W&F Q2 2021

Wealth & Finance International - Q2 2021 11 Jan21150 Investment Data Insights Company of the Year - USA With its intuitive and top of the range investment platform earning the accolade of the ‘Best Investment Research Data Platform’, Network Financials’ flagship product TROVA has been making waves in its industry. With a finger consistently on the pulse of newest trends and developments, it promises that its clients will always be kept in the loop. Network Financials is a company seeking to use exemplary technological breakthroughs and its own landmark processes to empower the investment community. Working within a global market segment and having grown a great deal from its humble beginnings in 2016, this company seeks to fulfil its mission by creating technological methods through which clients can make informed investment decisions. In this way, it hopes to cultivate more Inspirational Investment strategies, all of which have global impact and bolster the field in the macro scale. Although it was only initially available to a select group of individuals during its testing phase, the excellent results from this period with its NFSelect Service outperforming S&P 500 by a margin of 6% gave it the green light it needed to begin its expansion. By April of 2017, its MVP was complete for institutional clients, and interest has been received from two tier 1 clients by May of the same year. This marked the upward and exponential path to further growth that Network Financials has enjoyed ever since, gaining various accolades and award nominations along the way that spread the word of its work even wider. It also busied itself by making partnerships with other businesses in its industry, such as TD Ameritrade. By 2020, it was ready to begin the era of Inspirational Investment in earnest. This is something incorporated into its TROVA Data Platform, with its ESG Analytics amongst other things. Such developments have further informed Network Financials’ vision of building the TROVA Data Platform up towards becoming the world’s most unbiased and reliable investment data space. TROVA simplifies the processes and minutia behind investment research, solving the most complex problems that businesses and individuals alike encounter, extracting high-performance investment data and insights quicker and easier. Its technologies are empowered using artificial intelligence to do so. With programmes that have been specifically designed to be fast learners, the software is able to adapt quickly, making itself flexible and changeable, accurately helping a multitude of customers to make better investment decisions and achieve the highest possible ROI. Internally, its team is experienced and dedicated to ensuring its services are the best on the market. With a broad and deep base of knowledge between them regarding the building of scalable and extensible platforms for financial data, Network Financials is made up of hardware professionals, software developers, and application developers, all of whom are expert problem solvers when it comes to computing, networking, and analytics. The team is also extremely familiar with the problems that a customer may face in today’s investment landscape, and proficient in helping them to manage these. Network Financials is conscious of what it takes to succeed in this ecosystem. Namely, it is aware that investments today involve a mixture of scientific rigour and artistic prowess. Therefore, it has built itself to be able to do both; it knows that identifying what makes an investment opportunity the best out of a range of options is both complex and time consuming, and it wishes to take the stress of this sort of busy work off of a client. The Network Financials data platform is built upon this principle, discovering smart datasets that allow for the greatest returns on investment. TROVA promises that a client will benefit from well- qualified algorithms and sophisticated data, up to date performance reports, cost optimal service, personalized service, and data that allows for investor flexibility. With a new Investment Booster for individual investors released in late 2020, its dedication to continued excellence shows no signs of stopping, and it is fair to say that in the crucible of financial investment, Network Financials has made itself one to watch. Company: NetworkFinancials Contact: Supriya Ghosh Website: network-financials.com