W&F Issue 9 2018

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 12 Wealth & Finance International - Issue 9 - 2018 Since their inception, Tycuda has been a stalwart in the Canadian investment landscape, guiding potential investors to a secure financial future. At the centre of the Tycuda’s success, Miles has spearheaded the development of the Group through his innovative technical-centric strategies that are designed, fundamentally, to account for market anomalies and thrive despite uncertainty or subjectivity. To start the interview, Miles offered a brief overview of Tycuda’s services: “Tycuda has a very simple purpose, which is to find the truths about investing that is relevant to modelling effective strategies. We trademarked RiskReturnRecovery™, which we believe are the 3R’s of investing. We model according to these three values, as we have come to recognize that investors want the highest returning portfolios, with the least amount of risk along with the shortest recovery cycles compared to their respective benchmarks and objectives. We work with individuals, Trusts and businesses.” This robust platform has forged the Tycuda’s foundation; as they search for truths among the ‘noise’, as Miles explains. “Investment is just an endless loop of finding truth in a complicated market. When you search only for truth, you never have regrets and it is easier to stay on the right path. In our search for truth, at Tycuda we have come to love data. Data never lies, whereas people may have a special interest in choosing the facts they share. At Tycuda, our culture is pretty simple: look at the data, if it is good, defined as what is demonstrating leadership in the market, then confirm the facts. Work with good people and be good partners.” The conversation changes for a moment to the services that the Group offers; specifically, how the firm ensures that their clients receive the highest quality of service in an industry that can be unpredictable: “At Tycuda, we believe that investors all need a team of professionals, the greater your wealth the greater your need for specialists potentially. We function in the asset management space as specialists for our clients. Our focus is ensuring our clients are considering all aspects of their finances in that we are building the appropriate strategy based upon tax efficiency and risk return characteristics and educating our investors on how to maximize their after-tax and expense returns.” Miles continues, detailing the steps that Tycuda takes with a new client: “Investors typically give us the privilege of working with their other professionals including accountants, legal and estate planning professionals. As such, we are able to obtain a much better understanding of an individual or business’ needs. We strongly encourage investors to get to know us, review our results comparing them to anyone else and the logic that drives our results. This is where understanding the truths about investing becomes very important. Many investment strategies go well beyond diversification to dilution, which is why index investing has become so popular.” Touching on the difficulties and opportunities of working in the investment sector, Miles emphasises the flexibility that his strategies offer: “Our logic when it comes to investing is incredibly flexible, and we are committed to exploring our clients’ objectives and working around these, moving into almost every sector and possibly country as applicable. This flexibility will remain a constant going forward. After all, money is fluid in that it will flow from asset class to asset class depending upon what is going on regionally and globally. Analysing most liquid asset classes in a way that identifies the better performing assets and The Tycuda Group is an investment group of Leede Jones Gable Inc., based out of Langley, British Columbia. Earlier this year, Tycuda was awarded the Best Portfolio Manager in Western Canada in Wealth & Finance International Magazine’s 2018 Wealth & Money Management Awards programme. Following this, we spoke to Miles Clyne, Founder and Portfolio Manager for Tycuda, to find out how he provides innovative financial planning services for his clients. A Pioneering Portfolio Manager for the Future of Finance WM180028 asset classes to move to has historically proven to deliver well above average performance for our investors. Educating our clients is key to helping them understand the logic as to why the likelihood of past performance being repeated.” As we come to the end of the interview, Miles takes a moment to inform us about the future of his business and how they plan to implement technology into their everyday processes. “Currently, Tycuda is looking for the right partner in a portfolio management software suite that has grown beyond our skillset given its potential applications. The software is unique as it incorporates our 3R logic. The goal is to build a tool that will help reshape how our industry understands and can apply risk, return and recovery data to structure investment strategies that deliver more accurate as well as potentially much better results. This is a unique approach to portfolio management, and as such our potential partner will need be an out of the box thinker as traditional portfolio management logic is not applied.” Ultimately, Miles and Tycuda are both dedicated to helping potential investors avoid common pitfalls and ensure the future of their investments. By all regards, Tycuda offers a refreshing tonic in an industry that appears to be preoccupied with ephemeral trends and short-term knee-jerk decisions, which Miles is keen to discuss in his concluding comments. “Whilst none of us can see into the future, I think we can all agree that previous behaviour in the investment market would suggest that great change is possible, and also likely, over the coming years. The goal is to ensure you can adapt appropriately to the changes, and this will be Tycuda’s ongoing focus.”