Management Consulting Awards 2023

7. industry developments in order to discover new opportunities and anticipate challenges. Members of the Zone Agtech team integrate their own backgrounds and industry expertise into the hub’s innovation support process. Employees are trained in the social and political issues of sustainable development, international development, entrepreneurship, human resources, business administration, and much more. The middle management team is comprised of four experienced entrepreneurs who have previously worked within the agricultural technology and bioproducts sectors. Through its collaboration with industry specialists and the personal expertise of its employees, The Zone Agtech supports entrepreneurs and companies to grow and develop their innovative solutions. It is Zone Agtech’s vision to become an internationally renowned innovation zone for agricultural technologies and plant bioproducts. The hub aims to focus its future efforts on stimulating research, technology transfer, and promising initiatives in the innovative agriculture and Agtech sectors. Zone Agtech is committed to promoting the creation and acceleration of companies and the communalisation of Québec innovations offering advanced industry solutions. Through its array of innovation programs and specialised consulting services, Zone Agtech offers a unique business environment where entrepreneurs and companies can grow and develop their advanced solutions to shape the future of the agricultural industry. The hub aims to turn the province of Québec into a world-class location for innovation, research, training, technology transfer, and the creation of businesses and jobs in the AgTech and agri-based bioproducts sectors. Zone Agtech is dedicated to its objective of creating a more efficient, profitable, and greener agriculture. For its dedicated work to building the future of agriculture, Zone Agtech has received our award for Leading Innovators of Indoor/Outdoor AgTech Development. Contact Details Contact: Marilou Cyr Company: Zone Agtech Web Address: