Management Consulting Awards 2023

Management Consulting Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance 33. Sep23016 Most Innovative Strategic & Intuitive Management Company 2023 - Switzerland Zentrum für Unternehmensentwicklung is an owner-managed consulting company based in Valais, Switzerland, which has been providing its clients with effective and practical solutions for difficult and demanding tasks since 1980. The company has many long-standing customers who particularly appreciate the continued success of working with the company. The Zentrum has achieved its leading position in the industry by passing on valuable knowledge to its customers and empowering them to use it independently. All the strategies that clients receive are specifically tailored to them and help with the strategic direction, effective organization, and change management of their businesses. In addition, they consistently use the strengths of their own employees to drive the success of their company. We talk to Gerth Vogel, the owner and chairman of the board, who tells us more about the company’s long-standing successes in the market. The specialty of Zentrum für Unternehmensentwicklung is to find compelling solutions to the challenges that companies face in situations where there are no proven recipes for success. This is especially important in today’s situation with many and great uncertainties. For Gerth, it is a must that his customers achieve a sustainable advantage over their competitors and that the work pays off. The company therefore guarantees a high Return on Investment to its customers and does not work with their competitors. The main consultancy services offered are strategic and intuitive management, which always keeps in mind the main objective of entrepreneurial activity, which is to ensure the economic success of today and tomorrow. A CEO of Zentrums Clients says: “By offering intuitive methods for Strategy Development to our Management and our Staff we provide an opportunity to experience for themselves the power of the mind . . . Experiencing the techniques, rather than just hearing people talk about it, is very powerful. It’s like the difference between seeing a travelogue about the Grand Canyon and personally standing on the edge of it“. To ensure that all reach their maximum potential, the Zentrum works with their clients accordingly, so that they have a clear strategic direction that enables excellence and is irreversible by embedding an entrepreneurial mindset. In addition, the company also specializes in leadership, leveraging the strengths of the individual and the entire team of its clients. Through its successful consulting processes, the company has learned the importance of empowering them to achieve their goals and developing both personality and professionality. This was the foundation of the company’s partnership with Profiles International, whose industry-leading tools are used to measure employees’ long-term stable strengths, which are then matched with job requirements, boss requirements, team requirements and cultural requirements of the clients to find perfect fits. In the four decades of its consulting activity, the center has recognized the importance of realizing and accepting industry trends, developments, and changes, while not following every fad. The center sets the gold standard within its industry and always goes its own way, which is based on the company’s core values. As a committed Christian, Gerth puts his trust in God and strives to follow his wisdom and guidance rather than the industry’s ever- changing nature. To maintain its position at the forefront of the industry, the Zentrum is currently adding no-code engine solutions for digitization to its portfolio in a partnership with Virtual Fort Knox AG, a spin-off of the renowned Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. Fraunhofer has invested more than 50 million euros in the research and development of this technology. This collaboration will bring further significant added value to Zentrum’s clients. Looking to the future, Gerth explains that the key to the center’s success remains unchanged even after all these years: “We remain on our path and keep our hearts, eyes and ears open for what is to come.” With this approach, success will continue to accompany Zentrum für Unternehmensentwicklung in the coming decades. Contact Details Contact: Gerth Vogel Company: Zentrum für Unternehmensentwicklung Web Address: eMail: [email protected]