Management Consulting Awards 2023

32. Management Consulting Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Best Sales & Marketing Consultancy 2023 With a wide range of services designed to empower clients, Smart Income caters to business owners and entrepreneurs across various industries. Its offerings have been created for clients who are motivated to achieve substantial growth and dedicated to delivering consistent customer satisfaction. With proven methods designed to achieve results, services can be tailored to suit the unique requirements and goals of each client. Smart Income integrates its core values throughout its business philosophy and decision making processes. These include value creation, innovation, growth and scaling, and transparency. Smart Income aims to offer profitable returns for clients through its products and services. Its ‘smart offers’ are milestones in value creation that aim to market a client’s product or service as the only solution on the market. Smart Income believes in expanding and scaling businesses with smart offers that enable clients to build multiple streams of income. The company embraces innovation and utilises digital income-producing assets to generate passive income for its clients. Digital Income Producing Assets (DIPA) help businesses expand their audience and reach global markets, financially preparing companies for market fluctuations. The team at Smart Income is committed to providing transparency and honesty in their interactions with clients to establish trust and foster longterm relationships. These core values guide the business to ensure that all decisions align with its commitment to delivering value and guaranteeing results for clients. With its Human Experience Enhancement solution, Smart Income focuses on improving the customer experience by enhancing the touchpoints in the customer journey to increase customer satisfaction and generate repeat business. With online courses and coaching, clients can develop their knowledge and learn skills to increase their profit within 90 days or less. The Smart Income team is dedicated to giving 110% to fulfil this bold guarantee. With an emphasis on continued learning, Smart Income ensures its team regularly engages in research, attends industry conferences, and remains informed about the latest trends and strategies within the field. The company is determined to become an industry leader through performing market research and implementing state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to ensure its solutions surpass those of its competitors. Smart Income also uses data analytics and performance metrics to inform its decision making and deliver measurable results. While Smart Income seeks inspiration within the industry, it is also committed to forging its own path by customising its strategies to meet the individual requirements of each client. The business understands every client is different, and solutions need to be tailored to fit their unique needs and challenges. Smart Income maintains a balance between respecting best practices and innovation. It continues to explore new income avenues guided by data-driven decision making and client feedback. Engaging with the digital transformation of the business landscape has enabled Smart Income to stay relevant and continue providing its innovative solutions. The business employs digitalisation to enhance its services and help clients achieve ample growth. Looking to the future, Smart Income will soon be launching a new program that will allow business owners and entrepreneurs to sell through virtual events. Using online platforms for marketing purposes will enable businesses to sell one product or service to many customers. Smart Income remains committed to its mission of helping clients maximise their profits and build multiple streams of income. With its client-centric approach and dedication to value creation, the company hopes to continue offering its pioneering solutions for years to come. Smart Income has received our award for this year’s Best Sales & Marketing Consultancy. Contact Details Contact: Georges Hanna Company: Smart Income Lifestyle Inc. Web Address: Smart Income, a marketing optimisation and human experience agency, is on a mission to help businesses maximise profit and establish multiple streams of income. Through its implementation of neuroscience technology, the company aims to optimise its clients’ communications, marketing, and sales processes. Smart Income is passionate about people and wants to inspire businesses make their impact on the world.