Management Consulting Awards 2023

11. information and consequent progress. Sometimes, it means digging really deep into personal traits, or even going down to the existential constructions of the company. Situations that are best cleared out either on 1-to-1 sessions or together with keypersons of the management.” Anders continues, “In our leadership programs, neuroscientific insights and understanding, and emotional intelligence are the backbone. We help our clients and their organisations create holistically brain-charged environments. Environments that elevate engagement, performance, work satisfaction and ultimately the overall productivity, results and well-being. He continues, “Leaders are not born, nor does a manager title equip one with leadership skills. All leaders are made. It is important for us all to remember, despite whatever new technology is created, that we people are not machines. We are humans with our basic needs.” Anders continues, “We encourage all leaders to remember that leadership is hard work and word “simple” in my quote, means treating others as you want to be treated. Everything is connected. One thing always affects another. “One-Company”- thinking is the umbrella and everything, every person and system under it will directly or indirectly affect the results. Whether seen as money in or out, or general well-being of the company.” USP - A CLIENT-FOCUSED LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS Anders says, “Every client relationship is different. We believe that the only way to conduct leadership development effectively is to be utterly clientfocused. It is our niche and our USP as a small and very agile company to offer tailor-made mentoring and coaching. The first step is to clarify the status quo and the client’s current needs. Together with the client, we build a package consisting of suitable and desired elements fitted to an agreed timeline.” Geneswiss Consultancy fully focuses on addressing real needs and adding true value, and thereby, they want to create content and happy and very successful clients. Never forgetting those positive ripple effects! PURPOSE, VISION, AND CORE VALUES OF GENESWISS CONSULTANCY Anders has a solid, honest first-hand insight into most occurring scenarios in working in different corners of the world. He has witnessed excellent, but also less successful leadership. Eventually, he wanted to put into good use everything that he had learned, tested, experienced and had come to elevate. So, seven years ago, Anders came to find his true calling and purpose professionally, as he set out on a journey to change the world for the better and Geneswiss Consultancy was born. Anders explains, “Our company vision and aim is to influence and impact positively the lives of 10 million people by creating better leaders. It is always about the ripple effect. Water always finds its way forward, so do improvements. The foundation on which Geneswiss Consultancy stands is built of its Core Values: Transparency, Trust, and Respect. “And exactly in that order”, Anders adds, “Being a trusted client-focused leadership development business is our calling and passion.” Anders finalises, “I can honestly say that today, I love my job. I feel that now I actually can make a difference – and that, on a bigger scale than I ever had dreamt of.” Contact: Anders BE Eklund Company: Geneswiss Consultancy Web Address: or Photo credit: MarjaK “Great Leadership is Simple but Hard Work. ” – Anders BE Eklund