W&F Issue 4 2018

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 10 Wealth & Finance International - Issue 4 2018 Founded in 2014, AYOM provides a wide variety of services to clients, including collection, credit checks, mediation, tracing and process serving. The team handles debts of any size up to six years old, in addition to handling personal and consumer debts, alongside the primary service of commercial debt collection. Typically, the firm works with an assortment of clients, varying in all shapes and sizes; including individuals who have loaned money to friends and family, to sole traders with a number of unpaid invoices, as well as multinational firms with extensive debt portfolios. A large percentage of the clients are based across the UK, but the firm also handles a number of international clients. Looking to recover the money that clients are owed, Daniel explains that AYOM’s mission is to provide the most comprehensive, reputable debt recovery solutions in the country, all whilst delivering unrivalled customer service across the sector. “Here at AYOM, we want not only high recovery percentages but also the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. We have done this by investing in a number of areas, including building our customer service department to resolve customer queries efficiently and amicably. Additionally, we have increased our digital presence with the addition of digital marketing staff who allow us to be active on social media; which adds another method for customers to get in touch with us.” Delivering exceptional customer service is vital if the company is able to stay ahead of its competitors in the competitive debt recovery industry, and Daniel is keen to outline the firm’s approach to customer service. He comments on how the team ensures that clients receive the very best support and advice from the company. “With debt recovery being a service requiring consistent correspondence, it must be a process which clients find easy. We ensure that the client feels up to date by utilising a number of methods to track their case and contact us. Subsequently, we provide a dedicated case manager and customer service representative to provide updates by email and phone, and also have a 24 hour client portal which tracks our progress and activity. “For clients who are not familiar with debt recovery and the process, we have numerous touch points to help them understand what to expect, what will happen and how we work. This begins with an initial consultation; we explain the process, charges and what to expect. From there, we provide personnel to deliver regular updates and answer queries regarding the debt, debtor or the process.” Contributing to AYOM’s ability to go far and beyond customers’ expectations, is the thriving work environment at the firm which allows employees to maximise their potential. Allowing staff to develop is a crucial aspect of AYOM’s achievements, and the team are eager to create an internal culture which will leave staff members wanting to remain at the company for a long time, as Daniel mentions. Where is my Money? Are You Owed Money (AYOM) is a debt recovery specialist in Preston, Lancashire. We speak to Marketing Manager, Daniel Fletcher as we aim to gain more insight into the success of the firm. 1804WF05 Company: Are You Owed Money Ltd Contact: Daniel Fletcher Address: 6D Lockside Office Park, Lockside Road, Preston, PR2 2YS, UK Phone: 0800 130 3357 Website: www.areyouowedmoney.co.uk “Aiming to give our staff maximum opportunities, we offer many career development opportunities; including sponsorship of further education to job growth by promoting from within to new teams and new roles. We offer flexible working, and have a number of incentives to create a fun, engaging workplace, ranging from casual days to weekly performance related games with prizes including time off and bonuses.” Going ahead, Daniel predicts what the future holds for AYOM, and there is widespread optimism that the company will be able to entice well-renowned clients to work with the team. “Ultimately, we are currently working to bring on a number of high profile clients which would see the company grow substantially, including growth of a number of teams internally.” In his concluding comments, Daniel signs of by mentioning what developments and issues will arise which the company will have to adapt to, notably GDPR and Brexit, but he is confident that the team will be able to adapt accordingly to this and continue heading in the right direction. “In the coming years, the most obvious developments to come will be GDPR and Brexit. Thankfully with our current business practices GDPR will have only minor impacts. We will require changes when dealing with debts within the European Union if large scale changes to laws are made. Our legal team are currently assessing what changes we may expect and are ready to ensure that we have a future proof strategy in place.”