W&F Issue 9 2018

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 22 Wealth & Finance International - Issue 9 - 2018 Founded in 1980 by Ned Davis, NDR believes passionately in the belief that making money is more important than being right; that is to say, correctly forecasting market movements is often incredibly difficult, if not completely impossible. Nonetheless, in Ned Davis’ view, it is also not fundamentally important when it comes to making money through investment. This ethos flies in the face of their contemporaries, who dedicate considerable time and resources to predicting the future. This belief has formed the foundation of NDR’s enduring success and has played a crucial role in their evolution to become one of the largest independent institutional investment research providers on the market. Today, NDR celebrates a peerless reputation for providing concise commentary, objective market analysis and implementation ideas from their offices across the US, London and Hong Kong. Through their services, they cover topics ranging from economics, fixed income, global and U.S. equities, U.S. sector allocations, commodities, North American stocks and domestic exchange traded funds. By all considerations, Casey believes that NDR’s unique history and culture has helped distinguish the firm from any competitors. “We are obsessed with data, understanding that our commentary is not effective if it is not laid on a solid technical foundation. Our team is focused on what the market is saying not what our personal assumptions may be. Together this unifying philosophy of fundamental and technical disciplines allows us to take the emotions out of investing.” Headquartered in Florida, away from the bustling financial hub of New York, the firm relish in their “outsider’s perspective”, avoiding crowd extremes and market hype. They are objective through distance from the action. Equally, NDR believes that creating a seamless and well-informed client experience is integral to the firm’s future success. Casey takes a moment to detail how new clients are welcomed into NDR’s services: “NDR ensures that new clients receive all the tools and instruction they need to ensure they get the most value of their subscription. We take the time to walk through the client portal on our website, as well as the publication distributions they have access to. Each client has an assigned account manager to guarantee that any questions are answered directly and as efficiently as possible. NDR are constantly seeking to improve the client experience, and we actively incorporate client feedback into our products and distribution channels.” Casey was eager to offer a recent example: “One of these improvements was created on the back of feedback from NDR’s wealth management clients, who emphasised that administrative duties were impeding the frequency and quality of client interactions. As such, we created a new product, White Label Insights – a compliance-ready and fully customisable newsletter and content series that allows our advisors to save time and further set themselves apart from alternative wealth management service providers.” NDR is a firm that continually adapts and evolves to meet the needs of their clients. More than that, they have forged their own path in an industry that seems content with common practice, stuck in tradition. In this, and in their dedication to objectivity and empiricism, NDR provide world- leading research and analyses that has helped their clients to thrive regardless of market volatility. Ned Davis Research (NDR) keeps investors on the right side of market moves, using weight-of-the-evidence analysis to guide rational investment decisions. In August, NDR were named among the winners of the 2018 Wealth and Money Management Awards programme as the Best Global Investment Research Firm. We spoke to Casey Gobeil, the Global Head of Marketing for the firm, to find out how they have forged such a dominating presence in their industry. Forging Their Own Path by Rejecting the Status Quo WM180027 Company: Ned Davis Research Inc. Address: 600 Bird Day Drive West, Venice, Florida, 34285, USA Website: www.ndr.com Telephone: +1 800 241 0621