Management Consulting Awards 2023

Nov22526 Management Consulting Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Aug23619 Best Mobility Consultancy 2023 - Portugal Operating from its headquarters in Braga throughout the country since 2018, Prismaat is comprised of a professional, experienced, and multidisciplinary team which can handle the entire relocation process to Portugal. Boasting more than 390 client accounts from across 60 nationalities, Prismaat keeps its clients 100% satisfied. With a staggering average user score of 4.9/5 from almost 150 reviews, the company has unlocked the key to industry success and providing the highest calibre of customer experience. Portugal is a beautiful country, possessing almost 900 years of rich history and culture, with a bright future ahead of it. It is an incredibly inviting space, and with more than 800km boasting some of the most popular beaches in all of Europe and a mild climate all year round, it is perfect for those looking for a change of pace and breathtaking scenery. The country is not just limited to its coastline, and in winter, thrill seekers can enjoy the ski resorts in Serra de Estrela, this in addition to a host of castles, natural parks, and protected landscapes. In addition to this, Portugal boasts infrastructure that is up there with some of the best in Europe, particularly the roads and airports. Health care and public education is also on par with the rest of Europe, providing an attractive prospect for those looking to settle in the country. Many citizens also speak English, and with Portugal providing one of the best quality of life rates in Europe and being just as highly ranked on lists of the safest countries globally, people are drawn in by the friendly, available, and affable nature of its citizens. For those looking to start a new life in Portugal, it is Prismaat’s mission through its mobility consultancy to reach out and shine a light in order to guide the way for its clients, assisting in either the process of opening of a business in a new country, relocating a family, or partaking in any kind of fruitful investments. What guides Prismaat to help clients achieve their goals is a series of core values, which the company holds dear and is constantly striving to not only meet but exceed, providing the best service for clientele and fabricating an internal culture of happiness, teamwork, and success. The first of these is trust, it is important for clients to remain constantly assured that their process is being handled in a professional and trustworthy manner. This links with multi-tasking, with the firm determined to offer a complete package in order to handle the needs of all clients, these services are of course all provided by trained and experienced professionals in their respective fields. Organisation is also key, and there is a determined sense to provide proper, true, and clear information along every stage of the process. Finally, a choice combination of empowerment and hope leads the company to champion success and look to the future bright-eyed, having the courage to work towards prosperity for all. Prismaat adopts a three-point strategy to its management consultancy for mobile services, with the first of these being the offering of investment mobility services (real estate, business, and golden visas), which are designed to directly benefit investors who are looking to broaden their income and improve their portfolio in the area of European Union trading. The second area of focus is entrepreneurship mobility (business creation and development, inclusive of all legal aspects and covering a host of avenues from branding and marketing through to business advice), which is applicable for entrepreneurs and digital nomads who are aiming to either establish, or further develop, their business across the European Union through a base in Portugal. Finally, the company also specialises in the area of individual mobility (support for visa applications across all aspects of the relocation process), which is a service perfect for individuals or families who are looking to relocate to Portugal, perhaps settling down to enjoy retirement, progress into further study, advance a career, or start anew in a different part of the world. In order to remain at the forefront of the industry, the team always stays atop of market trends and monitors updates in the sector. With mobility being highly regulated in Portugal, including how it is allowed to be advertised, it is important for the team to follow the rules and keep in line with the changing paths that are settled by the government. This is achieved by following up daily with any new laws and researching the competition, as well as establishing partnerships which further cover the business’ scope and support its clients. One key example of success is the fact that the company is current leading in the Digital Nomad Visa market, having fully embraced this system and prepared for its implementation for almost a year ahead of time. By providing the upmost transparency to clientele regarding the company’s process and industry updates, Prismaat has secured its status as a different service provider in the sector, refusing to gloss over the details and present dealings as easy and immutable, like many other companies who are just focused on securing a deal. While it may be true that sometimes clients just want to hear good news that is beneficial and pleasing to them, Prismaat believes in an honest approach where truth conquers all, and ultimately this will lead to an increased sense of trust and loyalty from customers in the long run, who will demonstrably be able to see that the business has their best interests at heart. For a while now, Prismaat has been planning on having its own digital platform/app in order to further streamline its processes, Prismaat S.A. is a Portugal-based consulting for mobility company, offering a complete package of services from an array of professionals, with the purpose of allowing people to move to Portugal as smoothly as possible. The company services clients who are in search of visas and residence permits for business purposes, investments, and schools, among others. It is the vision of Prismaat to nurture a multicultural, free, truthful, and just world, helping it to grow and prosper on a planet that is seemingly becoming increasingly divided. We catch up with COO/CMO Bruno Viana, to find out more about how the business strives to create a better world for its clients.