Management Consulting Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 25 APR2w2 Crazy about compliance, Vivacity Coaching & Consulting has been in the training industry for over two decades, during which it has attended over 300 ASQA Audits across Australia. It is through this unique experience that the consultancy has built a name for itself, with clients flocking to the company in order to enrol in its private and public sector training, assessment, and RTO compliance services. Indeed, fun, fair, and flexible, Vivacity aids organisations on their quests for compliance, helping them to save both time and money along the way. There is no other business that quite compares to Vivacity’s tenacity or its diverse array of offerings. Vivacity solves problems through coaching, consulting, training, and outsourcing services, and such products have been shaped through an abundance of customer feedback, including a survey it carried out in 2019. Is your organisation struggling with compliance, time, or money-management? Then Vivacity Coaching & Consulting is the firm for you. Supported by a wealth of experience and an unwavering desire to help its clients, Vivacity Coaching & Consulting are willing to take risks, stepping into the unknown with an entrepreneurial mindset and an internal demand to be excellent. What is Your Problem? strived to identify the fundamental issues that Registered Training Organisations face daily; over 500 participants responded, and the results gave light to several key hurdles. Time, money, and compliance were noted as the main challenges, and whilst Vivacity covered compliance, the survey uncovered that many RTOs did not have the time and or resources to train their team in the area. Consequently, Vivacity developed its Vivacity Team – the very first outsourcing service specifically for the training industry. The consultancy consistently places its clients first, forging its own path when it comes to identifying its clients needs and anticipating what will happen in terms of changing legislation, the economic effects on RTOs, and government developments. Therefore, Vivacity remains up to date with the current trends and informs the industry through the RTO Superhero Podcast, which has been designed specifically for the training sector. Best RTO Consulting & Training Firm 2022 - Australia Jul22577 This approach has also shaped Vivacity’s attitude towards customer service. Of course, the customer always comes first, but it is also imperative that Vivacity understands the clients’ needs before they even know themselves. Vivacity, in turn, supplies solutions that are in accordance with the current and upcoming industry shifts, including the Covidinduced movement towards digitisation. From preparing for a digital environment, to creating and delivering online training, Vivacity provides contemporary guidance and advice, pushing companies towards digital security. It has created an online platform that manages its clients and, to further optimise its services, Vivacity is embarking on an overhaul of its system. The update will include a ticketing request system which will allow its clients to submit their task requests to the company’s outsourcing team. Moreover, in 2023, Vivacity has plans to build three software platforms to better serve its clients and the industry sector. The first will be an update of its current project management system, and the second and third will be a compliance management system for RTOs and Group Training Organisations, automating the tedious compliance tasks within their businesses. Forward-thinking and innovative, the past 20 years have been filled with great success for Vivacity, with over 300 RTOs and International Institute providers partaking in its services since 2009. It is thanks to this resilience, creativity, and clientcentricity that Wealth and Finance International can proudly award Vivacity the title of Best RTO Consulting & Training Firm 2022 – Australia. Contact: Angela Connell Company: Vivacity Coaching & Consulting Web Address: