W&F Q1

Q1 2024 Wealth & Finance 7. Dec23173 Best Financial & ESG Analysis Consultancy 2023 - Germany Specialising in the analysis of varying financial institutions’ sustainability and solvency reports, in addition to delivering advice on how to improve them, Zielke Research Consult is an entity who’s truly there to help. Set on assisting asset managers in complying with the requirements of insurance companies, primarily within Germany, the collective has amassed quite the reputation for making the lives of financial and ESG businesses as straightforward as possible. Below, we explore how. Promising stellar advice, no matter how in-depth it may need to be, Zielke Research Consult is an analysis consultancy that triumphs in the world of financial and ESG analysis. From assisting with certifying insurance products and investment funds according to the latest EU taxonomy regulations and the new DIN-sustainability score for financial products, to advising interested parties and governing bodies on the reporting framework for both financial and sustainability reporting, the firm looks to streamline an otherwise complicated process. Placing an immense value on the objectiveness of its analytical approach, Zielke Research Consult has managed to compile a full, transparent methodology that’s readily available to each and every individual that seeks to enlist its help. After all, its mission is to help financial institutions in offering sustainable investments to their retail clients in ways that are both straightforward and traceable. This viewable nature therefore grants every necessary party access to crucial information, never once hiding any detail in the process. However, what really helps Zielke Research Consult to stand apart from its competitors is the way in which is adapts to encourage a certain closeness between clients and both the regulators and standard setters. Additionally, it promises a flexibility that assists individuals in matching the everevolving pace of the market. The regulatory environment is one of the most rapidly fluctuating ones present within today’s sphere, and clients are valuing adaptability more than ever before. Luckily, Zielke Research Consult has upheld this quality since its inception, making it a master of the craft in its own right. Being a firm so committed to evolution, it comes as no surprise to learn that Zielke Research Consult has some exciting projects in the works for the coming year. Though, in the long run, it would like to extend its services to corporates with additional assistance from its new database, Zielke Research Consult has a present focus on first developing various algorithms that incorporate artificial intelligence into their cores. In order to obtain high quality and traceable data, especially considering the predicted development in ESG data that’s set to emerge due to the new European Sustainable Reporting Standards, there’s a resounding need for such development. It just so happens that Zielke Research Consult is spearheading the charge. We’re eager to see Zielke Research Consult’s plans come to fruition as we continue into 2024. There are various factors that are incredibly enticing, and we’re certain that, given its past experience in the field, it’s geared up to continue leading the way forward as the industry evolves. Providing comprehensive consultancy services within the world of ESG and financial analysis is where Zielke Research Consult truly thrives, and it has yet to slow its pace in its pursuit of utter brilliance. Contact: Carsten Zielke Company: Zielke Research Consult GmbH Web Address: https://www.zielke-rc.eu/ zielke research consult