W&F Issue 9 2018

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 8 Wealth & Finance International - Issue 9 - 2018 The YBN Group was created to be a pioneer in a world defined by restrictions, and limitations. They are, by their very definition, a company that yearns to move beyond the boundaries of the present day, imagining what life, investments, finances and employment could be in a world obsessed with what if. Mahmoud explains further, “To put it simply, YBN Group is helping to build a new world, on the back of its creation to be an international – and scalable - group of companies with ‘Financial Freedom and Virtual Global Citizenship’. YBN is an abbreviation for ‘You Build Nation’. My start-up was as a financial investment advisory and Planner Company but, YBN has always had grander plans.” “YBN is meant to serve clients in various aspects of their daily life as they attain financial freedom. Currently, we focus on financial investments, travel reservations, online shopping, real estate and events planning.” Mahmoud continues, going into greater detail about the various branches that make up the YBN brand. “YBN Capital is at the heart of the financial investment business. It is located in the United Kingdom at our head office. We have programmes to assist our clients in planning and learning different kinds of financial investment within the EU and Asian markets. ‘YBN Travel’ is dedicated to the travel side of the business, and it is also located in the UK with a plan to open a branch in the Middle East region. We do our best to partner with different kinds of vendors and suppliers in order to attain the best flight, hotel and cruise offers for our clients. “YBN Properties is the name of the property side of the business. It is located in my home country of Egypt. We help our worldwide clients find their dream property in more than five countries in the EMEA region. Finally, we have YBN Events, which is occupied with organizing and planning national and international events. It is located in the UK, Egypt and Dubai. So, as you can see, YBN is completely decentralized – which emphasizes our core concept to spread all over the world and help ‘To Make People’s Life Better’.” From the outset, it is clear that Mahmoud thinks differently than most CEOs: “I am a Founder before I am a CEO and I always will be. I seek just two things, ‘empowerment and expansion’. I like to strength each branch of the YBN Group because, much like siblings, each one supports the other and helps it to grow and stabilize. ‘Encouragement’ is my leadership style. Without taking risks, I could not have reached this point. So, I always encourage myself and others around me to take the next step and never stay in your comfort zone.” This seems the perfect perspective for a company which aims to think one step ahead of their competitors, and outside of the typical. Mahmoud believes that this approach provides the lifeblood for a company culture that is dedicated to futurism and drives paradigm shifts: “Virtualization is the first thing we aim at. I never enjoyed going to the same company, sitting in the same office, and at the same desk for the same hours every day. I felt like my life was being wasted inside of an office building, and that there were a lot of opportunities waiting for me. Whoever works with YBN should be able to work from anywhere and to his/her schedule. Essentially, I’m satisfied if the work gets done. Of course, we meet when there’s a need to meet but, even our meetings are casual and more like ‘hangouts’. All of us are considered ‘free’ – we own our time and jobs by manging our time and lives.” Through YBN, Mahmoud has realised the millennial dream. The idea of freedom in employment. The YBN Group is the pioneer behind the world’s first “Virtual Global Citizenship” (VGC). In August, Mahmoud ElSaeed, CEO of YBN Group, was named among Wealth & Finance International Magazine’s CEO Top 50 programme. On the back of this well-deserved achievement, we spoke with Mahmoud to find out more about this innovative, forward-thinking company. Showcasing One of the Top Young CEOs in the EU Market 1809WF01 Contact: Mahmoud ElSaeed Company: YBN Group P.O Box: 160 Kemp House, City road, London, UK Telephone: +44 (20) 3 808 8689 As we come to the close of the interview, Mahmoud discusses the future of YBN as it moves to solidify its roots on the worldwide business landscape: “I am always working on making YBN well known to all people around the world. YBN now became a virtual country with a real YBNian ID that is accepted worldwide in all YBN entities with special discounts, rates, deals and more from hotels reservations, flights, real estate, shopping, investments and etc… Live Free, Live YBN.”

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