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Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 The Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) markets are integral to the ecosystem of emerging businesses; fortifying start-ups and enabling innovative enterprises to thrive. Although PE assets under management (AUM) have dropped significantly since 2021’s record highs, the market is expected to grow substantially, with a forecasted total of US$5.8 trillion AUM by 2025. By the end of 2022, the Venture Capital market had reached around $240 billion and is expected to grow to approximately $700 billion by 2028. Despite global economic challenges and uncertainties, the need for capital to develop businesses and boost their growth will always be present. Wealth & Finance International’s Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards 2023 will shine a spotlight on the most successful Private Equity professionals whose proficiency enhances the development entrepreneurial vision, and therefore society. The Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards 2023 will be a showcase of top talent within the industry, providing deserved recognition to those excelling in the face of adversity. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. Badhouse Ventures: Best Software Startup Support Firm 2023 - Canada 6. Primera Ventures Strategic Business Advisory: Best Multi-Level Business Advisory 2023 - UK 7. The Crucible: Best Human Capital Assessment Company 2023 - USA 8. KERV Capital: Best Recruitment Investment Partner 2023 - UK 9. Denali Growth Partners: Best HealthTech Growth Equity Firm 2023 10. Yealand Fund Services Ltd: Best ACD Fund Services Provider 2023 - UK 11. Octerra Capital: Best Early-Stage Technology Start-up Investment Firm 2023 - Nigeria 12. Michael Crickmore: Most Innovative Venture Building Firm 2023 - Saudi Arabia 13. AINDA Energía e Infraestructura: Best Latin American Energy & Infrastructure Investment Firm 2023 14. Launch Africa Ventures: Best Pan-African Venture Capital Fund 2023 15. Venue 36 Group of Companies: Innovative Ecosystem Catalyst of the Year 2023 - APAC Contents

Nov22526 Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Oct23154 Best Software Startup Support Firm 2023 - Canada Geographical diversity and exposure to early-stage venture is more relevant now The global economic outlook is characterised by sustained higher than historic average inflation and low GDP growth, posing challenges for investors seeking to optimise their portfolios for sustainable returns for the rest of the decade. Typically, some modest exposure to the venture asset class goes a long way to injecting higher growth potential to a portfolio, but after many years characterised by venture capital bidding up valuations in mid-to-later stage startup ventures, especially in the US, but also in Europe and Asia, the consensus view is that the best opportunity for growth is in earlier-stage ventures. In this context, high net worth individuals and family offices should consider allocating a small portion of their growth portfolios to early-stage specialist VC firms in adjacent, high-growth potential regions, such as Badhouse Ventures, a micro-VC in Canada with a focus on Canadian early-stage tech startups. The Canadian opportunity in early-stage tech ventures According to the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA, 2023) [ reports/year-end-2022-vc-pe-canadian-market-overview/CVCA_ VC_Q4_2022_FINAL-2.pdf], there were only 79 pre-Seed deals done by existing Canadian VC firms last year, and only 99 in 2021, despite it being an overall frothy year for later-stage deals. This is over 80 times less than the number of early-stage startup funding rounds in the United States for the same years, representing a significant gap, even after normalising for country size; roughly 11x by GDP or 8x by population. This 7-10x gap is an opportunity. Several other factors make Canadian early-stage ventures an attractive investment option: 1. Strong track record of Canadian startups: Canadian tech startups have consistently outperformed their American counterparts in terms of capital efficiency, generating $0.89 of revenue per dollar of investment compared to $0.78 for U.S. firms (Niosi & Zhegu, 2020). 2. Government support: Canadian governments offers various initiatives which provide financial support to startups and help to create a favourable environment for investment. Notably, R&D-associated salaries can be recovered up to 68% in provinces such as British Columbia on the Pacific coast of the country. 3. Attractive valuation levels: Canadian startups generally have lower valuations than their U.S. counterparts, allowing investors to enter the market at more attractive entry points and potentially achieve higher returns on investment (PwC Canada & CB Insights, 2021) [https://www.], even when IPOs are not ultimately achieved. 4. Low competition for deals at early stages, but bountiful follow-on investors: Canada is lacking in investing accelerators, has a conservative angel investment culture, and very little dedicated early-stage VC funds (Badhouse Ventures being the only one exclusively focused on software, i.e. SaaS, AI, web3, infosecurity). Conversely, in the past decade there has been significant growth in later stage-focused Canadian VC funds, as well as co-investment in Canadian startups by US-based funds; providing a vast amount of dry powder for potential follow-on investments down the road. 5. Tech ecosystem growth is accelerating: In the last five years, Canadian subsidiaries have been the secret weapon of large multinational tech firms, such as Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, Google, Facebook, just to name a few; each establishing significant offices housing large engineering teams. This is in part due to the rapidity and simplicity of importing tech talent, with local recruiting firms boasting that new international hires can be on the ground, with requisite work visas, within as little as 2 weeks. This ease of hiring talent, as well as the growth in tech workers already in Canada, many of which are projected to leave big tech to start new ventures in the coming years (after receiving the safety of a Canadian permanent residency card), it’s natural that the country, as a whole, and individual Canadian cities, such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, have been rocketing up the startup ecosystem rankings in recent years, surpassing countries such as France, Germany, or the UK in many rankings (e.g., StartupBlink, Startup Genome). Getting exposure to early-stage Canadian ventures via Badhouse Ventures We looked far and wide – as Canada covers 6 time zones – and were surprised how limited the options are for getting exposure to the earlyFounded in 2020, Badhouse Ventures is a passionate startup support firm with a determined team. Here we learn more about the Canadian tech startup ecosystem and delve deeper as the company wins its title in the Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards 2023. Expanding portfolio diversity: Insights into the Canadian tech startup ecosystem and a highlight of a micro-VC in Canada, Badhouse Ventures, 2023 winner of Best Software Startup Support Firm 2023

5. stage Canadian venture asset class. Of the Pre-Seed/Seed VC firms we examined, we found that their thesis was not necessarily Canada-focused, or had a weak, very generalist investment thesis, investing in everything from consumer gadgets to specialist surgical tech hardware ventures. One area with a growing area of options is in the area of “cleantech”, however we couldn’t help but think that these were overly opportunistic funds, investing in very capital-intensive ventures. This is why we were pleasantly surprised to come across Badhouse Ventures, with a software-first investment thesis and an unabashed Canadian focus, in particular around the burgeoning West Coast ecosystem of Vancouver. A micro-VC fund focused on early-stage Canadian tech startups, such as Badhouse Ventures, offers several advantages over generalist VC funds: 1. Local expertise: A geo-focused VC like Badhouse has a deep understanding of the local startup ecosystem, including its unique strengths, challenges, and opportunities. This local expertise allows the fund to identify promising startups more effectively and provide tailored support to help them grow and succeed in the regional market. 2. Stronger relationships: By concentrating on a geography, a VC can foster stronger relationships with local entrepreneurs, accelerators, incubators, and other stakeholders. This facilitates better deal sourcing and access to startups that might otherwise be overlooked by funds with a broader focus. As we strongly believe that software is still not done eating the world, with the digital transformation of key industries still incomplete and a new wave of technologies, such as AI large language models and blockchain-based smart contracts, acting as new catalysts, it makes sense to have exposure to software-focused venture capital. When we examined the Canadian market, there was truly only one firm that provides exposure to early-stage software ventures in Canada: Badhouse Ventures. Badhouse Ventures was selected the 2023 winner of “Best Software Startup Investment & Support” firm for several reasons. Most notably, the firm’s modus operandi is quite high-touch, offering close support for founders, increasing the chances of success and de-risking early-stage startup investments for their LPs. In addition, we were impressed at how Badhouse’s unique position in relevant communities allows them to see potential startup deals up to 12 months before other investors, which can lead to better valuation entry points; Badhouse organises pitch events and networking events for early-stage founders, and its partners are active participants in local programs, such as mentorship at university incubators. Contact: Ralph Baddour, Managing Director VC firm: Badhouse Ventures Website: Investor relations: [email protected] “Geographical diversity and exposure to early-stage venture is more relevant now. ” – The Canadian oppurtunity

6. Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Best Multi-Level Business Advisory 2023 - UK At the heart of Primera Ventures Strategic Advisory is a team of seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience delivering business advice and actionable strategies. The firm caters to a diverse client base across scaling start-ups, fast-growing enterprises and privately owned family businesses, crafting strategies that align with their unique business objectives. Services offered by Primera Ventures Strategic Advisory range from value acceleration, organic business growth and growth by acquisitions as well as an exit strategy to business owners and entrepreneurs, ensuring comprehensive support for businesses aiming to navigate the challenging terrain of today’s dynamic business environment. At Primera Ventures Strategic Advisory, we are capitalising on the burgeoning demand for strategic business guidance to entrepreneurs in the mid-market sector, particularly among SMEs. We see immense opportunity in helping forward-thinking entities align their innovative concepts with sound business strategies, bridging the gap between fast-growth potential and sustainable economic success. Our team has successfully employed a multidisciplinary approach, integrating various facets of business, including strategic growth, business optimisation and exit strategy to provide holistic solutions. As a consultancy firm, we also act as informed innovators. We use our understanding of the industry to inform our strategies. However, we also believe in the power of creativity and originality in crafting solutions that deliver accurate, sustainable results for our clients. Our pioneering approach is leveraging our ‘consulting for equity’ business model, offering our strategic advisory services in exchange for an equity stake in our client’s business. This model allows us to align our success with that of our clients, creating a truly symbiotic relationship. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses, understanding their challenges, goals, and market conditions at a granular level. This depth of insight and our broad industry experience allow us to formulate bespoke strategies uniquely tailored to each client’s situation. We are not just consultants; we consider ourselves partners, deeply invested in the success of each business we advise. By combining these elements, we are redefining the traditional boundaries of strategic business consulting, creating lasting value for our clients and reshaping the industry’s landscape. Our core mission is empowering businesses to realise their full potential, regardless of size or sector. We are guided by core values underpinning our actions and decisions. Our unwavering commitment to integrity, transparency, and collaboration is integral to these. We believe in forging strong, trustbased relationships with our clients, anchored in mutual respect and open communication. Primera Ventures Strategic Advisory has a broad portfolio of clients across diverse sectors, from revolutionary tech start-ups to established family-owned businesses. Within the technology sector, we work with innovative start-ups, advising them on strategically leveraging their cutting-edge ideas for economic success. Our services are also sought after by established players in the services sector, where we deliver strategies designed for business stability, growth and exit planning. Looking ahead, Primera Ventures Strategic Advisory has an ambitious and vibrant roadmap for the future. “In the next few years, we will focus on expanding our national footprint and further diversifying our client portfolio. We aim to deepen our engagement within our current operating sectors while also exploring opportunities in new, emerging markets. The remainder of 2023 and early 2024 are exciting for us as we launch several new initiatives aimed at driving innovation and enhancing client values,” shares Irina D’Amore, Founder and CEO. She adds: “We are in the process of developing a proprietary strategic advisory framework, a tool designed to streamline our consultancy process and deliver more efficient, impactful results for our clients. We believe this framework will set a new industry standard for strategic business advisory.” Additionally, “we are strengthening our commitment to continuous learning and professional development, with plans to introduce a company-wide training programme in the latest advisory methodologies and technologies. We believe this investment in our team will further enhance our service quality, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the industry and continue delivering exceptional value to our clients”. In essence, the coming years for Primera Ventures Strategic Advisory will be defined by growth, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to delivering superior strategic advisory services. We are excited by the future and look forward to partnering with our clients on this journey. Contact: [email protected] Company: Primera Ventures Strategic Business Advisory Web Address: Primera Ventures, a London-based strategic advisory catering to the needs of mid-market SMEs, is a leading name in the UK consulting field, recognised for its bespoke solutions and resultoriented approach.

Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance 7. Sep23197 Best Human Capital Assessment Company 2023 - USA The Crucible was founded by Lindsay Guzowski and Rob Huxtable after recognizing a pain point in their more than more than 500 executive placement assignments for private equity-owned companies. The duo found that almost every one of these firms utilised an assessment tool, but incredibly few had any confidence in what the findings revealed. Chief among reasons why it is that these assessment tools lack three key elements desired by the funds and companies: quantified results, private equity-specific behavioural focus, and a configurable profile for the nuances of each governance model. The Crucible was thus introduced to remedy these elements and is the only research tool built explicitly for use in the private equity sector. We speak with Co-Founder and CEO Lindsay Guzowski, to learn more about this innovative tool and how it benefits organisations immeasurably. The Crucible works closely with funds, search partners, companies, and executives in order to optimise the pool of talent at their disposal. This innovative performance enhancing research tool is comprised of an intellectual component, a work styles analysis, and a behavioural component, and through its individual report, offers a deep dive into the psychometric profile of an executive, providing context on how they will operate in the highpressure environment synonymous with the industry. Directly following on from the report, areas of improvement and development will be identified for the individual, and the potential for them to fit in a certain role calculated. An additional offering provided by the company is a group report, and this report is incredibly effective in demonstrating how well a multitude of executives will operate in a team setting, thus highlighting any weaknesses the team need to mitigate and strengths which should be further leveraged to the company’s advantage. This group report is oft utilised in pre- and post-acquisition settings, the coaching and developing of team members, and identifying which individuals are most desirable in the building of a strong executive core capable of delivering results. More than just another assessment, The Crucible is instead representative of an amalgamation of data from those executives who have thrived, and those who have not succeeded in specific funds, boasting an algorithm that produces unique scores and indicates exactly what good looks like in each fund. Taking this groundbreaking configuration to the next level, machine learning methods are being adopted which will serve to further refine the model, and the team are thrilled to see where this bright future will lead. The Crucible team find themselves intrinsically motivated, and allow their curiosity to inspire. Their ultimate goal is to provide illumination, insight, and understanding, while The Crucible’s core mission is to pioneer an investment space that constantly discovers and improves, furthering a profitable investment environment and an equitable, opportunistic space. The individuality of every person and fund is valued, and a duty of care to help individuals, companies, and funds prosper is what drives the company forward. To this end, the firm mirrors the ever-evolving market which it serves, constantly improving and adopting a self-improving business model. By relentlessly striving for refinement, the duo has carved their own path to success, guided by the insights and data that reveals client needs. Due to the nature of this tool, ample amounts of data are collected, and through a meticulous combination of data-driven client feedback and research-driven discovery, newly updated analytics can be offered that best serve clients. Solely from a production perspective, the company aims to release upgrades to the technology every six months. These will take a variety of different forms, whether it be a new report sharing deeper insight, or an improvement to available analytics, calculations, or modules, little tweaks and improvements make all the difference to increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Looking ahead to the future, Lindsay explains, “the next few years of our company hold innovation guided by insight.” Committed to enhancing and streamlining the customer experience, a client interpretation manual and certification process is set to be introduced in the coming months. An add-on to the individual report is also in the pipeline and can examine the interplay between Crucible-identified traits and those that matter most in leadership and high-pressure environments. The Crucible is also excited to partner with funds seeking to increase their returns while simultaneously reducing expensive management replacements. Through its leadership assessment tool, The Crucible has revolutionised the science of transformative leadership, demonstrably bettering the skills of employees, companies, and funds across the board. With such dedication and continued success, the company and its resources are sure to prosper well into the future. Contact: Lindsay Guzowski Company: The Crucible Web Address:

8. Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Best Recruitment Investment Partner 2023 - UK Since its establishment, KERV Capital has cemented itself as one of the most reliable and efficient recruitment professional investment specialists on the current market. By adhering to its core offerings, all whilst partnering alongside individuals who truly wish to see their businesses thrive, KERV Capital consistently demonstrates an industry prowess that has proven to attract even the most confident of clients. However, despite this fantastic standing within the wider sphere, KERV Capital’s approach remains rooted in its origins – it recognises that each individual that it invests in is in the same position that it had once been in. As such, it personally connects with clients, sharing an eagerness to see them succeed in the same vein that it did upon its own growth. Though it may seem impossible, KERV Capital accomplishes all of these feats whilst closely adhering to cost efficiency. It looks to grant instant access to all of the best support tools available to its clients, all at a fraction of the cost of starting a business without assistance. This, combined with its central support services, has allowed KERV Capital to consistently deliver on its promise of cohesive care – one that unites forging frameworks for new business ventures with enjoyment. Starting a new journey should always be exciting, and KERV Capital is determined to give its all to its clients, without having to sacrifice the pleasure that should partner the process. Offering assistance with finance, marketing, HR, and much more, KERV Capital has spent its years navigating the industry in a truly magnificent way. Though there have been challenges, specifically due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its detrimental effects on the economy, KERV Capital has risen above them to stand as a beacon of hope for struggling entities. Underpinned by values of trust, honesty, and respect, this collective has managed to accumulate a long standing client base of individuals, each imbued with the means to succeed. It’s for this very reason that KERV Capital’s name is now associated with realising the full potential of blooming entrepreneurs. Something that sets KERV apart from many other venture capital companies is that it is run solely by business owners and entrepreneurs, who are still hands on within the group as a whole and in their own JVs that form part of the group. There is a mentoring programme in place for JV owners where they work closely with the CEO on areas including ‘how to be a leader’ and ‘how to make your money work for you.’ As a result, the KERV portfolio owners boast an incredible 50+ units of property owned between them, ranging from commercial property and office blocks to HMO’s and short term holiday lets. Though the world is ever-changing, and technology is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace, KERV Capital has not once been swayed by the breakneck rate of innovation. On the contrary, it has embraced it completely. As such, it is always on the lookout for emerging changes within the sector in the hopes that it’ll be able to utilise some of the newest evolutions for the benefit of its clients. Everything that KERV Capital does is to help boost the chances of success for a manner of entrepreneurs, and has made it incredibly apparent that it’s not willing to forego any potential enhancements to its practises. Combined, these qualities amount to a truly aspirational collective that embodies the meaning of selflessness. Leveraging over 100 years of industry experience between the entire team, KERV Capital is set on identifying strengths within a business strategy, and amplifying them to the fullest. Truly, KERV Capital is in the business of helping others succeed – something that will no doubt continue to remain true as it takes its first confident strides into 2024. Contact Details Contact: Marc Rayner Company: KERV Capital Web Address: Boasting a proven track record of investing in some of the highest performing, entrepreneurial recruitment professionals, KERV Capital is a recruitment start-up specialist that has mastered the art of its services. By placing its focus on investing in like-minded individuals who possess an undeniable drive to succeed, KERV Capital has accumulated a wealth of experience, and has spent over a decade nurturing the businesses of tomorrow. Below, we venture into how it provides full financial support and expert guidance to help emerging entrepreneurs flourish.

9. Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Oct23088 Best HealthTech Growth Equity Firm 2023 With a team of passionate operators and investors, all of whom being wholeheartedly committed to supporting the firm’s portfolio and developing the next stages of growth, DGP can successfully support driven entrepreneurs who seek more from their business than just capital. As a results of its means, an end can be achieved where healthcare is greatly advanced through a series of innovative business models and technologies. DGP firmly believes in the power of collaborating with all of the management teams with which it partners, in turn offering unique, value creation capabilities that serve to be mutually beneficial. A bias towards action is abundant, and through the customised support given, specific and strategic business needs can be tended to. This is bolstered by the support of more than 30 executives across technology and healthcare, who champion the firm as well as the entrepreneurs they work so closely with. In today’s current climate, the developed world is yielding slowing growth rates, forcing high-quality companies and exceptional management teams to lean in during these uncertain times to accelerate growth and be in a possible position to stimulate long-term success. For DGP, the key challenge is the entrepreneurs with which they partner oftentimes see all private equity investment firms as similar. Understanding the subtle yet important differences between them is a vital component, critical for making the best choice of partners for themselves and their business needs. The approach taken by DGP in its operation relates to the tried and tested saying that, “there is no substitute for hard work.” As Bill explains, “No one in our ecosystem will outwork us. We drive growth through our reputation of working collaboratively with the best companies and management teams.” Although the firm does partake in the observing and studying of the latest industry trends and developments, the favourable method it frequently implores is the carving out of its own path to success, proud in its position as a trendsetter and not a follower. With reference to new investment opportunities within the sector, DGP possesses a keen focus on investing in healthcare technology, life sciences technology, technology more broadly, and technology-enabled business services. Reasons for an interest in these specific areas are three-fold. The company possesses deep sector expertise and domain knowledge, as well as an established track record investing in this sector in companies that have likewise proved themselves to be successful. Moreover, these focus areas have excellent, long-term secular tailwinds, ensuring longevity and success for years to come. DGP is a not a venture capitalist firm, instead investing in growth-equity and targeting companies at a later stage of their maturity lifecycles with an appreciation that companies along this maturity lifecycle must innovate, or risk losing their competitive advantage within the marketplace. For this reason, DGP embraces technological innovation, thinking about the host of ways in which it can be used to make the professional lives of employees more efficient, allowing for the doing of more with less resources necessary. As for the remainder of 2023 and into next year, DGP is holding steady on its current path, with a mission to use its demonstrably effective approaches to continue to grow and expand the business, partnering with only the best entrepreneurs, management teams, and companies which all fit within the firm’s successful investment mandate. Through this uncompromising approach, DGP has established itself as a frontrunner in the industry, and in doing so is more than worthy of this award. Contact Details Contact: Bill Stuart Company: Denali Growth Partners Web Address: Denali Growth Partners (“DGP”) is a pioneering growth equity firm specialising in healthcare and life sciences technologies, as well as the technology and technology-enabled services landscapes. By making both minority and select control investments, DGP seeks to invest in profitable companies that possess proven, capital-efficient business models. Through this, the firm can provide capital that will subsequently help to sustain or even accelerate revenue growth. As of the last day of 2022, DGP had more than $250 million in assets under management (“AUM”). We spoke with DGP’s Operating Partner Bill Stuart, to learn more about the firm’s successful efforts in managing and accelerating growth for its partner organisations.

10. Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Best ACD Fund Services Provider 2023 - UK Yealand’s vision is to be the UK’s most respected Fund Services provider by building the business on the strong foundations of client service and retention, securing talented people and enabling them to grow and develop to be valued providers within the sector. The team truly believes that they are building something special but are aware that the success of the firm is solely dependent on the service it provides to its clients. With this always in mind, the company treats every client as a partner, seeing themselves as a part of a client’s business, whilst also ensuring it remains independent and impartial. For the company, the key challenge has been to successfully establish itself within a crowded ACD market, which is dominated by larger, multi-national organisations. What sets Yealand apart is its commitment to providing the highest calibre of customer service to clients, forging long-lasting relationships that will lead to continued growth over the coming years. In order to achieve its goals and remain grounded as it expands, the company’s strong reputation stems from its core value foundations, which serve as beacons and ensure clients have the best possible experience with the services they receive. These core values are split into four key areas, with the first of these being client centric. Through this approach, excellence is achieved in every interaction, and relevant, tailored solutions are used to exceed a client’s needs. Secondly, integrity has resulted in the firm remaining deeply conscious of its regulatory needs and social responsibility, never taking for granted the trust that has been instilled to the company by its customers. Thirdly, working together allows for the achieving of shared visions, and the championing of diversity. Finally, Yealand endeavours to continually challenge itself to provide optimal service to all clientele. As a proud ACD, Yealand maintains its position atop of the ever-changing landscape in which it operates by consistently scanning the horizons to understand what advancements are set to enter the mainstream over the next few years. From here, the company meticulously analyses the best way to prepare, reviewing its systems and providers to enable the automation of processes wherever possible, guaranteeing that the same high level of service that clients have come to expect can be afforded across the board. Since Yealand’s origins lie in the family office and private fund space, it is a key requirement for the firm that all prospective clients possess like-minded values, and a mutual ethos that reinforces the company’s solid foundations. Using its first-class reputation and pedigree status, Yealand continuously seeks opportunities that will be mutually beneficial and align with its company values. This all starts with senior and client service management teams, whose members come from large institutional fund backgrounds, and thus fully appreciate what is required of invest managers in their dealings with clients. The next few years are set to be an exciting time for Yealand. As work continues to build upon the core business of supporting private funds, additional plans are in place to attract institutional business, such as boutique and mid-tier investment houses. To this end, more than half of the current £9 billion pipeline of projects the company has lined up consist of institutional projects. As Yealand Fund Services continues to rapidly and sustainably grow, its institutional and innovative mindset place it at the forefront of the industry, having built an independent administration business that has flourished from premium client service delivery as its defining principle, and today stands as an innovator and cornerstone in the industry, boasting more than 15 years of experience and success. Contact Details Contact: Rob Leedham Company: Yealand Fund Services Ltd Web Address: Yealand Fund Services Ltd is a family owned and operated, fully independent host Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) and Fund Administrator, that has been operating since 2008. With strong values and a collaborative culture that helps the firm to build trusted relationships with its clients, is has gone from administering funds for Saire Aire Limited to offering its expert services to an array of clients across the sector. By providing tailored solutions with a robust compliance procedure and risk oversight to funds under its management, Yealand Fund Services always acts decisively, responds with agility, and possesses a demonstrable track record of stellar delivery. We speak with Chief Executive Rob Leedham to find out more about the organisation’s stellar services.

Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance 11. Sep23198 Best Early-Stage Technology Start-up Investment Firm 2023 - Nigeria Octerra Capital, an impact driven venture capital fund, invests in high growth IP rich tech companies with a primary focus on Africa. It’s committed to backing early-stage sector agnostic solutions to encourage financial inclusion, address Africa’s climate transition and widen access to education and health through technology. It hopes this will create employment opportunities and improve economic outcomes. Octerra Capital sees Africa as a continent brimming with opportunities; Africa’s youth population, it’s geographic and cultural vastness and diversity with coastal exposures to Eastern and Western hemispheres creates a unique set of advantages held by this great continent. It is Octerra’s fundamental belief is that the African ecosystem requires solutions that create more resilient infrastructure, with technology solutions designed to address systemic challenges and handle economic imbalances. By 2050, Africans are expected to account for 25% of the global population, which is a good indication of the continent’s potential for enacting significant levels of influence over the global economy. Octerra feels Africa will do this through its ability to leapfrog technology, and apply its resilient talent to the global workforce. As investors in founders who are building innovative and scalable businesses, Octerra hopes to both leverage and contribute to the African opportunity. As an African-led investment fund, focused on investing in innovative early-stage tech solutions, the Octerra mission is simple: to accelerate prosperity on the continent. It believes in the power of innovation and entrepreneurship when it comes to creating solutions that address the challenges in Africa. In particular technology powered financial services in Africa will continue to grow in relevance, as they provide a foundation for the inclusion of historically excluded groups such as the unbanked, underbanked, and women. As an example, fintech solutions help drive access to quality healthcare, education and enable Africa’s climate transition. Technology is constantly evolving, and Octerra Capital has a proactive approach to ensuring it keeps its finger on the pulse. It summarises this as three pillars of strength, which involve continuous learning, collaboration, and keeping a pulse on the market. Continuous learning is something that is embedded into Octerra’s day to day operations through formal and informal training. It hosts internal quarterly ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions that focus on taking a deep dive into a specific areas. This allows for a greater understanding and knowledge to propagate, and provides necessary insights into markets, technologies, sectors, regulatory developments, technology trends, and ultimately risk management. Octerra collaborates with innovation hubs in communities, and supports incubators and accelerators that work closely with startups and emerging technologies. To keep a pulse on the market, Octerra actively engages with startup and investor communities and invests in across difference geographic ecosystems. This accelerates innovation and helps develop strategic partnerships at the same time. As a sector agnostic investor in IP rich tech businesses it looks for startups that are strong and diverse, or are led by underrepresented teams. It is interested in businesses that have developed proprietary tech addressing systemic challenges or problems. It also seeks out those who are aligned with its impact objectives: Financial inclusion, Gender inclusion, Job creation, Access to health, Access to education and Climate Action. As venture capitalists, Octerra believes that innovation is the key to continued growth. It boasts proprietary data-driven tools in the form of screening and portfolio management services that translate its investment philosophy through a multitude of quantitative and qualitative data points As a hands-on investor, this means it can focus on what matters the most, finding innovative high growth startups and then adding value to them through its networks, strategic support and helping model operational & financial efficiencies for sustainable growth. Octerra Capital has been named as Best Early-Stage Technology Start-up Investment Firm 2023 – Nigeria, in the Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards. As it prepares to launch its second fund, a $100m VC Fund in Seed stage and Series A stage tech companies in Africa, it should be proud it’s already being recognised for the excellent quality of its work. Company: Octerra Capital Web Address: Contact Name: Ashim Egunjobi

12. Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Sep23168 Most Innovative Venture Building Firm 2023 - Saudi Arabia In 2019, Fvtvre was established by Managing Director Michael Crickmore, a seasoned corporate founder with more than 15 innovative ventures under his belt. He set out to capitalise on the growing markets within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. With an excellent internal team and a vast network of smart entrepreneurs across the Middle East, Fvtvre works to design, develop, and launch new ventures in the PropTech, FinTech, E-commerce, and luxury industries. In this, the company strives to leverage global talent through founder-friendly businesses that are currently in the earliest stages of development, from pre-seed to series A. Like other consultancies, Fvtvre helps to bring crucial change to organisations by providing them with tailored advice. However, this is where the similarity ends. Led by professionals with backgrounds in business building, operating, and consultancy, the company strives to do things differently. It ignores the rulebook, celebrates creativity and problem solving, and thrives at the intersection between sustainability and commercialisation. Following its inception, Fvtvre collaborated closely with global corporates to build and launch numerous ventures before deciding to begin creating and funding its own. The company has since launched ventures in most industries, supported by a team of ex-consultants and exventure builders who ensure that it is equipped with the right skills and capabilities to design, launch, and scale them effectively. So far, the Fvtvre team have achieved significant success in the businesses they have launched. For example, in 2021, they established Rekab, the fastest growing shared mobility startup in Saudi Arabia. This was the country’s first ridesharing company and completed over two million shared rides within 18 months of its initial launch. Each of Fvtvre’s ventures can be categorised into one of its three core verticals. Firstly, through its Consumer ventures, the company aims to build the next generation of great consumer brands, products, retailers, and consumer experience technologies. Secondly, through its B2B ventures, Fvtvre designs new technological solutions for existing corporate processes and business models, whilst delivering new, innovative products and services to the market. Lastly, its impact ventures are designed to balance social responsibility with commercial advancement to foster the circularity of deployed capital. Fvtvre’s ability to identify and swiftly leverage high-potential market opportunities is evident in its diverse portfolio of ventures. There are two recent examples that serve as noteworthy illustrations of this: DecisionX and PropX. Built by an experienced UK-based team of developers in collaboration with major financial institutions across Saudi Arabia, DecisionX is a B2B venture that demonstrates Fvtvre’s expertise in financial technology. The product’s automated design engine significantly improves the quality of decision-making in loan applications. To this end, it employs deep learning algorithms to detect patterns that are unlikely to be noticed by humans, increasing the accuracy of approvals and rejections. This means that DecisionX serves as an effective risk mitigation tool, drastically reducing default rates. Usefully, it also contributes towards operational efficiency by replacing labour-intensive manual processes. Moreover, PropX is a B2C venture that addresses issues in the real estate market. Designed to act as an impartial auditor of residential rental properties, the product creates audit records that serve as a single source of truth for both landlords and tenants. This eliminates ambiguities, reduces the likelihood of disputes, and makes the tenancy lifecycle smoother for all parties. For its endless creativity in building and launching new businesses to the Saudi Arabian market, Fvtvre has been named Most Innovative Venture Building Firm in the Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards 2023. With PropX in the final stages of beta testing and DecisionX due to soon be complete, there is no doubt that Fvtvre looks towards a bright future. We congratulate Michael Crickmore and his team on their success in this awards programme and wish them the best of luck in all their endeavours. Contact Details Contact: Fvtvre Company: Michael Crickmore Web Address: With offices in London and Riyadh, Fvtvre is an innovative company that designs, develops, and launches new ventures, seeking emerging opportunities to grow, scale, and explore the Saudi Arabian market. The company’s exceptional in-house team leverage their extensive experience as both innovators and consumers to overcome stagnation and build businesses that create value and impact with sustainability at their core.

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14. Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards 2023 | Wealth & Finance Best Pan-African Venture Capital Fund 2023 As times have grown more difficult in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for start-ups to get their foot in the door. Whether this is due to the economic disarray that followed the COVID-19 outbreak or is a direct result of emerging conflicts across the globe, the odds seem to be continuously stacked against those trying to make a difference. Enter Launch Africa Ventures, Africa’s leading PanAfrican VC fund solving collective access to funding, enterprise customers and corporates in Africa, talent and access to a global network of investors and advisors. Catering to those who require assistance in building up their branding, Launch Africa Ventures has spent the last decade carefully adapting itself to help others. Across its three-year lifespan, Launch Africa Ventures had already accumulated a vast array of experience in venture building and managing funds, alongside some of Africa’s smartest founding teams, resulting in investments in 140+ companies in 22 different African countries. As such, it has successfully found its place within the industry – one through which it’s able to back start-ups across a plethora of industries to the best of its ability. In turn, Launch Africa Ventures has defined itself throughout the continent, granting it the unique opportunity to approach some of the region’s most meaningful challenges. With such a strong passion for its field, it comes as no surprise to learn that it is committed to seeing numerous start-ups thrive under its watch. But what exactly is meant when describing ‘the region’s most meaningful challenges’? Thankfully, Launch Africa Ventures has the answer. Throughout Africa, there is a unique focus on ‘need-to-have’ vs ‘nice-to-have’ within investment sectors. It’s this dilemma that sees most start-ups struggling to juggle between necessity and luxury – one that’s all too common, and exceedingly tough to navigate. Identifying how to effectively prioritise can sometimes present itself as one of the industry’s steepest learning curves, so Launch Africa Ventures has taken it upon itself to make this process far easier, through its streamlined and efficient investment process and its entailed and comprehensive post-investment support programs. Launch Africa Ventures is a collective that has one primary focus – a core principle by which it abides, that being “to improve the quality of life of all Africans through the digital transformation of Africa”. It looks to invest its capital, time, intellectual resources, and global networks into leading B2B and B2B2C early-stage start-ups, almost exclusively within the technology sphere. Once it has sought a business that possesses strong management and scalable solutions, Launch Africa Ventures will then proceed to invest up to $1 million per transaction, primarily through S.A.F.E. notes or convertible notes. All of these factors coalesce in an efficient process – one that grants it the ability to invest in multiple start-ups each quarter. As a result, founders and entrepreneurs can focus on their pursuits, whilst Launch Africa Ventures takes care of the funding. However, it doesn’t just end with investment. Launch Africa Ventures takes immense pride in seeing its clients flourish, and actively coinvests alongside leading regional funds to forge a sense of absolute security. Partner this with its usage of diverse, global advisory networks and unique access to corporate distribution channels across Africa, and you have a regionwide collective that’s able to provide the key to unlocking value for start-ups via strategic partnerships and regional networks. Every step is meticulously planned in fantastic time, inviting a rapid pace into an often time-consuming process. Launch Africa Ventures knows exactly what it takes to become one of the greats and has set its sights on spreading this knowledge throughout the continent. At its core, Launch Africa Ventures is a collective that is focused on investing in the next generation of African technology startups. It loves what it does – unapologetically so – and it’s this unbridled passion that has allowed it to lend its expertise and investment to those who will benefit from it the most. Africa has often been overlooked when it comes to the technology industry, and yet Launch Africa Ventures is on the path to proving that the continent is a place where commercial scale and value can be achieved. Its technology sphere is evolving at a rapid rate, spearheaded by investment specialists such as Launch Africa Ventures. We’re very eager to share the brilliance of this business with our readers. Launch Africa Ventures demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the betterment of its region’s technological sphere, and is willing to put in the time, money, and effort to see it happen. As such, nobody is more deserving of its recognition. We can’t wait to see how Launch Africa Ventures approaches its practises as it shifts into 2024. Contact: Janade du Plessis Company: Launch Africa Ventures Web Address: For years, small start-ups within Africa have been faced with frequent funding struggles. There has been an unfortunate funding gap in the Seed and Pre-Series A investment landscape across the region – one that has been in dire need of attention. Thankfully, Launch Africa Ventures seeks to rebuild multiple sectors, regions, and products through its extensive range of services. Below, we explore its capabilities in a little more detail, and how it has gone the extra mile to encourage some of Africa’s most promising startups.