W&F Q2 2021

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 8 Wealth & Finance International - Q2 2021 Wisdom in Wealth Management With the ‘Most Innovative HNWI Technology Firm’ award for 2020 joining its already stunning list of accolades, Synergy Quantum Asset Management is a company that has made itself a vital part of its industry’s ecosystem. In this way, it consistently strives to fulfil the individual needs of high net worth individuals and their families. Synergy Asset Management is a company that was established just before the turn of the century to serve its elite and prestigious market segment. A Swiss company with over $2.6 billion kept under its watchful eye and careful management, its client list number at 150 high net worth individuals and families from Europe to Latin America and Asia. Over the years that it has been in operation, it has earned many an accolade and award for meeting the investment performance needs required to compete in such a high-flying market. Through the provision of exclusive investment products and services, it delivers the best wealth management programmes on the market that has been developed and bettered over time with diligence and experience. Lauded as amongst the Diamond Diversified Series for Outstanding Fund Managers by the Société Générale, its well-earned reputation for outstanding solutions comes from the word of numerous regulatory and awards bodies. Further to this, its clients have ensured that it has become a household name. With word travelling fast in the small yet incredibly lucrative niche of ultra-high net worth investment protection, Synergy’s clients sing its praises. This has meant for a slew of glowing testimonials and word of mouth referrals that have acted as its best marketing tool. Whilst it was growing in notoriety through this natural and sustainable growth method, it bolstered its own expansion through continually exceptional wealth management, both in the processes it implements and the attitude to customer service it adopts. Jay Oberai, the CEO, is passionate about the fact that Synergy acts as a facilitator and coordinator of a family’s ‘financial fabric’ as well as providing them with investment management. Consequentially, it can adapt itself to fit any family’s unique goals and objectives. Its services are as bespoke and tailored as they are rigorous, with a fully equipped family office that handles client asset protection, managing tax and estate planning, including intergenerational wealth transfer planning and consultations. It knows how important having the appropriate knowledge at your fingertips is, and therefore also offers various age and stage-in-life appropriate educational programmes for children and family members who are part of an individual’s wealth plan. In this way, Synergy cultivates an atmosphere of shared responsibility regarding an estate, whilst itself handling all the stressful nitty gritty. Synergy also develops appropriate holding structures that will ensure wealth is managed in a sophisticated and easy to understand manner that a client can track every step of the way. Furthermore, it encourages the growth of assets through its investment solutions, using careful asset allocation and vigorous selection processes. Synergy is first and foremost driven by vision. In the top 2% of the highest net worth family offices in Switzerland, it has a strong relationship with other top investment opportunities and has built positive, long-lasting connections with families all over the world. For example, it is currently serving two European Royal family offices, one top Chinese family, two Jan21160 top Swiss families, and many more. With asset management as its core proficiency, boasting nearly 12% in annual returns over the last 13 years, it is also confident in the technologies that enable its services. It encourages clients to make use of its services to take full advantage of these, so that they may reap benefits they will bring to world markets over the next few years. It looks forward to welcoming many more prestigious families as they join its existing roster of satisfied clientele during this period. Contact: Jonatan Lisalde Website: https://www.synergy-wealthgroup.com/