Management Consulting Awards 2023

34. Management Consulting Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Management Consulting Firm of the Year 2023 - Romania Based in Bucharest, Romania since 2017, KnightBridge International Group (KBIG) is a boutique firm offering clientele a proven track record, a specialised and reputable team, and excellent customer service. With a wealth of experience across a variety of borders and a host of industries, KBIG boasts a positive reputation across the region in which it operates. The team are strategically located to maximise their availability to clients, and are proud to service the Romanian, Greek, Serbian, Ukrainian, and Lebanese markets. Through the dedicated and experienced workforce, clients are always provided the most financially beneficial and environmentally friendly solutions. With a keen sense of in-depth industry and market know-how, the flexibility of KBIG’s approach has consistently been proven to reach high standards and yield results. It is the mission of the firm to help clients reach their true industrial potential, providing them with the highest calibre of service while simultaneously minimising both cost and environmental impact. As a result of consistently achieving its mission, the company hopes to become the leading advisory firm in the area, maintaining its leading quality standards, personnel expertise, and unmatched customer support services. With a duo of values, integrity and quality, guiding the business in everything from the conducting of its operations through to its attitude towards communities and the environment, clients are given peace of mind that they will receive the highest standard of quality and service across the sector. The specific consulting services offered by KBIG are cost management, project management, construction management, architecture & engineering, green solutions, financial solutions, and intermediary services. While covering a wide range of industries, the company’s speciality lies with heavy industry, and considerable experience can be found in the real estate, mining & minerals, and energy & renewables sectors. In order to remain at the forefront of the industry, KBIG’s team members continuously undergo training programmes and certifications, and thus are able to offer clients the latest and most economically sound solutions to their problems. The company is confident in its ability to forge its own path, based solely on customer requirements. As technologies and methods continue to change and evolve, it is the responsibility of organisations to stay atop of the latest information and trends, offering this newly acquired knowledge and expertise out to its clients. This is something KBIG remains committed to deliver. Communication is another key element of the industry, and something the company prides itself on doing effectively. Through providing clients with transparency regarding its procedures, regulations, timeframes, and requirements, they have a better understanding of things to come and exactly what the work will entail. As Nicholas explains, “Communication is key and vital in front of our clients. This allows KBIG to agree with our client on a specific focus, path, and budget”. Looking ahead to managing the business in the wake of shifts to digitisation and an increasing reliance on technology, KBIG is using new technologies such as 3D scanning and AI software, which allow the firm to offer solutions to clients consisting of more detailed visuals and solutions, all within a shorter timeframe. As for the rest of 2023 and beyond, plans are in place for a new office in the city of Constanta, one of Romania’s primary epicentres for industry, commerce, and tourism. With infrastructure and construction works underway, there is a strong sense for KBIG to continue its focus on industrial developments, such as warehouses and production facilities, as well as renewable projects, which are becoming increasingly popular among clients. Regardless of what the future has in store for KBIG, its expertise, adaptability, and pioneering customer service approach will surely bring continued success for years to come, providing effective turnkey solutions or tailored services to clients across the region. Contact Details Contact: Nicholas N. Bouri Company: KnightBridge International Group Web Address: In the consulting services sector, Romanian-based company KnightBridge International Group has set itself apart from other similar firms, assisting its clients in achieving their objectives, whether these are to acquire a property, develop a production facility, or craft a renewable project. Through a host of services implemented to best serve the market, the team offer turnkey solutions through to tailored services, with a keen focus on the industrial market. Clients the company boasts range from real-estate investors, logistics & distribution companies to IT & E-Commerce production companies, with the common thread being they are all looking to either enter, expand, or optimise their operations. We speak with Managing Partner Nicholas N. Bouri, to learn more about how the company operates and the keys to its successes.