W&F Issue 1 2018

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 28 Wealth & Finance International - Issue 1 2018 Established in 2004, Idappcom is an innovative company that works closely with other security vendors, universities and independent researchers to provide a common set of protection solutions and practices. The mission is to use these skills and years of knowledge gained by working with the worldwide high-end security experts to improve the security posture of smaller organisations and to meet the changing way we access global and corporate data, from home office and public wifi hotspots. Idappcom’s management skill set were honed in senior roles including global corporate IT functions serving the needs of military and government organisations. This has led to the development of a small, close team of experts responsible for the creation of network security tools, exploit research and matched policy rule development plus innovative intrusion prevention systems and services. Idappcom’s integrated product set provides corporate SECops teams with all the tools needed to test their network security controls and to manage the remediation and update process required to ensure that system and business data is protected against the latest attacks. New threats are emerging every day, which means that routine network testing is a critical part of any business IT process. Idappcom provides access to its database of exploits and rules to both developers and major vendors for use in product development and testing in live network environments. Idappcom is a privately owned security software development and security services business. We profiled the firm and sat down with CEO, Ray Bryant who reveals more about one of the rising companies in the exciting world of cybersecurity. Securing Your Company, Your Home Office and Your Mobile Activity 1801WF09 However, it is not just large corporations that are being attacked, SMEs and smart homes are also now regularly targeted. The trend to work from home and connect to work through employees own devices (BYOD) and the rapidly expanding availability of wireless hotspots has opened a path for hackers to follow. Smart phones, ipads and laptops has given a new ease of access to valuable personal data including bank account details. Idappcom has recognised two major issues for SMEs looking to secure their networks; the high cost of hardware and the ongoing management skills needed to keep them up to date. So, in 2016, Idappcom launched a managed cyber protection service specifically for SMEs, business travellers and Smart Home broadband network users. Leveraging the company’s extensive knowledge and experience established through supplying and supporting network security products, the service provides a subscription based, enterprise level security solution managed by a team of security experts at affordable prices. Ray starts off this interview by explaining the firm’s overall mission and describing what steps the firm takes to achieve this. Helping to reduce costs and really make a mark on the industry is something Ray is confident the company will continue to achieve. “Here at Idappcom, our mission is to develop innovative solutions that address the real day to day challenges facing SECops and security consultants, for all types of businesses. This is achieved through working closely with top security vendors and a continued investment in world-class security R&D to create practical tools that delivery measurable efficiency and budgetary savings for users.” Working within such a competitive industry, helping the client and adapting its solutions to suit their needs is something which is crucial to the success of Idappcom. Ray tells us how he ensures that staff are able to maintain a high-quality service to customers. “Guaranteeing that we get the best outcome for both sides, Idappcom works closely with all its customers. This allows a regular two-way flow of information that ensures Idappcom’s products and services keep pace with the changing threat landscape, as well as meeting the evolving needs of users to protect critical network assets.” Overall, there are many reasons to be positive about the future for Idappcom. New developments within the industry are arising daily, meaning there is plenty of room for growth, something which excites Ray moving forwards. “Whilst the need for security has been around since the mid 90’s, advances in digital technology and the growth of the Internet has meant that IT security is still a relatively new industry. The emergence of new and evermore sophisticated threats represents huge potential for growth and the need to continue to produce effective tools that

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