Management Consulting Awards 2023

36. Management Consulting Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Africa Technology Diversity Company of the Year 2023 GEO-MIK offers its clients a vast array of services, ranging from Earth observation and remote sensing, to land and spatial development solutions. With a host of clients across the sector inclusive of government organisations, UN agencies, and academic/research institutions, the company offers value to its customers, empowering them to make well-informed decisions to reach their goals and objectives. As well as its core values driving the company forward, GEO-MIK is consistently pursuing new and creative ideas which cause positive changes across the industry and add further value to the service which is provided. There is also a strong emphasis on teamwork within the company, and a keen awareness of market shifts has led to the adoption of IT systems to drive work, as well as review and reorient staff to ensure organisational culture and value systems shape the work that the business does. These online systems have resulted in the successful adaptation and reconfiguring of the company’s product and service portfolios, and through the deployment of Geo-ICT, in addition to geospatial driven solutions and tools for environmental monitoring, the team have been able to streamline their process and update it to exceed industry expectations, cementing their status as pioneers within the sector. In addition to these services, GEO-MIK is a commercial reseller for planet satellite imagery and an ESRI bronze partner, which allows for the presenting of third-party unique opportunities and value propositions to the market that cut across all sectors, developing an automated monitoring service which processes and analyses large data volumes, delivering accessible information which is of the upmost benefit for people and organisations. All internal staff and associate consultants are experts in their respective fields, qualified professionals who have been active participants in some of the leading competitive business environments both locally and internationally. With more than 40 handpicked experts from Uganda, surrounding countries and beyond in all fields of work from geoinformation through to maintenance, governance and policy, clients can be assured they are working with nothing less than the best. The team remains optimistic about the future while concurrently adjusting to the demands of the current environment, such as embracing the shift towards a hybrid working environment and the outsourcing of business process. As the industry evolves, so too will GEO-MIK’s strategies, with more being introduced which will apply directly to emerging trends and reach new markets. So far, 2023 has seen the undertaking of two key projects, the first being the development of environmental monitoring tools for the purpose of land degradation service using Earth observation data, innovative techniques, and end-user knowledge in East Africa under the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES). Countries covered by this project include Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda, and the programme was implemented through RCMRD (Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources and Development, Kenya). The second of these projects was African land productivity analysis training, which once again saw the company partner with both the RCMRD and GMES to deliver high calibre training which reached a wide audience. The successful programme drew participants from more than 30 countries worldwide, including many outside Africa, such as India, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, and Pakistan. As for the future, there are plans in place to invest in satellite infrastructure, space science technology applications, and satellite subsystems to support robust data collection systems, as well as Earth observation monitoring technologies which will allow for the monitoring of agriculture, land use, and disaster causes, to name just a few. A social entrepreneurship plan is likewise in the pipeline, which aims to address human challenges created through innovative community solutions, with the purpose of mobilising collective action for humanity through a stakeholder-strategic partnership which is geared towards social entrepreneurship, climate change action, and food security, among others. It is these innovative approaches and widereaching solutions that make GEO-MIK an awardwinning development consultant, one that is sure to encourage the growth and development of the industry as a whole. Contact: Moses Banduga Company: GEO-MIK CONSULTANTS AFRICA LTD Web Address: GEO-MIK is a Ugandan integrated, innovative development consultancy with the aim of shaping the planet and bringing geospatial solutions to the world. The company operates within the service industry and offers a host of and products and solutions for the domestic, regional, and international markets. Clientele that the company boasts is inclusive of government and inter-governmental organisations, UN agencies, as well as academic and research institutions globally. To successfully deliver upon its mandate, the business uses its core values to shape its work, values that are comprised of innovation, teamwork, customer service, professionalism, and commitment. We speak with Founder Moses Banduga, to learn more about GEO-MIK’s work at the forefront of the industry.