Management Consulting Awards 2023

Management Consulting Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance 23. Aug23503 Best Vehicle Fleet Consultancy 2023 - Germany Maintaining a vehicle fleet means looking at more than the state of individual vehicles. It means managing a policy that ensures consistency, and foresight of what regulatory changes there might be in the future. The success of BFE Fleet Concepts Gmbh comes from their ability to provide a neutral perspective, one which is independent of car manufacturers and leasing companies to find the option that suits their clients best. With success in the Management Consulting Awards 2023, we look closer to find out more. A neutral perspective is essential to success in any industry, and none more so than that of vehicle management. With so many suppliers out there, ready to offer a biased perspective, the work of BFE Fleet Concepts Gmbh becomes much more obviously important. This team are able to provide individual consultation in all matters concerning your company vehicle pool. With a B2B approach, they take the time to understand the needs of businesses, and build a plan from there. Where many companies struggle is in their ability to access experienced fleet managers. The knowledge to secure success is precisely what the team at BFE Fleet Concepts Gmbh are able to deliver to the clients. The team begin by exploring precisely what is required of the fleet, and from there develops a comprehensive plan that explores many different options to reach different end-goals. Experience really does speak for itself, and when turning to BFE Fleet Concepts Gmbh, you access the expertise of those who have spent years managing fleets of vehicles in many different situations. The initial vehicle pool analysis, therefore, is a crucial step to get right. It allows the BFE Fleet Concepts Gmbh team the chance to get a personal overview of what the company has to offer. This initial analysis is free, and allows clients to decide whether or not they want to go any further with this impressive, and independent, team. From this first detailed look at how a fleet is managed, the team can develop a new break-even analysis, and determine the cost-optimal useful life of all of the vehicles. The fleet concept that is developed from this information includes an overall plan that is specifically designed to be implemented from day 1. Where BFE Fleet Concepts Gmbh stands apart is in the high level of support that they are able to provide to their clients at all times. It’s clearly not enough to simply provide the paperwork which provides a plan for success. BFE Fleet Concepts Gmbh will stand by your side, offering new ideas and input when requested or required, until you have achieved your goals within your fleet. For them, managing is a process that has to be done right – and the results show that done right, good fleet management can be transformative on an industry. Looking ahead, therefore, it’s little surprise that BFE Fleet Concepts Gmbh is planning to create its own unique path within in the fleet management consultancy sector. Their efforts will build on those which have gone before, with various trends adopted within the overall strategy, but the path is one which will stand apart. The role of digital processes is one which cannot possibly be ignored, and there are already plans to integrate them into the very fabric of how BFE Fleet Concepts Gmbh operates. All that being said, it is quite clear that a personal connection and an awareness of the unique challenges of the sector will drive many of the steps yet to be taken as the team continue to travel down a path of success. The future seems bright for this strong fleet management company. With an eye for detail and analysis that simply can’t be beaten, it’s no surprise that the team has been able to secure such remarkable success. Contact Details Company: BFE Fleet Concepts Gmbh Name: Jörn Kater Email: [email protected] Web Address: