Management Consulting Awards 2023

Management Consulting Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance 21. Best Insurance & RiskBased Consulting Company 2023 - Virginia The only opera written by Beethoven was entitled Fidelio. It took ten years to produce, with draft after draft rejected and refined before it reached its final state. Many would regard Fidelio as a masterpiece, but it was a masterpiece that was hard-won. Often, the challenge behind its creation is ignored. The same is true of those in the business world. Often, the hard work of the moment is overlooked with the arrival of new successes. Where Fidelio Business Advisors thrives is in its ability to partner with clients, understanding that success is not easily achieved at any point. They work closely with clients to ensure that the root causes of failure are found, the solutions produced will work, and that these solutions are effectively executed at all times. One of the ways in which Fidelio Business Advisors stands apart is in its approach to HRO. The world of HRO is one which is only just finding a place in the business world, with many not entirely certain of the unique opportunities that might be available to them. The role of Fidelio Business Advisors, therefore, is to showcase the possibilities of this new way of working to potential clients using their considerable industry experience. The team don’t just provide a new way of working, however. They challenge the status quo to find a way forward that meets the unique requirements of their clients. The team at Fidelio Business Advisors act as educators and service providers when it comes to HRO, assisting those pioneers who are willing to maximise their potential through exploration of an integrated HR, Payroll and Benefits business approach. The team’s eye is not purely on the needs of your business today, however. It looks determinedly to see what the future might hold and how best to reach it. Key to this mindset is the leader of the firm, Todd Cohn. Todd has made a name for himself in the PEO industry over the last two decades, leading large-scale health insurance and risk management programs towards forecasted profitability, developing and implementing strategically differentiated HR solutions, and expanding business growth through targeted legislative and regulatory change. Through his work at Fidelio Business Advisors, Todd has continued to push through big ideas and complex projects. He and his talented team have worked alongside subject matter experts to help a host of clients in different industries to matter experts to deliver the practical advice and innovative strategies that help its clients reach their goals, inform their strategic vision and build long-term client and shareholder value. Over the years, the core offerings of Fidelio Business Advisors have included ‘Global Strategy’ for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs), and Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs) as well as Insurance and Risk-based Consulting for US and global providers and providing compliance consulting services curated to the unique needs of PEO, ASO and BPO providers. In this often complex, and detail-focused part of the industry, it takes an eagle eye to ensure that nothing is overlooked and any challenges are swiftly overcome. Nothing is more important than people, and understandably the Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) space is one which has grown significantly over the last few years. The team at Fidelio Business Advisors focus on providing innovative advisory services to meet the requirements of the here-and-now. Named for their incredible success in the Management Consulting Awards 2023, we thought it high time to take a closer look at this intrepid crew. Looking ahead, it’s clear that the needs of businesses are likely to be expertly met by the team at Fidelio Business Advisors. Their work over the last few years has allowed so many to thrive in an area which is often overlooked. Whether you happen to be a business which is hoping to use the disruptive innovation of the Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) space for your benefit, or a mature operator wanting to maximize Year-Over-Year EBITDA growth through the implementation of a sophisticated risk mitigation strategy, the Fidelio Business Advisors team have you covered. With such expertise at the helm, we can’t wait to see what the team does next! Contact Details Company: Fidelio Business Advisors Name: Todd Cohn Email: [email protected] Web Address: