W&F Q2 2021

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 10 Wealth & Finance International - Q2 2021 Best Financial Services Client Insight Platform 2020: Smart Client 360™ Blazing a trail for both itself and its industry, Betterworth is the innovative financial advice platform shaping the future of its sector. With its services already having been fully remote, it has been rising to the challenge of increased demand as more financial professionals and their customers both turn to online solutions. The minds behind the provision of deeper insights into financial advisory relationships, Betterworth allows clients to ‘better know’ themselves so that they may ‘better know’ their end users. Its services facilitate significant insight for an advisor into how their personal knowledge and experience stands up in their industry by use of its online platform. With the creation of a ‘smart client 360’ profile used by their clients, it builds trust between financial advisors and those who seek their advice, ensuring that an advisor can see all information they need upfront before they begin working with them. It also lends said advisors a professionally invaluable tool; as this website is fit to purpose, it forms an online portfolio for an advisor that allows them to show off their professional acumen in a manner specifically designed to fit their field. The 360 profile shows off everything from a person’s interests and lifestyle to goals and financial history, allowing an advisor an upfront measure. This cuts significant time and effort from the process in the initial consultation, as it allows an advisor to get right to work in devising the right solution, recommending the right path at the right time. It sets itself apart from traditional Know Your Client software by encompassing more dimensions than the usual point-scoring system could, including data that its competitors cannot capture using older methods. It is a unique platform where the client’s profile is further enriched with every decision, providing a full view of the bigger picture that is easily navigable for users. Based on financial and non-financial data points both, it works with financial players from independent advisors to banks, credit unions, and SMB firms. All its partners agree on a uniting principle, however: putting the client first. Its services are all geared towards customer service excellence and retaining lifelong clients, enhancing its market value, and taking feedback in its stride. In doing this via a remote platform empowered by artificial intelligence, bucking the current trend of bloated more traditional methods that threaten to slow the industry instead of moving it forward. With a recent wave of capital coming into FinTech, innovations are picking up in pace, and Betterworth benefits from it being small and agile in keeping up with these. Betterworth, unlike many of its competitors, can pivot its flexible processes easier than larger firms, reacting to new trends and developments to remain competitive. Being a start-up company in FinTech, it has funnelled significant effort into developing exemplary internal processes. It then extends these out to the clients and users of its platform, as they can see by use of it the work the team puts in, and the expertise they have used in doing so. Its staff take on multiple hats and are all ambitious, solution-based problem solvers. Whilst Covid-19 provided challenges across the board for many, Betterworth was able to step in to support its industry during this difficult period, facilitating the work of traditional face to face advisors but making the process completely remote. This pivot of perspective showed its industry just how invaluable modern technology can be in financial services. It is crucial to Betterworth that its sector make this change and adopt the shift to grow and develop into something capable of serving the modern world. This is something it will continue to champion as it looks towards the rest of 2021, with the introduction of yet more innovations to its platform. These will be manifesting in services such as introducing the client-facing features of its platform and refining its existing models, and it is confident that such services will secure the health of its field’s future. Contact: Alessandra Urtuna Website: https://betterworth.com/ Feb21069