Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023

6. Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Best Multi-Level Business Advisory 2023 - UK At the heart of Primera Ventures Strategic Advisory is a team of seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience delivering business advice and actionable strategies. The firm caters to a diverse client base across scaling start-ups, fast-growing enterprises and privately owned family businesses, crafting strategies that align with their unique business objectives. Services offered by Primera Ventures Strategic Advisory range from value acceleration, organic business growth and growth by acquisitions as well as an exit strategy to business owners and entrepreneurs, ensuring comprehensive support for businesses aiming to navigate the challenging terrain of today’s dynamic business environment. At Primera Ventures Strategic Advisory, we are capitalising on the burgeoning demand for strategic business guidance to entrepreneurs in the mid-market sector, particularly among SMEs. We see immense opportunity in helping forward-thinking entities align their innovative concepts with sound business strategies, bridging the gap between fast-growth potential and sustainable economic success. Our team has successfully employed a multidisciplinary approach, integrating various facets of business, including strategic growth, business optimisation and exit strategy to provide holistic solutions. As a consultancy firm, we also act as informed innovators. We use our understanding of the industry to inform our strategies. However, we also believe in the power of creativity and originality in crafting solutions that deliver accurate, sustainable results for our clients. Our pioneering approach is leveraging our ‘consulting for equity’ business model, offering our strategic advisory services in exchange for an equity stake in our client’s business. This model allows us to align our success with that of our clients, creating a truly symbiotic relationship. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses, understanding their challenges, goals, and market conditions at a granular level. This depth of insight and our broad industry experience allow us to formulate bespoke strategies uniquely tailored to each client’s situation. We are not just consultants; we consider ourselves partners, deeply invested in the success of each business we advise. By combining these elements, we are redefining the traditional boundaries of strategic business consulting, creating lasting value for our clients and reshaping the industry’s landscape. Our core mission is empowering businesses to realise their full potential, regardless of size or sector. We are guided by core values underpinning our actions and decisions. Our unwavering commitment to integrity, transparency, and collaboration is integral to these. We believe in forging strong, trustbased relationships with our clients, anchored in mutual respect and open communication. Primera Ventures Strategic Advisory has a broad portfolio of clients across diverse sectors, from revolutionary tech start-ups to established family-owned businesses. Within the technology sector, we work with innovative start-ups, advising them on strategically leveraging their cutting-edge ideas for economic success. Our services are also sought after by established players in the services sector, where we deliver strategies designed for business stability, growth and exit planning. Looking ahead, Primera Ventures Strategic Advisory has an ambitious and vibrant roadmap for the future. “In the next few years, we will focus on expanding our national footprint and further diversifying our client portfolio. We aim to deepen our engagement within our current operating sectors while also exploring opportunities in new, emerging markets. The remainder of 2023 and early 2024 are exciting for us as we launch several new initiatives aimed at driving innovation and enhancing client values,” shares Irina D’Amore, Founder and CEO. She adds: “We are in the process of developing a proprietary strategic advisory framework, a tool designed to streamline our consultancy process and deliver more efficient, impactful results for our clients. We believe this framework will set a new industry standard for strategic business advisory.” Additionally, “we are strengthening our commitment to continuous learning and professional development, with plans to introduce a company-wide training programme in the latest advisory methodologies and technologies. We believe this investment in our team will further enhance our service quality, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the industry and continue delivering exceptional value to our clients”. In essence, the coming years for Primera Ventures Strategic Advisory will be defined by growth, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to delivering superior strategic advisory services. We are excited by the future and look forward to partnering with our clients on this journey. Contact: [email protected] Company: Primera Ventures Strategic Business Advisory Web Address: Primera Ventures, a London-based strategic advisory catering to the needs of mid-market SMEs, is a leading name in the UK consulting field, recognised for its bespoke solutions and resultoriented approach.