Management Consulting Awards 2023

Management Consulting Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance 37. Aug23587 Best Executive Leadership Coaching Agency 2023 - Denmark In 2007, award-winning Danish journalist and news anchor Vibeke Hartkorn established Hartkorn Communication, an agency for executive leadership coaching, communication strategy, and communication training. Since then, the company has impacted the lives of countless leaders through its expertise in coaching, facilitating executive seminars and workshops, delivering training programmes, and providing cut-through advice to boards, company owners, and C-suite leaders. “Our vision is to unleash potential. We like to ask questions and support you in finding answers when you want to build your organization, communication and position” says founder of Hartkorn Communication Vibeke Hartkorn. Future ready products The consultancy has for 17 years operated on an international scale, working with the decision makers of companies in industries like pharmaceuticals, finance, retail, media, food, energy, technology, engineering, software, politics, social welfare, supply chain, and many more. Vibeke Hartkorn points out: “We are constantly seeking new knowledge and insight we can transform into forecast, advice, workshop methods, and training. Being on top of business trends, social movements, customer needs and zeitgeist brings us to the forefront when companies are looking for support in becoming future ready. The firm prepares leaders to tackle the technological revolution and develop a holistic approach. Its focus is on business development, decision making, and strategy for managers, as well as leadership, collaboration, and communication for teams and individuals. Hartkorn Communication offers a comprehensive range of tailored coaching services and team workshops that aim to help organisations, teams, leaders, and executives to fulfil their purpose, achieve their goals, and have a positive impact on society. Communication and leadership within the LPI approach One factor that sets Hartkorn Communication’s solutions apart from others in the industry is its Leadership Pipeline approach, based on an architecture implemented by approximately 25% of fortune 500 companies. From a communications point of view, the firm reimagines the approach outlined in the internationally renowned book “The Leadership Pipeline” by S. Drotter, R. Charan, and J. L. Noel. This rediscovered methodology is explored and developed in Vibeke Hartkorn’s Danish book, “Effective Communication for all Leadership Levels - Make People Follow Your Lead”, which is the only book in the world to focus on leadership communication within the Leadership Pipeline. As put forward by the Leadership Pipeline, Hartkorn Communication understands that successful leadership requires a smooth transition between different roles and levels. Through its coaching programmes and workshops, the firm focuses on helping leaders to develop the new skills and capabilities necessary for them to unlearn, relearn, and progress from one leadership level to the next. By providing them with targeted support during these transitions, Hartkorn Communication enables leaders to adapt, excel, and drive the success of their organisations. Media and brand strategy experts Furthermore, Hartkorn Communication sets itself apart through its unparalleled media expertise, driven by Vibeke Hartkorn’s background in media and television. The firm delivers specialised media training designed to equip leaders with the essential skills for giving interviews, engaging in company communication, and managing media crisis. The firm leverages its media expertise to allow clients to build strong and authentic relationships with the media, enhancing their overall reputation and public perception. Individualized client focus As a client you will meet a passionate, professional, and purpose focused team of network contributors who are skilled communication and leadership experts picked to fit your needs. Deliverance is built on valuable high impact professional methods based on academic international research, or developed in collaboration with customers. With a comprehensive range of solutions and an impressive portfolio of successful case studies, available to view on its website, it is clear that Hartkorn Communication is adept at bolstering the growth, competences, and branding for companies of all sizes. As a result, it is no surprise that the firm has been named Best Executive Leadership Coaching Agency, Denmark, in the Management Consulting Awards 2023. In the coming year, Hartkorn Communication plans to further establish itself on the international scene, with jobs lined up across the Middle East, Australia, UK, and US. To these projects, the firm will continue to bring its unique blend of personal awareness, problem-solving, and innovative facilitation. Hartkorn Communication believes it is essential to maintain a global mindset and develop the ability to work on the ground in different settings and countries. Contact Details Contact: Vibeke Hartkorn Company: Hartkorn Communication Aps Web Address: