W&F Q3 2022

Wealth & Finance International - Q3 2022 11 Best Wealth Preservation & Investment Advisory Boutique - Brazil XP Private is part of XP wholesale banking brand, a complete and sophisticated ecosystem of financial solutions for large companies, institutional investors, and private clients. Over the years, the wealth planning department at XP Private has made itself a deeply intuitive and exemplary partner to its’ client’s livelihoods. Ensuring that their assets are well taken care of, and that their future is in good hands, its professionals work around the clock to guarantee their utmost satisfaction. The dedicated wealth planning team, is well-taught and well-trained, willing to go above and beyond for each client in order to let them know the depth of commitment it holds as standard. Having launched as a business in 2015, the Wealth Planning department of XP Private found its beginnings in 2017. The founder of this division, Renato Folino, built his team around the principles of the utmost client care, having spent more than 25 years in the financial market and the last 14 in senior roles within this industry. Thus, he has been able to approach this role with the most impeccable dedication to success at his back, fostered by the depth and breadth of financial planning knowledge that he has accumulated over a long and successful career. Clients, therefore, can trust he and his team will always have their best interests in mind, and be recommending only the best wealth planning solutions. A robust team with solid legal knowledge, helps XP Private customers to re-examine wealth. It helps clients to re-examine wealth and to take a closer look at it as a concept, allowing them to see how money is just a puzzle piece in the wider strategic game that ‘wealth’ involves. Thus, by encouraging them to see wealth in this way, it can cultivate healthier, more comprehensive and holistic ways of managing it, expanding beyond money to look at heritage, family, generational wealth, perpetuation, preservation, and all manner of other considerations. With issues such as planning, taxation, and asset protection in mind, it wishes to help families assemble their ‘inheritance puzzle’ in order to ensure that future generations are provided for. Nominally, its family holdings services are thus May22295 lauded as utterly exemplary, with basic, structural, and fundamental concepts of wealth planning forming the pillars upon which the rest of the department is built so that these excellent core concepts are a constant. Working in a modern, comprehensive, and diligent manner for its high-net-worth clients, its staff have all made themselves invaluable talents and power players in their own rights, launching XP Private as a company into the international spotlight to become one of the foremost wealth management services on the market. Thus, despite the challenges of the pandemic – including various new taxation challenges such as tax reform in Brazil – it has dedicated itself to ensuring the outcome for its customers is greater tax efficiency with its dedication, long-term mindset, and ability to see both bigger picture and the details. With a rising interest in offshore structures, a renewed interest in diversification, and a market focused more on savings and living abroad, it is more determined than ever to keep up with the changing demands of its clients – and it promises that it will remain staunchly by their side every step of the way. Company: XP Private Contact: Renato Folino Website: xpprivate.com