Project Finance 2018

Wealth & Finance International - 2018 Project Finance Awards 9 Thanks to her vast industry experience, which spans more than a decade, Ms. Ozlem Kildir leads her own consultancy firm Profinstance, which is dedicated to offering a range of project finance consultancy services. Alongside this, Ms. Ozlem Kildir also works as researcher & instructor for Energy Financing course at Sabanci University “Energy Management Graduate Program” Infrastructure Financing course at the Ozyegin University “Retail Management Graduate Program” and Project Finance course at the Koc University “CASE Undergraduate Program”. As such, she is able to share her vast industry experience with a wide range of up-and- coming experts and offer them the benefit of her wisdom and knowledge. The current work on providing Project Finance & Corporate Banking Advisory and Training Services focuses on increasing project financing capability & model development in Turkey, supporting renewable energy & energy efficiency development & financing in Turkey, establishing world-class university & online education in theoretical & practical project finance fields, supporting infrastructural development of Turkey along with up to date civil engineering practices in global contract management procedures & fund sourcing, sharing expertise in project financing to insurance & technical & legal & environmental advisory institutions in forming auxiliary financial and project finance practices. After graduating from Ankara Atatürk Anatolian High School, Ms. Ozlem Kildir received her BSc degree in Civil Engineering from Middle East Technical University and MA in Business Administration from Middle East Technical University. During her over 15 years of work across the corporate space, she worked as a manager in the Treasury, Corporate Finance and Project Finance, Corporate Loans, Corporate Pricing and Marketing, Strategy Management Departments, and in her specialty areas within the Business Group. Her advisory practice is leveraged by Ms.Ozlem Kildir’s 15 years of experience in Corporate Banking, as well as her past five years work as a project finance manager in top tier Turkish Bank. At the time, the Project Finance Portfolio of the bank consisting of infrastructure and commercial real estate, M&A, energy production & distribution, Public Private Partnership deals in energy, transport, health and infrastructure was managed leading a team of project finance specialists liaising with advisors, multinational and national bank syndicates, corporates. She has been an active project financier for all landmark projects in Turkey and up to date the project financings she has structured have totalled to 25 billion USD in investment amount. At the time, Ms.Ozlem Kildir’s tasks included structuring and arranging deals, financial modelling, performing feasibility and sensitivity analysis of projects, analysing credit risk and project risk and environmental risk, risk based and asset-liability management based loan pricing, coordinating and managing project due diligence studies, completing financial documentation via negotiations and contract drafting, monitoring projects on technical, environmental and financial terms in construction and operation periods, alongside analysing re-financing alternatives. This vast experience has led Ms. Ozlem Kildir to be a perfect partner for those seeking project finance support and advice. Looking to the future, she will be seeking to enhance her already impressive success by driving Profinstance to the forefront of the project finance consultancy market and making it the go-to company for anyone seeking support in this complex area. Company: Profinstance Project Finance & Corporate Banking Advisory & Training Services Contact: Ozlem Kildir Phone: 0090 542 369 4016 E-mail: [email protected] Website: Ms. Ozlem Kildir is an independent financial consultant, providing services for corporate and mid-sized companies in project finance, corporate finance, public-private-partnership models, renewable energy & energy efficiency financing, infrastructure financing, credit risk and structuring loans, mergers and acquisitions, engineering finance, and financial audit and management. We profile her to find out more about her work and how she has made her mark in the industry over the years. Best Project Finance Advisory 2018 – MENA & Most Inspirational Woman in Project Finance 2018 Profinstance Project Finance & Corporate Banking Advisory & Training Services Profinstance Project Finance & Corporate Banking Advisory & Training Services Dec18518