to bring confidence into their choices without the worry of earning enough. Degree Insurance Co. Nov21839 Company Name: Degree Insurance Co. Contact Name: Carren Crossley Contact Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards 9 APR2w2 Established in Luxembourg since 1993, Kneip has spent nearly 30 years investing to becoming the market’s one-stop shop for fund data management and regulatory reporting. Today, the company manages the data publication and investor disclosure for more than 10,000 funds in over 40 countries, including the production of over 200,000 UCITS KIIDs, PRIIPs KIDs and EPTs, and it currently services more than 30% of the ISINs in the EU. Kneip covers all aspects of the fund life cycle, from data management, through fund registration, all necessary calculations, document and template production, as well as distribution and filing. This integrated approach creates efficiencies by leveraging client fund data across the spectrum of regulatory reporting requirements under MIFID, PRIIPS, UCITS, AIFMD, SFDR and Solvency II reporting. “With data at the core of our solutions, our clients can accelerate the production and publication of fund documentation, easily adapt to new regulatory requirements, and gain insights to expand their distribution footprint further,” explains Enrique Sacau, CEO. As a result, Kneip is able to handle most of its customers’ requirements across different activities and regulations, which has many advantages, from data sharing, data consistency, efficiency gains as well as cost efficiencies. One of the biggest risks faced by the fund industry today is still the huge increase in regulatory reporting and transparency requirements that has come into place since the 2008 financial crisis. Understanding the implications of this ever-changing regulatory landscape is a critical challenge for asset managers. With Kneip, financial institutions can ensure compliance across MiFID, PRIIPs, AIFMD and UCITS regulations. The company is independent and acts as channel for its clients to address general regulatory questions to EU regulators while maintaining industry focus. Sacau explains: “Kneip works directly with regulators and industry bodies to anticipate regulations and understand their impact on our clients so they always stay ahead of the curve.” As an active member of various industry bodies and panels, including EFAMA, ALFI, and FinDatEx, Kneip contributes to regulatory change forums to ensure its service delivery and product development is always one step ahead. A recognised leader in fund data management and reporting solutions for the asset management industry, KNEIP has been accredited Best Fund Data Management and Reporting Specialist for 2021. The company is known for developing solutions that remove complexity throughout the fund lifecycle and for helping clients manage data and ensure compliance in a changing regulatory environment. Best Fund Data Management & Reporting Specialists 2021 Alongside regulatory compliance, another major risk faced by financial institutions lies within the quality of the data they publish. It is critical to success in fund distribution, as it allows funds to be seen and selected by all the right potential investors, yet Kneip’s research shows that nearly 4 out of 10 data points suffer from inconsistencies which carries obvious operational and compliance risks. This is particularly concerning in the age of Electronically Traded Funds (ETFs) when the majority of products in retail distribution are being selected by computers, and inconsistent data points can cause the automatic rejection of a fund. With so much in fund distribution resting on the quality of the data held and published, Kneip can help ensure accurate and up-to-date data and documentation dissemination, as Sacau explains: “We can guarantee the highest data consistency on the market, which means lower risk of inaccurate data and more exposure to potential investors. Our aim is to help our clients control their data, lower their risk, and ultimately inform their business strategy.” The firm never stops to invest in its data management solution, as proven with the recent acquisition of technology company Dataglide, a specialist in data transformation and cloud-based automation. Kneip now offers a one-stop shop for all fund data to be published which reduces complexity for clients, significantly accelerates publication times and ensures consistent fund data across all the right destinations. Kneip also has ambitious plans for 2022. Over the next months it will continue to develop its next generation fund data management solution, which is already transforming the way its clients manage KNEIP Nov21815 and publish their fund data. 2022 is expected to be a regulatory year for the fund industry, with two big deadlines in December with PRIIPs and SFDR, as well as new rules under Mifid II and IDD on sustainability preferences in August 2022. Kneip is developing new solutions within its investor disclosure offering to help clients get ahead of these critical regulatory deadlines. Finally, strong of its recent partnership with Nasdaq, the firm plans to continue to bring transparency and efficiency to the European Asset Management industry, to increase its distribution capability and to develop new ways to support its clients fund distribution strategies. Company: KNEIP Name: Enrique Sacau, CEO Email: [email protected] Web Address: 10 Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards APR2w2