Management Consulting Awards 2022 4 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards APR2w2 Running workshops that encourage long lasting business impact and positive culture growth within a company, Transformation Lighthouse has built a reputation for creating human-centric development within its clients, as well as a growth mindset, and sustainable impact. Nominally, it promotes innovation and creativity in its clients and their teams, encouraging them to become the creators of their own future by way of embracing change, guiding their colleagues, and knowing what direction the company wishes to take regarding its growth and development. If a company has a serious determination to embrace transformation, Transformation Lighthouse can help them take the next step towards success. Every client who works with it, therefore, has fit this archetype, working in tandem with Transformation Lighthouse to push for an interdisciplinary future; a mingling of a diverse backgrounds and specialisms in a team, after all, is what will help a business to thrive in a complex business landscape. Given the advent of the new, worldwide remote working phenomena, and a prevailing digital epoch, it has welcomed each of its clients into its network of businesses, merging several of them onto the same project to allow clients to learn from each other as well as from Transformation Lighthouse proper. Additionally, its huge variety of skills courses are delivered through a network of experts as diverse as its clients. It steps itself apart by way of its unique approach, enabling and connecting its clients within the broad sphere of global startups in an industry agnostic sense, creating a connected community of established companies and fresh faces both that have been transformed from the ground up. From the measurement of return on investment to reinvention, human capacity building, and human capital enforcement, it lets customers keep track of all the good it does for them during its work so that they can actively see the benefit of such a project. All about reinventing individuals, start-ups, and corporations, Transformation Lighthouse has developed a reputation for the empowerment of people, allowing them to understand, co-create, and value one another. This enables the creation of healthy corporate cultures within a business, giving individuals the training and guidance to be able to be on the same page throughout the development of various business strategies, resulting in tighter knit teams and a longer business lifespan. Moreover, the personalised approach that it delivers throughout this process means that it gets to know each client inside and out from the very beginning. Bucking any notion that one size fits all, it builds pathways to greater success that keep the client’s organizational goals and values in mind at every turn, taking the impossible to possible through hard work and diligence. Nominally, it doesn’t just consult – it engages – building tightly knit connections along the way. As a company that is given such a trusted role as business transformation, Transformation Lighthouse itself promises that it is always developing internally, too, keeping ahead of the curve by updating itself and its services accordingly. In this way, it has been able to keep up to date with the complex wants and needs of its market segment with reliable tenacity. It has been lauded as an international trendsetter, committed to being one step ahead of the game with its membership to global alliance think tanks, running of accelerator programmes, and maintenance of never-ending dedication to learning and growing. In addition to this, it has been able to meet several incredible people who have aided it in fuelling reinvention for its clients, allowing them to learn from the best of the best in a variety of different fields thanks to the number of arenas in which it has been making waves. Being at the very epicentre of innovation like this has proved a challenge for Transformation Lighthouse in many ways, but equally, that challenge has provided opportunity; and, more than that, it has discovered the importance of sticking with it even when things do present more of a challenge than originally thought. With a staff that are invigorated by such things, empowered by pushing through them, and inspired by stories of their colleagues doing the same, they each advise the clients of Transformation Lighthouse that growth is not a linear process. Indeed, patience, time, and persistence are critical ingredients, and Best Global Digital Transformation Coaching Provider 2022 Aug22017 the initial saying ‘yes’ to transformation needs to be said with the understanding that they need to keep saying ‘yes’ for the whole lengthy process. Therefore, it wishes to lead by example, creating the most front-running architectures within organizations of all shapes and sizes. Always building its clients’ enterprises to reflect the existing staff and how they work best, it will strive to be as minimally invasive as possible, and where it does improve any technologies and processes, it will always give full onboarding as to how to best implement the various new elements. Heavily equipped with its newest, hottest technologies, only ever offering something as a new solution when it’s been heavily vetted by its own staff, the network it has created allows it to keep itself up to date with the freshest and boldest innovations. After a period of intensive support, it then takes a step back to let its clients find its own feet with it all, although it does retain its status as a partner and supporter for them. To aid in this, it allows them access to on-call support and to a full digitized library of resources and information, the latter of which will be ready to give clients full access to by next year, with beta testing kicking off in earnest in quarter 1 of 2023. In a business in which change is constant, it hopes it can be a driving factor in helping its clients to ‘ride the wave’, teaching modern professionals how to embrace change and – with its unshakable support – to drive it. Company: Transformation Lighthouse Contact: Urska Jez Website: