Management Consulting Awards 2023

Nov22526 Management Consulting Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Best International Change Management Consultancy Firm 2023 - Canada Having dedicated her career to learning about the influence and impact of behaviour on overall business performance, Christine Bergeron established C3B in 2017 to provide businesses with valuable consulting and training services through which she could share her extensive expertise and experience. Alongside her role at C3B, she is also a lecturer in change management for the MBA of Management Consulting at the University of Quebec’s Business School. Since its inception, C3B has worked with a variety of organisations, ranging from start-ups to non-profits to large corporations, helping them reach their full potential. The firm collaborates closely with its clients, driving them to achieve their business goals. Based on the belief that a company’s performance and profit are determined by its people, C3B focuses on the human elements of organisations. C3B believes that change management is necessary for change of all kinds, not just for big projects. Every day, organisations make choices that affect their team in some way, whether it be a procedural change or something that impacts the work environment. C3B strives to help organisations understand the effects that poorly communicated decisions can have on people and their performance, then it equips them with the tools they need to mitigate these effects. Change management is multidimensional and impacts the evolving company ecosystem at all levels. C3B helps organisations develop the ability to better address the challenges they face and leverage the opportunities they encounter. Every client has different needs and goals, so it offers a complete range of services and expertise, encompassing everything from diagnostics to personalised accompaniment to training. C3B’s services are delivered in various packages, which can be personalised to suit the client’s budgetary requirements. Whether they want a comprehensive consulting approach or a one-off session for training and support, C3B will meet their needs. The firm also allows smaller organisations to purchase a bank of hours and arrange an appointment with its consultants when the need arises. Conducted either in person or remotely, C3B’s comprehensive consulting approach delivers support at every stage of the client’s journey, including project analysis, diagnosis, recommendations, change management, coaching, and follow-ups. Moreover, C3B’s remote organisational support packages allow clients to make an appointment with one of its industry experts to discuss any challenges and opportunities they are facing. These packages include an additional hour in which the consultant will make an initial assessment of their needs and overall vision. Throughout the programme, they will work to stimulate the client’s thinking, enrich their organisational toolbox, and drive the development of their business. Lastly, C3B’s remote professional support packages allow clients to seek individual support for a number of hours within a set timeframe, enabling them to progress at their own pace. Each of these packages includes a useful assessment using the Lumina Spark Portrait, a world-renowned psychometric tool. When working with clients, C3B’s approach is one of co-development. The firm believes that it is essential for the client and their team to own the process, from start to finish, since they are the ones who will live with the changes in the long run. Whilst C3B provides tools and training, makes suggestions, and accompanies them through the process, the firm does not want clients to be dependent on its services. Instead, C3B strives to set them up to succeed into the future, taking what the firm has taught them and utilising it in the years to come. In order to keep up with developments in the field of management consulting, C3B employs dedicated personnel to research the various issues faced by its clients. As well as this, all staff members are encouraged to contribute to its knowledge hub. Through this, the firm maintains an up-to-date understanding of the best practices and proven tools that are used in the industry. Whilst these methods and tools are useful, C3B believes in the importance of adapting them as needed to suit the particular needs of each client. Over the years, C3B has received a multitude of positive feedback for its services. For example, Lionel Castellvi, Creator of Digital Experiences at Auguste+Louis, comments, “Through workshops and a personalised programme, we were able to clarify our needs and establish an adequate strategic plan for our business. C3B’s innovative tools led us to identify our psychometric profiles, which allowed us to greatly improve our effectiveness in communicating with our clients and as a team internally.” As a result of its outstanding change management consulting services, C3B has been awarded Best International Change Management Consultancy Firm, Canada, in the Management Consulting Awards 2023. The firm is thrilled to have recently made some of its training and tools available to clients online. Whilst it understands the convenience of being able to access these resources at the click of a button, it continues to offer one-on-one Aug23342 Based in Montreal, Quebec, C3B Groupe Conseil Inc. is a management consulting firm that specialises in change management, with a particular focus on optimising organisational and individual performance during periods of transition. The company is headed by Christine Bergeron, President and Principal Consultant, who has more than 25 years of experience in management and leadership.