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Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 3 APR2w2 Content 4. Transformation Lighthouse: Best Global Digital Transformation Coaching Provider 2022 6. Stratique: Best B2B Marketing & Lead Generation Consultancy - UK 8. Sales Sniper: Best Sales Training & Consultancy Firm 2022 – Australia 10. Aimafin AG: Best Swiss Consulting Company 2022 11. Mango Training and Consultancy: Best Interactive Learning Course Provider - Malaysia 12. dialogueSA: Change Leadership Specialists of the Year - South Africa 13. CVG Solutions: Leading GDPR & Data Advisory Specialists 2022 - Lincolnshire 14. HOLCO Solution: Best Service Agreement Management Consultants - Scandinavia 15. Faith Works Consulting: Most Client-Focused Management Consulting & Coaching Service - Northeast USA 16. Factory’s Fixers: Factory Fixers: Best Emerging Management Consultants – UK 17. IKCI Tech Corporation: Most Innovative Healthcare IT Solutions Consultancy 2022 18. Avail Management Services: Best Healthcare Management Consultancy – USA 19. Richard Weylman Inc: Keynote Presentations Specialist of the Year (USA): C Richard Weylman 20. Square One Consulting (Pty) Ltd.: Best Leadership & Management Development Organisation - South Africa 21. Intellection Corp: Best Analytics Advisory Company 2022 - South East Asia 22. Student Impact: Most Innovative Management Consultancy - Switzerland 23. Deepa Nagarajan LLP: Best OKR Coaching & Consultancy Firm – Karnataka 24. PresMonkey: Best Corporate Presentation Design Agency - UAE 25. Vivacity Coaching & Consulting: Best RTO Consulting & Training Firm 2022 - Australia 26. Rebox HR: Best Bespoke HR Services & Solutions - Northamptonshire 27. Spartan Service Corp.: Best Global Recruitment & Headhunting Services Company 2022 28. Capital C Consulting (Pty) Ltd, trading as Triple C Advisory: Best Female-Owned Gender Lens & Impact Advisory Firm – South Africa 29. Winterberry Group: Best Growth Strategy Consultancy - Northeast USA 4 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards APR2w2 Running workshops that encourage long lasting business impact and positive culture growth within a company, Transformation Lighthouse has built a reputation for creating human-centric development within its clients, as well as a growth mindset, and sustainable impact. Nominally, it promotes innovation and creativity in its clients and their teams, encouraging them to become the creators of their own future by way of embracing change, guiding their colleagues, and knowing what direction the company wishes to take regarding its growth and development. If a company has a serious determination to embrace transformation, Transformation Lighthouse can help them take the next step towards success. Every client who works with it, therefore, has fit this archetype, working in tandem with Transformation Lighthouse to push for an interdisciplinary future; a mingling of a diverse backgrounds and specialisms in a team, after all, is what will help a business to thrive in a complex business landscape. Given the advent of the new, worldwide remote working phenomena, and a prevailing digital epoch, it has welcomed each of its clients into its network of businesses, merging several of them onto the same project to allow clients to learn from each other as well as from Transformation Lighthouse proper. Additionally, its huge variety of skills courses are delivered through a network of experts as diverse as its clients. It steps itself apart by way of its unique approach, enabling and connecting its clients within the broad sphere of global startups in an industry agnostic sense, creating a connected community of established companies and fresh faces both that have been transformed from the ground up. From the measurement of return on investment to reinvention, human capacity building, and human capital enforcement, it lets customers keep track of all the good it does for them during its work so that they can actively see the benefit of such a project. All about reinventing individuals, start-ups, and corporations, Transformation Lighthouse has developed a reputation for the empowerment of people, allowing them to understand, co-create, and value one another. This enables the creation of healthy corporate cultures within a business, giving individuals the training and guidance to be able to be on the same page throughout the development of various business strategies, resulting in tighter knit teams and a longer business lifespan. Moreover, the personalised approach that it delivers throughout this process means that it gets to know each client inside and out from the very beginning. Bucking any notion that one size fits all, it builds pathways to greater success that keep the client’s organizational goals and values in mind at every turn, taking the impossible to possible through hard work and diligence. Nominally, it doesn’t just consult – it engages – building tightly knit connections along the way. As a company that is given such a trusted role as business transformation, Transformation Lighthouse itself promises that it is always developing internally, too, keeping ahead of the curve by updating itself and its services accordingly. In this way, it has been able to keep up to date with the complex wants and needs of its market segment with reliable tenacity. It has been lauded as an international trendsetter, committed to being one step ahead of the game with its membership to global alliance think tanks, running of accelerator programmes, and maintenance of never-ending dedication to learning and growing. In addition to this, it has been able to meet several incredible people who have aided it in fuelling reinvention for its clients, allowing them to learn from the best of the best in a variety of different fields thanks to the number of arenas in which it has been making waves. Being at the very epicentre of innovation like this has proved a challenge for Transformation Lighthouse in many ways, but equally, that challenge has provided opportunity; and, more than that, it has discovered the importance of sticking with it even when things do present more of a challenge than originally thought. With a staff that are invigorated by such things, empowered by pushing through them, and inspired by stories of their colleagues doing the same, they each advise the clients of Transformation Lighthouse that growth is not a linear process. Indeed, patience, time, and persistence are critical ingredients, and Best Global Digital Transformation Coaching Provider 2022 Aug22017 the initial saying ‘yes’ to transformation needs to be said with the understanding that they need to keep saying ‘yes’ for the whole lengthy process. Therefore, it wishes to lead by example, creating the most front-running architectures within organizations of all shapes and sizes. Always building its clients’ enterprises to reflect the existing staff and how they work best, it will strive to be as minimally invasive as possible, and where it does improve any technologies and processes, it will always give full onboarding as to how to best implement the various new elements. Heavily equipped with its newest, hottest technologies, only ever offering something as a new solution when it’s been heavily vetted by its own staff, the network it has created allows it to keep itself up to date with the freshest and boldest innovations. After a period of intensive support, it then takes a step back to let its clients find its own feet with it all, although it does retain its status as a partner and supporter for them. To aid in this, it allows them access to on-call support and to a full digitized library of resources and information, the latter of which will be ready to give clients full access to by next year, with beta testing kicking off in earnest in quarter 1 of 2023. In a business in which change is constant, it hopes it can be a driving factor in helping its clients to ‘ride the wave’, teaching modern professionals how to embrace change and – with its unshakable support – to drive it. Company: Transformation Lighthouse Contact: Urska Jez Website:

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 5 APR2w2 6 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards Business owners face the enormous challenge of finding and converting people into customers, but the team at Stratique is able to assist. With a reputation that is second to none, they provide best-in-class inbound and B2B outbound marketing. In Wealth and Finance International’s Management Consulting Awards 2022, the team were celebrated for their talent ingenuity. We look closely to find out more about what Stratique has to offer. Best B2B Marketing & Lead Generation Consultancy - UK Aug22057 Lead generation is one of the most important positions that need to be filled within a modern business, but filling these positions is no easy task. Finding and keeping good people is immensely challenging, as graduates simply don’t have the experience, and experienced people don’t come cheap, don’t provide any guarantees and just when they are starting to deliver results, get head-hunted or leave. Stratique is different. Formed in 2003, the Stratique team have made it their mission to answer the needs of business when it comes to converting potential customers. Whilst Stratique has won the award for Best B2B Marketing & Lead Generation Consultancy, the team offers much more than that. They act, essentially, as an outsourced marketing and lead generation department that provides a full service for their B2B clients. In the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing, the team integrate effective B2B marketing strategies with proven processes, which are at the heart of everything they do. The priority of Stratique has been focusing on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, helping them to work alongside more dream customers and 5-star key accounts. These are businesses which have a need to compete with larger competitors with enormous resources. Stratique gives them that opportunity. They are focused on doing the right thing to support UK manufacturing, engineering and industrial clients with their plans for growth. To run a successful integrated marketing and lead generation campaign demands a consideration of the various challenges an individual business is facing. The team understand the metrics of nurturing a 5-star B2B prospect, incorporating an awareness of industrial and corporate backgrounds. When the team at Stratique take on a client, one of the first things they learn is the nature of the business. This allows them to build a marketing campaign that secures considerable ROI. Once the team understand the unique challenge facing them, they are able to allocate a team of specialists on each campaign, for less than the cost of one good hire for the company. Having reverseengineered the process for finding and converting 5-star customers, the team is able to offer this as its unique proposition: The Business Propeller™. With 20 years taken to perfect this incredible way of working, there’s little better out there on the market. This system has generated millions of pounds of contracts and repeat work for SME clients with renowned companies such as Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, Bombardier, Coca Cola, Kelloggs, Caterpillar and JCB to name but a few. As mentioned above, sales and marketing investments are not guaranteed to bring about improved ROI. Without the experience, there are innumerable variables that cannot be accounted for. Stratique is the link between sales and marketing,

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 7 creating an internal team that can operate more effectively. With this impressive firm ensuring that marketing and lead generation activities are integrated and run to a consistent high standard, it’s possible to see real change at a rapid rate. The team’s preferred option is to collaborate with a business by ensuring that the various parts of an operation are clearly defined and feeding off each other. Stratique has gained a reputation for process optimisation and integration that is second to none. Thanks to the depth of information and data available to the team through the latest trends, AI and various strategies, the team are able to develop effective solutions for their clients. Because all reporting systems are live, it means people can focus on the important work of leads and conversions as opposed to justifying activity in retrospect. To stay ahead of the rapidly changing world of marketing, the Stratique team are always attending conferences, forums and masterclasses so that they can see how best to thrive in the digital marketing arena. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, when businesses were often forced to work online, digital marketing has become an essential factor. The team’s standing in the industry is easily seen, through its Google accreditation. With companies aiming ever higher, it’s the job of the Stratique digital team to ensure that their clients not only maintain their positions in the market, but improve on them! Adopting new technologies is what keeps Stratique at the front of industry innovation, with the team being one of the first to consider the impact of utilising marketing automation. They were trialling this technology over a decade ago, because affordable systems had just started to enter the market and because they could see the incredible potential of drip feed marketing. Even now, the team are constantly testing new systems, artificial intelligence and systems integrations to uncover the possible benefits it might offer to clients. Managing Director Andrew Wilson, reports that ‘the secret to our success is in the integration.’ Last year saw the growth of the web development, SEO and Google Ads team and ensuring that new staff members know what to do and the right things to say to the right people is no easy task, which is why the last six months has seen the creation of best-in-class standard operating procedures to ensure the level of consistency that customers have become accustomed to. 2023 will see 20 years of Stratique in business, and this B2B marketing and lead generation agency is ready to scale whilst continuing to innovate. There is considerable scope for growth within the business, with more telemarketing and LinkedIn social media staff being hired to facilitate this. With new technology a major consideration for the Stratique team, it’s clear to see that they are a company that is always looking to the future. The future for this team, therefore, is one which will see them continue to grow. Since opening their doors, the team have been able to deliver truly amazing results for their clients, including uncovering opportunities and setting up business meetings with FTSE 500 customers. This has been life-changing for many and is a sure sign of the value that the Stratique team can deliver if given the chance. Company: Stratique Name: Marie Beggs Email: [email protected] Web Address: 8 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards APR2w2 Nominally, Sales Sniper prides itself on treating everyone on its team like an elite athlete. It ensures that high standards are set and maintained in all areas of the business from top to bottom, and works hard to create the best, most watertight processes within the business itself. This also impacts on client interactions, as the focus is on ensuring that the company is fantastically organised internally so that it can make a big difference to its clients by delivering high quality solutions to client acquisition consultation, with its consultants taking on all the different elements of this service. These elements include optimising and creating systems that have an invaluable positive impact on a client’s sales cycle, such as scripting, contact cadence, follow-up sequencing, referral generation, CRM and pipeline management, all of which require an intense commitment to excellence on the part of the consultant. The fact that each of its team members embodies this excellence so well has given Sales Sniper an edge over the competition. It also makes it a fully trained external sales force and ongoing management solution that stands out to its clients as an exemplary partner and friend of the business. Its testing and data analysis are also second to none, with its own low-tier services such as ‘the closing code’ and ‘bootcamp’, being used to gauge the effectiveness of a strategy it seeks to implement before that strategy is even launched. Therefore, when Sales Sniper proposes or offers a particular strategy to its clients, it is confident that the strategy will have a positive impact in both the short and long term. The system itself gives the company confidence that its specific processes will result in a significant ROI when implemented. Arguably, perception management and communication are the building blocks upon which the entire relationship is built between With a full suite of front-end client acquisition consulting services, Sales Sniper has made itself a people-focused and innovative cornerstone of its industry. Over the time Sales Sniper has been in operation, its motto of ‘team, teammate, self’ has prevailed to create an elite group consisting of the most motivated, diligent, and tenacious people. As many of the staff are former Special Forces, the principles on which the company is based were largely developed by them. Every team member fits well into a high-performance sales environment. Best Sales Training & Consultancy Firm 2022 – Australia Jul22558 Sales Sniper and its clients. This is something that has allowed it to develop a long roster of loyal and established clientele, all of whom have grown to appreciate the honesty and tenacity that it implements, lauding it as one of the most exemplary partners in client acquisition and successful market development that are available. The mutually established positive relationship that it fosters between people as standard ensures that each person involved in a business transaction benefits from said transaction. Sales Sniper also prides itself on using resultsdriven data to communicate with its clients. This reaffirms the client’s confidence in Sales Sniper because they do not have to rely on someone’s word about the effectiveness of their campaigns or the ROI from the strategies implemented over the course of the project. Sales Sniper’s goal is to expand along its clients by creating a tide that lifts all ships. It secures its own growth and future prosperity simply by making itself an excellent service provider for its clients. Indeed, with this drive for progression, it is easy to see how Sales Sniper and its clients have succeeded in setting themselves on the path to exemplary professional development and extraordinary results. Going forward, Sales Sniper will be aiming to forge further referral relationships with agencies that share its passion for high standards and a culture of quality and hopes to make significant progress by the end of the fourth quarter of this year. As we move into 2023, the company will expand its Sniper Media branch, which specialises in bridging the communication gap between sales and marketing, improving both sides of the coin in a holistic sense. Company: Sales Sniper Contact: James Sackl 10 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards APR2w2 Serving a range of different clients from family offices to high-net-worth individuals, Aimafin AG represents different industries that are based all over the world, including Switzerland, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. It maintains abreast of all different worldly changes and developments in business and commerce, having gained a true and evolving understanding of the threats and challenges that its clients face daily, so that is can Being a Swiss provider of high-value business services to clients operating and investing in Switzerland – and even on a global scale – Aimafin AG has made a name for itself with its continued service of a diverse client base. These clients, found in all corners of the international business ecosystem, benefit hugely form this consulting agency’s dedication to keeping a finger on the pulse of the wider business world, an element that allows it to better understand the threats and opportunities that its clients face on a regular basis. Best Swiss Consulting Company 2022 better help them manage and mitigate these risks. Moreover, operating in this manner ensures that its financial planning consultation is holistic and tailorable in the truest sense, both to a client’s needs and in recognition of the wider market. Therefore, its bespoke, end-to-end solutions fulfil the unique requirements of individuals and companies both; indeed, it is through these solutions that is helps its clients to understand the variety of options that are open to them, including how these may be executed and how it may support them in the implementation of such Ideas & Solutions. Its culturally diverse and impeccably well-educated team are utterly invaluable in this process. They make it possible for clients to receive such outstanding service as standard with Aimafin AG, with each of them working hard to ensure a client is seen, heard, and respected throughout financial planning, asset portfolio development, and considering how to move parts of said portfolio around. With its frank and independent advice that wishes for nothing more than to achieve a client’s goals perfectly to specification, its expertise and huge network of partners allow it to always go above and beyond. From its business strategy development to its performance turnaround, expatriate services, corporate services, and family office focused services, its quality of management, business, and individual consultancy has propelled it to the forefront of its industry. Moreover, it respects its clients’ ambitions and goals, and is never bowed by a challenge – even those brought on by extraneous events like Covid-19 – using such incidents to grow and develop. Indeed, it hopes to ensure that its clients know all their options before making a choice, and its team are more than familiar with the nuances of the market and that individual circumstances can create; in such cases, a client will find the Aimafin AG team becoming a friend and partner to work alongside them with empathy and diligence. Each of them boasts the experience to work effectively, the humbleness to defer to the client, and the sensitivity to operate with discretion. Going forward, its digital services will be continuing to help it do this, alongside solidifying its partnerships across the world, and improving the security of personal and business assets both. Company: Aimafin AG Contact: Magdi Wafa Website: Jul22620

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 11 APR2w2 In an increasingly globalised international ecosystem for learning and education, Mango Training and Consultancy has been championing the demolition of barriers to growth by its interactive learning course provisions. Nominally, its courses have been developed to allow the sharing of ideas across mediums, cultures, personal barriers, and languages, allowing it to develop a range of truly acclimatised language and soft skill programmes for its Southeast Asian clients. The beating heart of Mango Training and Consultancy as a company, therefore, is that of passion, integrity, empathy, professionalism, and adaptability, all of which its clients have grown to come to expect of it as standard when benefitting from its courses. Since its inception, Mango Training and Consultancy has been using its commitment to Having been founded in 2011, Mango Training and Consultancy has been responding to its clients needs on a holistic basis, offering learning solutions that are tailored to the market’s demands. Being one of the best in the business in its region of Southeast Asia, its effective communication is something that it has used to help it achieve this, with a vision of creating a world wherein people can communicate their ideas effectively by working around any barriers in their way instead of being stifled by them. each of these principles when working with its clients, many of whom are some of the world’s most well recognised financial institutions. Thus, firms such as Standard Chartered, Allianz, OCBC Bank, Tokio Marine, and MSIG have made it their interactive learning onestop-shop. It has established and maintained these clients and their trust by building partnerships that are meant to be long-term, right from the very start. By listening to their needs, adapting accordingly, and ensuring its products deliver the best results, it constantly communicates with clients and works hard to suit their needs. Mango Training and Consultancy, therefore, sees itself as a trend setter. Consistently innovating, growing, and bettering itself, it is Best Interactive Learning Course Provider - Malaysia ready to listen to its clients at every step of the process, growing from classrooms to instructor led and self-learning programmes alongside the needs of its wider market segment, responding to the demand for more autonomy in learning. The client’s success, in short, is the success of Mango and its team. Leading from the forefront of fully immersive learning experiences that handle learning that goes beyond the classroom, it is now looking forward to moving from just B2B to B2B and B2C learning solutions in Q4 of 2022, looking forward to seeing where this bold new direction takes it, its clients, and its wider industry next. Company: Mango Training and Consultancy Contact: Alex Cummins Website: 12 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards APR2w2 dialogueSA consults to large corporates, mediumsized businesses, and individual business leaders, with its clients including blue-chip globals, successful start-ups, and established businesses in a variety of sectors such as IT, engineering, banking/investment, and social development. The company has developed organically since its inception and many of its clients have partnered with it for years, having formed strong relationships with them through shared understanding and mutual success. Director at dialogueSA, Amanda Holt says, “We focus on people because people are not only our passion, but also the cause and effect of everything that happens in a business.” She continues, “Our value is in supporting clients to build anti-fragile cultures that are able to respond and adapt effectively to unexpected change. We believe that effective leadership mindset and people practices are a core strength for future fitness and our experience bears this out.” The dialogueSA team are multi-talented, deeply experienced, and passionate about what they do. They craft specific solutions to meet the needs of clients by collaborating with other businesses within the industry, rather than seeing them as dialogueSA is a vibrant, multi-disciplinary small business that has thrived on an adaptive, non-hierarchal model for more than 20 years. It is a company passionate about ethical, effective leadership and transformative change. dialogueSA focuses on supporting people to be effective and sustain good business practices, especially as they navigate disruption and change. competitors. Their experience has shown that challenges of disruption cannot get solved by a one-size-fits-all approach, and the team therefore works with eclectic and creative methods to find relevant solutions. Indeed, dialogueSA’s solutions are highly personalised, with the team spending time exploring the client’s needs and requirements. Their edge is in their innovative programme design which focuses on the uniqueness of each client so as to catalyse, respond to, and integrate change throughout an organisation. They focus on activating and supporting the key decision makers and finding ways to navigate the many complex layers of change by ensuring the key areas of impact are artfully handled. This may involve leadership strategy workshops; executive coaching; conflict resolution and workshops around team dynamics; motivational seminars on future-fit mindsets and models; training in agile, systems, and design thinking approaches; and leadership and coach development. The team also offers a suite of programmes and allyship retainers for leaders during times of transition, including Rebel Leadership tactics; troubleshooting; revitalising corporate culture; and strategically facilitating disruption to add traction to change. Being thinkers, philosophers, academics, and business leaders, the dialogueSA team are always observing their environment and staying aware of developments. They never stop learning, with regular co-learning and brainstorming sessions that challenge them to keep ahead of the game. They also share this knowledge by presenting at and attending global conferences and Think Tanks in many aspects of their field. The team aren’t restricted to one specialism either, with individuals being experts in different areas, from psychology to law. Among team members are Change Leadership Specialists of the Year - South Africa Jul22551 a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Commerce and Manufacturing; a cutting-edge lecturer of design and innovation; a start-up leader; a company director; a monitoring and evaluation consultant, certified moderators and assessors; transformation and diversity professionals; master coaches; and learning-, change- and HR specialists. Ultimately, dialogueSA’s clients are delighted with the service and training they receive, with one client saying, “My experience with dialogueSA has been like if you were in the dark and someone handed you a torch – Light! They helped our organisation rebuild our employees’ trust and confidence in the leadership. We have now begun a journey towards a common sense of purpose and values.” Another client, a General Manager from an IT company, comments, “They sure know their stuff! The theory shared had meaning and personal relevance in my technical context. dialogueSA’s support has helped me feel several steps ahead.” A Global Vice-president shares, “The coaching has made me feel clear of the next thing to do. The coach’s diverse knowledge helped me see differently and I could take aspects and run with them immediately to lead my division better.” In their 22 years’ of making a difference, dialogueSA has added creativity, insight and relevance to clients who recognise the deep value they add. Company: dialogueSA Contact: Amanda Holt Email: [email protected] Website: LinkedIn: dialogue South Africa dialogueSA directors Noloyiso Poto and Amanda Holt

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 13 APR2w2 The power of data is something which has become increasingly apparent to many businesses, with even the smallest detail able to offer insight into how people think. While this offers an enormous amount of potential, it also means that people need to be careful in how they handle this data. A leak could have upsetting consequences. The introduction of GDPR measures has reduced the risk considerably, but has created new challenges in terms of implementation – these challenges are ones the team at CVG Solutions are uniquely qualified to earn! When Cristina Vannini-Goodchild founded CVG Solutions, she wanted to support smaller businesses through the often-complex process of implementing GDPR. Larger organisations could do this with ease, but smaller operations might struggle to get it right – and they couldn’t afford to get it wrong! Cristina’s knowledge of GDPR, and how best to implement it within a business comes after over 25 years’ experience working for international corporations as an expert in data processing and risk management. Her previous appointments include working in senior positions at HP, General Motors, the British Standards Institution (BSi) and Serco as Head of Data Governance. The often-bitter pill of altering every process to be GDPR-compliant can be sweetened by the practical solutions advocated by the CVG Solutions team. The work that the team do removes the complexity of the situation, being perfectly adapted to suit the needs of each individual client. The benefits of GDPR are clear to anyone, providing an outside assurance that your information is in safe hands. This builds trust with clients, as well as earning more contracts as a result of having this guarantee. Becoming compliant as a business can be achieved relatively quickly, with many who use a CVG Solutions’ program managing compliance within three GDPR is a daunting prospect for many, involving a transformation to how businesses handle an incredible amount of data. No one knows this better than Cristina Vannini-Goodchild, founder of CVG Solutions. We caught up with her to uncover some of the reasons behind her remarkable success! months. The CVG Solutions team deliver the programme themselves, leaving their clients to run their businesses. In such a new field, it can be difficult to find the right people to support you to make a real difference. GDPR, in particular, requires a specialist approach which the CVG Solutions team are more than able to offer. Their retainer services, for example, provides the hours that their clients need throughout the year whenever they need them most. Able to support with all areas of data protection and compliance, it’s little Leading GDPR & Data Advisory Specialists 2022 - Lincolnshire Jul22533 wonder that the team have been able to achieve such success. The digital world makes data the most important tool to business, but it’s essential to give data the respect it deserves. We celebrate the success of the team at CVG Solutions in Wealth and Finance International’s Management Consulting Awards 2022 and cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: CVG Solutions Name: Cristina Vannini-Goodchild Email: [email protected] 14 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards APR2w2 HOLCO isn’t only a consultancy or SaaS provider, but it acts as a partner for its clients. It proactively provides solutions and up-to-date knowledge, instead of passively reacting to client requests, meaning better, smarter, and more efficient solutions. It aims to always be one step ahead in terms of strategy and product development within the current market. To do so, it partners with some of the world’s leading consumer platforms, such as Mastercard. Specialising in development and optimisation, HOLCO’s great passion is to improve its customers’ businesses, whether small company or large chain or importer. With many years’ experience in providing training in management, Almost 30 years ago, HOLCO was founded as a consultancy company but are now aiming to be a SaaS provider as well, with the aim of supporting automotive dealers in their digital transitions. It is also the company behind the development of the well-though-out Service Agreement System (SAM), a strategic tool for growth, savings, and optimisation. This system is unique and useful not only for automotive, but all B2B businesses, being tailor-made for each dealer/manufacturer/importer per brand, model, and engine. sales and aftermarket within automotive, as well as expert knowledge of KPI, CSI, CI, and CRM, HOLCO continues to help shape the industry. The HOLCO team is always looking for ways to reduce manual administration and integrate existing platforms, as too many platforms for the user isn’t always a benefit. Thus, the Service Agreement System was developed, the costeffective solution which doesn’t compromise quality or the clients’ own goals. Operations and Finance Manager, Michael Rasmussen says, “If an action doesn’t add value, remove it; if it can be automated by a rule, let’s do that – creating free time for employees to focus on customers and value-adding tasks.” Best Service Agreement Management Consultants - Scandinavia Aug22445 Using AI, SAM foresees service and maintenance, and helps with planning as well as reduces parts stock costs. Long-term parts manufacturers can foresee delivery schedules based on service facts, analysing workshop invoices to ensure accurate accounting and invoicing. With easy access, low maintenance, and low administration, it enables fast and secure conversion rates, and improves revenue and liquidity for dealers and workshops. Michael tells us, “We forge out own path with the aim of changing the mentality of the industry. We keep pushing the boundaries of how the dealerships in automotive conduct business, as we see it as our mission to help the industry to adjust to a more modern and digital solution. We admit it is a challenge, as for some dealers; it’s small steps, one at a time, and for others, we can start the march as they fully embrace the change.” Now, HOLCO’s main task for 2022 is launching its solution for a new client, the largest car importer in Denmark (a well-known German brand), and then it will be delving straight into two European projects for 2023 – Watch this space! The company will also focus on further growth and integration to continue enhancing the overall user experience of SAM, taking it to the next generation with the use of applied BM solutions so it can be used as a sourcing tool. Company: HOLCO Solution Contact: Michael Rasmussen, Operations Manager Email: [email protected] Website: OR https://www. Left: Per SØby CEO Right: Michael Rasmussen COO “As consultants and business partners, we help with digital optimization of your business, so that you can focus on what you are good at!”

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 15 APR2w2 Faith Works Consulting’s core ethos is structured around the needs of its clients, always seeking to ensure they are satisfied with its services, which often involve providing evidence-based solutions that can be sensitive in nature, difficult to process, and challenging to implement. The team does not just tell clients what they want to hear, nor do they take the easy path to uncover complex problems; instead, they are thorough and pragmatic in their methods. As such, the team value helping organisations achieve their goals, focusing on relationship building throughout the consulting and coaching process, tailoring work to meet the needs of clients, and being clear with regards to pricing and satisfaction guarantees. Above all, the team’s culture revolves around helping to make the world a better place by providing services that support individuals and organisations in solving some of the biggest challenges, which they live through the motto of “Helping You Help Others”. The organisation’s several solution-based services cover organisational administration, operations, personnel, and finances. Administratively, the team contributes to goal setting, vision formation and thinking sessions, growth forecasting, strategic plans and frameworks, succession and transition plans, policy formation, market analysis, and competitive advantage appraisals. For operations, they provide a measurement of social and community impact, outcomes assessments, logic modelling, action plans and brand strategy, and assist with mission revitalisation. Financially, they perform fundraising needs analysis, grant writing, budget review and optimisation, revenue stream diversification, and help with capital and infrastructure campaigns. Lastly, for personnel, they conduct advocacy and inclusion training, conflict mediation, and targeted generational outreach. To deliver these services, the Faith Works Consulting team consult with many religious or faith-based non-profit organisations, such as public charities, higher education institutions, Faith Works Consulting is a management consulting and leadership coaching company working with individuals, social enterprises, and non-profit organisations. Its team members meet one-to-one with individuals and small groups to assist with their faith discernment and application, and offer leadership assessments and coaching. Although there are many competitors in the management consulting and leadership coaching space, Faith Works Consulting offers a broad range of services and products to a niche market of faith-based and religious-based individuals and organisations. advocacy groups, and foundations. They also enjoy collaborating with social enterprises, such as socially responsible businesses, entrepreneurial non-profits, mission-driven initiatives, and community organisations, to solve some of the most significant societal problems. They also enthusiastically participate in, conduct, and follow the latest research in management and leadership scholarship, best practices, and trends in order to offer salient and the most timetested solutions and problem-solving approaches. They take the lead in offering new, innovative, or uncustomary options to clients. However, they also provide services and products that adhere to what has worked well for those in similar situations or industries. Ultimately, the team’s approach to client service has always been their first priority. CEO of Faith Works Consulting, Dr Roger J Huston explains, “We are always going the extra mile to ensure that they (clients) have the data, research, knowledge, and information to make difficult decisions, enact change, and provide maximum impact on their communities and society. Our purpose is not just to increase growth and revenue. We want to help individuals and organisations produce lives with meaning and provide a legacy that makes the world a better place to work and live.” And Faith Works Consulting continues to expand its customer base and tailor its products and services to meet their unique and challenging needs. In an era of rapid change, many industries and individuals have to survive and thrive. Dr Huston notes, “Increased demands and new expectations brought on by evolving technology require that we deliver fresh management visions and bold leadership approaches to old problems and long-standing issues. We provide innovative and strategic products and services that meet these increased demands that adapt in real-time to new expectations.” Most Client-Focused Management Consulting & Coaching Service - Northeast USA Aug22273 Overall, Faith Works Consulting’s passion and goals remain the same as it heads towards the future – to help individuals and organisations provide a positive and lasting impact on the world for future generations. Company: Faith Works Consulting Contact: Roger J Huston, PhD, MPA Email: [email protected] Website: 16 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards APR2w2 Factory Fixers’ Founders, Richard and Damian, brought 70 years of experience in performance development and leadership and created a bespoke consultancy service focused on factory improvement. Operating alongside a full bench of professionals, Factory Fixers takes work from poor to excellent and delivers fast results. Its fast response, globally, has become the cornerstone of Factory Fixers’ reputation – as well as supplying the best people for each situation. The people that it employs are the top people in their disciplines. They are experts in various disciplines such as leadership and coaching, crisis management, margin improvement, program launch and diagnostics and due diligence. The company ethos is driven by the recognition that some businesses need short-term temporary support to meet their commitments. Factory There are many factors that go into the smooth running and operation of factories and, with this revolutionary firm, Factory Fixers, anything is possible. For unrivalled performance improvement, Factory Fixers guarantees results anywhere in the world. Here we explore its work in the field as it wins this prestigious award. Fixers ensures they have the talent and seasoned professionals to deliver and, with its culture to deliver results, it is the one that can provide. This culture helps it stay well ahead of its competitors and Factory Fixers doesn’t know of anyone that truly offers the same level of service. It is nigh-impossible to find consultants who will completely take the reins of a line, department or factory, and shoulder responsibility for delivering results in the same way. This allows clients to achieve next-level results – and empowers them throughout the process. Factory Fixers is the only consultancy service that takes full responsibility for delivering results on every level. Thanks to this very hands-on approach, effectively treating the client’s business as its own, Factory Fixers has developed close relationships and trust among high-level executives across the board. Factory Fixers: Best Emerging Management Consultants – UK Aug22108 Factory Fixers has demonstrated the quality of its performance due to its repeat business and growth exponential growth – and it shows no sign of slowing down as it continues to grow, year upon year. Factory Fixers brings a unique and refreshing approach to consultancy. Its willingness to fully inject itself into situations and to take full responsibility for everything is an approach that has propelled it far, particularly in the sectors that it operates within. It is the perfect fit for short-term coverage whilst providing longterm solutions, and this perfect combination is what makes Factory Fixers the Best Emerging Management Consultants in the UK. Contact: Richard Wilshire Company: Factory’s Fixers Web Address:

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 17 APR2w2 IKCI supports businesses to be their most successful through a range of services in the form of data science, artificial intelligence, marketing services, and financial services. For its data science service, the company uses the latest technologies to support its client businesses’ decisions, with the help of statistics, benchmarking, and software solutions. Professional algorithms help businesses to optimise and predict their sales revenues. An important part of this is data cleaning, in order to ensure it gets the right information for the client. The software programmes that IKCI uses are able to simplify and visualise hidden patterns in its databases. There are many great ways for visualising correlations between pairs of attributes, like scatter plot or classification tree. In this way, it can go deeper in the data analysis procedure and find models for various purposes. Then, with the help of artificial intelligence, IKCI can support its clients to start big data projects. This technology is used to make predictions based on historical data in order to increase and optimise the client business’ revenues. IKCI has experience with projects in the health industry where it helps clients in everyday situations. With the help of its Easy Brain Trainer AI chatbot advising customers, clients can gain 15% of their time back. Individual answers for new and existing customers are an important component of the AI chatbot; through continuous dialogue, it is able to assess the user’s mental state and get a full picture of their condition in order to offer several choices to help both the patient and the relative/caretaker. The user can start by saying something like “My father is forgetting things”, and the platform will begin a dialogue which will lead to an overall assessment. The aim is to achieve cognitive entertainment, assessment, and monitoring of the elderly in order to help them have the best quality of life. As part of its marketing services, IKCI creates strategies and concepts through a deep analysis of the client’s target groups, markets, and competitors. With its support, the client can reach more customers and increase their profit. IKCI IKCI (Individual Knowledgeable Creative International) helps both well-known and newly established companies who may otherwise be overlooking their business planning due to a lack of expertise in business processing and business solutions. Its mission is to support these businesses’ growth and innovation with the help of analytics, data science, and customised key performance indicators. continues to develop its target-oriented measures and optimised customer communication to further enhance its marketing ability. All of its marketing strategies are based on the client’s needs. It supports their strategy and plans with optimisation even when the client implements it themselves. It will analyse their sales channels, their competitors, and the ability for online communication. Optimised processes and workflows have a special attention in IKCI’s strategy. The client’s presence and online store should give answers to visitors – and IKCI’s AI chatbot can help. Most Innovative Healthcare IT Solutions Consultancy 2022 Aug22588 In terms of the financial services offered, IKCI will create a business plan with the best preparation for banks, business angels, investors, or other financial institutions. In doing so, its business development experts will help to increase the value of client companies. For more information or if you’d like IKCI’s help growing your business, get in touch with the team by calling +43 699 105 36988. Company: IKCI Tech Corporation Email: [email protected] Website: https://easybraintrainer.comOR