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8. Q1 2024 Wealth & Finance Aug23148 Private Sector Investment House of the Year 2023 – UAE & Best Absolute Return Long/Short Emerging Markets Credit Fund 2023 (CEEMEA): Waha EM Credit Fund Emerging market funds can be a high risk high reward type of investment. However, with an experienced team of fund managers to help reduce risks with specialised foresight and highly intuitive support, emerging market funds can be the answer we may be looking for – especially when it comes to diversifying our portfolios. Waha Capital was founded in 1997, in Abu Dhabi, as a listed investment management business which helps shareholders and investors to receive excellent returns from its three separate funds: Waha EM Credit, Waha MENA Equity, and Waha Islamic Income. Waha Capital’s funds are steeped in a rich wealth of experience. Leveraging its emerging markets expertise, business networks, and research capabilities, to serve its many clients, Waha Capital has established a strong foothold in the industry. This has ultimately propelled it to the forefront as the Private Sector Investment House of the Year 2023 – UAE. The firm’s core values are the backbone of its operations. Waha Capital prioritises collaboration, accountability, ambition, integrity, and a performance-driven approach to every fund it presents. Of course, keeping its cultures and values in mind throughout everything the business does, Waha Capital ensures that its work is always in line with premium industry standards – as well as governance standards. Waha Capital promises a brighter future with its comprehensive resources, composed and informed nature, and top-quality team who guarantee fruitful investments across all of its emerging market funds. Specifically, Waha Capital’s Waha EM Credit Fund, which was established in 2012, has the longest track record at the company. Over the years the fund’s performance has been continually sturdy, increasing its total return to 204.8% since its beginning to this day. With over 669M USD in assets under management and a team of highly skilled individuals managing the fund, Waha Capital has been awarded with a second accolade in our Fund Awards 2023. Bestowed with Best Absolute Return Long/ Short Emerging Markets Credit Fund 2023 (CEEMEA): Waha EM Credit Fund the business has much to celebrate. Now, in 2024, Waha Capital is continuing to grow and support investors everywhere. The future is looking particularly bright for the business, and its connections. In addition, holding its vision high, Waha Capital now aims to be a key player on a global scale. The team is always looking for new opportunities by keeping their fingers on the pulse of the markets around the world, staying informed, and delivering steady, sustainable returns for each shareholder and investor. Working with the award-winning Waha Capital is an opportunity not to be missed – please visit its website for more information and statistics. Contact: Ameera Khalid Company: Waha Capital Web Address: www.wahacapital.com/ Depending on the infrastructures and economies of emerging markets, or countries, we can find ways to invest in different credit funds as fantastic avenues to explore for absolute returns on investments. Waha Capital was created by a team of specialists looking to help others amplify and secure their wealth through long/short investment strategies. Here we learn more about Waha Capital’s commitment to delivering excellent returns on investments as we unveil its two titles in our Fund Awards 2023. Waha Capital