W&F Issue 2 2018

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 22 Wealth & Finance International - Issue 2 2018 As one of the leading financial groups in Central Europe with a focus on small and mid-caps, the Rosinger Group enjoys an excellent reputation, which is also documented through an active partnership with the Vienna Stock Exchange as investor and as Capital Market Coach. The current CEO, Gregor Rosinger, has been active as a professional investor since 1985 and can look back on an impressive success story. In addition to a notable number of awards, the “Rosinger Global Investments Index” (ROSGIX) also impressively documents the competence and performance of the Rosinger Group. The daily calculation and dissemination of ROSGIX is done by the Vienna Stock Exchange. All intellectual property rights related to ROSGIX are owned exclusively by PRIVATE EQUITY Rosinger Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co KG. Working with a clear mission in place, the Rosinger Group only operates in fields where the team possess detailed knowledge and in which it boasts many years of experience and a deep, resilient network of contacts. The company pursues this principle for its investment companies, as well as for its corporate finance consulting company. Through consistent specialisation and relevant industry knowledge, the firm is able to provide all services at the highest possible level. Working together, the highly qualified team consists of highly qualified lawyers, accountants, management consultants, as well as technology, capital market and patent experts. All of its experts look back on multiple, long-term experience in the sectors it operates and therefore ensures a comprehensive support of corporate finance mandates. Fundamentally, in the wake of Rosinger Group’s own corporate investments, employees not only provide clients with capital, but also a wealth of experience, with its strategic and business value- based thinking, as well as its excellent international network of contacts. As a temporary partner, the organisation’s avowed goal is to sustainably increase the value of its clients’ company. The duration of the partnership depends on the joint goals and the development of the business. The optimal time and the best way to realise the appreciation is established together with the client and recorded in the participation agreement, and again, Rosinger Group’s partners benefit from its extensive experience in corporate sales and IPOs. As it is usual for professionally operating institutional investors, the firm is naturally open to all possible exit options. Unrivalled in its success and method applications, the Rosinger Group approach cannot be compared to competitors, as the team follows its unique and most successful business model. There are several pillars, and each of them individually as well as all of them together make the firm unique. Firstly, Rosinger Group acts accordingly to the ‘Regional mid-sized Safeguarding’ (RMS) procedure model, which the group developed itself in 1993 and registered as a European Community Trademark in 2014. RMS provides established and regionally important mid-sized companies with investor capital, knowledge and contact networks, in order to guarantee the survival of the medium- sized enterprise thanks to restructuring and internationalisation and globalisation 2.0. Furthermore, the Rosinger Group is a valuable member of the Viennese Investment Scene, and not only has Gregor Rosinger been an active investor since 1985 and has affected more than 300 global transactions, he has also continuously been acting as an active shareholder in stock exchange listed companies. He is supporting and promoting the Viennese Capital Market, especially the Vienna Stock Exchange on a continuous basis by supporting and participating in various events in the sphere of the Vienna Stock Exchange. The next major event will be held in the first quarter of this year and focuses on how the Stock Exchange, Crowdfunding, Fintech and medium sized business bonds can enable innovation in family businesses. Lastly, also helping the company stand out is the fact that Gregor Rosinger has his own Customised Index at the Vienna Stock Exchange which has performed in 2017 with 48.34 %. It is hard to find another product with such a focus on the Austrian market that has a comparable performance. The cumulated performance of the Rosinger index (ROSGIX) that is three years old by now lies at 124.16 %. Currently, the firm is experiencing a high segmentation in the Finance Sector, and especially within the Private Equity industry. In the Viennese Unprecedented Success The Rosinger Group is an internationally successful financial group with a long history, being active in the business areas of both own investments and highly specialised consultancy services. We go behind the scenes as we look to find out more about the Leading Private Equity Firm of the Year in the 2018 Global Excellence Awards. 1711WF27 Finance Scene, investors have a quite strong industry focus, followed by a high level of expertise in their sectors. The Rosinger Group team are highly specialised and are right now focusing on IPOs in the small and mid-cap section on the Viennese Stock Exchange. With regards to the industry focus, the firm also possesses a strong focus on industry, renewable energy, finance, infrastructure and real estate. Additionally, Rosinger Group also operates as an accredited Capital Market Coach (CMC) of the Vienna Stock Exchange. The CMC supports small and medium-sized companies with their going public in the mid-market segment. The rules of the Vienna Stock Exchange for the mid-market include mandatory collaboration in the pre-IPO/pre-listing phase, as well as for a period of one year as of the start of trading of the shares in the mid-market. This requirement is designed to ensure compliance with the market rules and regulations. Admission conditions for CMCs are quite strict: The potential CMC has to have both industry knowledge and experience with management consulting, references and a track record, research capacities and the capability and commitment to provide support after the IPO. Regarding the internal culture within Rosinger Group, it is important there is creative working environment with employees having the freedom to move and develop themselves personally. Throughout the company, in order to ensure the best possible solutions and services, the following two factors go hand in hand in the eyes of the company. Functioning with a Corporate culture and mindset; the team have a strong set of values defining its work. One of the most important ones to it is innovation: it is the job of every single employee, not only the managers’ duty. Gregor and the team give its employees the autonomy to create and be innovative. Moreover, the team are constantly looking for staff that are driven by a certain restlessness, a hunger, a disdain for the status quo. Working in a fast-paced environment and industry with rapid changes and the highest expectations. Clients have to be one step ahead of the market, if people wait then it is already too late. Rosinger’s company

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