W&F Q2 2021

Wealth & Finance International - Q2 2021 7 During this time the team were forced to be conservative in many areas that they normally would have not been. As a result of the collaborative approach he has always championed, staff were encouraged – and willing – to put unconditional love and effort into keeping the business afloat. This stopped a bad situation from manifesting into something far worse, essentially adding cracks to the foundation of the business. Thanks to this caring and careful approach, Fairbanks Insurance Brokers has not only survived to 2021, but is a growing and thriving business as well. The specialist knowledge of his staff, combined with the ruthless commitment to customer service, has kept businesses wanting to use their services. The credit must lie with the long-term strategy that has brought this about. As the rest of the market becomes increasingly competitive, with some businesses willing to say anything to get a payment and bind a quote, the honesty and integrity that sets Fairbanks Insurance Brokers apart is a welcome relief to many. Company: Fairbanks Insurance Brokers, Inc. Name: Jason Fairbanks Email: [email protected] Company Website: www.contractorsinsurancecompany.com