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W&F Issue 2 2018

Wealth & Finance International - Issue 2 2018 23 Unprecedented Success motto is ‘Be the leader. Win the world!’ Holding a magnitude of expertise, through consistent specialisation and relevant industry knowledge, the company is able to provide all services at the highest possible level. The team consists of highly qualified lawyers, accountants, management consultants, as well as technology, capital market and patent experts. All of its experts look back on multiple, long-term experience in the sectors that the company operates and can thereby ensure the best solutions. Overall, the times ahead look very exciting for Rosinger Group, with the team working on possible stock market listings, for both this year and next. Currently, the firm builds up corporations, working inside takeovers and the vertical or horizontal integration of companies which help broaden and expand the value-added chains and mergers. Moving forwards, Rosinger Group is very keen on getting to know new potential companies who would be suitable to work with, with the team always looking for new projects. Employees are driven by a certain restlessness: and the exits the firm affect should be replaced by new engagements. Company: Rosinger Group Website: