W&F Q3 2022

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 12 Wealth & Finance International - Q3 2022 Best SME IT Service Provider - Southern Ontario Providing IT services and solutions to the small and medium sized businesses marketplace, Maverick Gardner works in enterprise-grade solutions for such clients, taking great pride in giving them access to the same level of information technology services as the titans of industry they exist alongside. In essence, it delivers value-added solutions, becomes a true partner to its clients with its empathic and invaluable work, and follows established, reliable security standards that allow it to be as reliable as it is effective. Having found its feet in 2012 with serving smaller or more grassroots businesses with information technology security systems that put them in a better place to compete with their larger peers, Maverick Gardner has made a name for itself by being customer-led and personable. Nominally, by keeping the individual at the heart of its business, it promises to help an SMB to maintain their security, business continuity, and versatility in an ever-changing IT environment, using its own dedication to adaptability and flexibility to ensure that its clients’ systems are ready for the inclusion of the latest innovations and for any challenges the market might throw at them. Its founder and CEO, Christopher Germain, has committed himself and his business to these goals since its inception. Fundamentally, he built Maverick Gardner to close the gap before it widens even further, as he and his company are cognisant of just how fast the changes to the digital solutions market are evolving; with new and bold measures being brought out daily, Maverick Gardner has made itself an expert in keeping pace. Established, reliable, and trusted, it aligns expertise, leading and cutting-edge technology, and accountability in order to deliver an unrivalled MSP solution. Its ‘security first’ MSP approach, in essence, helps it succeed in its goal to ‘close the gap’ by being responsible and secure, with a team of highly trained and certified IT professionals behind it at every turn. These professionals have ensured that the systems and services it has built are impeccably developed and executed at every turn, each of whom have a high level of experience within a wide range of industries that allow Maverick Gardner to present a fully holistic service, emboldened by diverse knowledge. Clients, importantly, directly benefit from this. The most obvious way this is shown is in its core values, each of which clients laud as a reason for just why Maverick Gardner is such a delight to work with. May22322 Nominally, it is thoroughly accountable; Maverick Gardner believes that in order to truly put a client first, one must accept responsibility for all one’s actions and decisions, fostering accountability between itself and the client as well as within its team in order to maintain a healthy working environment for its staff. This is tempered by its optimism. Maverick Gardner firmly believes in the excellence of its staff, and is incredibly proud of the work they do, affording them all the trust and support they need to remain authentic, respectful, and loyal to the company’s vision of helping smaller companies get the leg up they need. After all, with the emerging digital paradigm firmly settling in to stay after the pandemic, more industries are online than ever before, and this presents a unique opportunity to small and medium firms. Maverick Gardner believes that now is a fantastic time to level the playing field somewhat between larger companies and the more undiscovered gems, especially as the importance of the high street has all but died out completely. Therefore, it dedicates itself to helping them take this opportunity for all it’s worth by giving them access to strong business continuity, an unshakable security posture, and immense digital preparedness, allowing them to be ready for anything that may come their way in the everchanging and dynamic new epoch. Moreover, it doesn’t believe in ‘competing’ with its peers. When it comes to cybersecurity and making sure today’s businesses are protected, it hopes to lead from the front with its attitude that the only true competition in this sector is cybercrime and the cybercriminals perpetrating it; there is no need for security firms to compete, and every need for collaboration. Indeed, with the rate the technology grows and develops, every move that the cybersecurity makes is mirrored by that of cybercrime, and so it is imperative that cybersecurity experts work together in order to share knowledge and benefit the world at large. It has used this attitude to build a strong network of peers, allies, and friends, leveraging such partnerships to engage in all manner of training programmes and knowledge sharing relationships. Additionally, it has been able to empower its own employees by giving them access to these, ensuring that as the threats to its clients evolve, so do its own services, staff, and internal culture, with its core values forming a strong foundation upon which this future can be built. It qualified its clients through a minimum-security threshold audit in order to ensure that a clientprofessional relationship would be right for the client and Maverick Gardner, and the resulting transparency that it sets up right from the beginning follows a client throughout. This honesty is a huge part of what has made it such an invaluable voice in the cybersecurity world, as it operates by opening communicative and detailed lines of discourse between itself and the client. Critically, by giving them all the relevant information on what exactly its services will offer and how it will be of use, creating a roadmap to innovation and development that considers the moves of the wider industry. Having encountered a variety of challenges throughout the pandemic that have presented it with both opportunity and sticking point alike, Maverick Gardner has truly emerged stronger than ever. As it moves forward into its third quarter of 2022, it is excited to announce that the recent growth and development it has been underdoing has allowed it to reinvest in its company in order to offer branding and operational help to its clients, aiding them through the time of tumult that has made a lasting impression on the global business world. Therefore, it will be using this achievement to go on to bigger and better things, and hopes to bring its clients, partners, and peers along with it into a bright future. Company: Maverick Gardner Contact: Christopher Germain Website: maverickgardner.com