W&F Q3 2022

Wealth & Finance International - Q3 2022 21 Most Innovative Financial Ultra-Low Latency Trading Technology Solutions 2022 Joining forces, Exegy and Enyx have revolutionized FPGA technology in the financial markets. Here we speak to Co-President and CTO of Exegy, David Taylor, and Co-Founder of Enyx, Laurent de Barry, about the firm’s harmonious combination, which has created a business that is powering the future of investing. Established in 2011, Enyx has been making its mark on the financial services industry through its ground-breaking use of field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology. “From the get-go we were all FPGA experts, and we had an understanding that the technology had potential in the finance industry,” says Enyx CoFounder Laurent de Barry. “We started working with customers on issues that they had with highperformance networks, and then we joined the main focus of the industry, which is how to deal with the volume of data and how we can alleviate the most challenging issues they face. “We created solutions that would enable less sophisticated businesses to join the latency race,” de Barry said. “We did this by developing the first and only development tool kit for customers to be able to take their own project and develop an application in a market which is really competitive.” Transparency about product performance has been key to Enyx’s success, de Barry says. “We are in an industry where everything we do is extremely technical, and we found ourselves fighting against numbers that had no context or base. This is why we try to be as transparent as possible.” Exegy, the St. Louis-based company that acquired Enyx this year, shares those values, as well as the drive to improve performance in the financial technology space. David Taylor, Co-President and CTO of Exegy, has been with the firm for 17 years. He says the company’s origins grew out of research into FPGA-enhanced computer networking at Washington University. Exegy CEO Jim O’Donnell, an original investor in the company, has more than 40 years’ experience in financial services, including 14 years as a vice president at Goldman Sachs. His recruitment of technical leaders from Bridge Trading, a pioneering electronic trading company based in St. Louis, formed the core of Exegy’s drive to bring high-performance, high-speed capabilities to the financial services industry. “If you look at the work Exegy has done with FPGA technology, with AI, with service automation technology, you see a similar ethos to Enyx,” Taylor says. With the combined company’s portfolio of highperformance technology, AI-enhanced predictive technology, service automation, and a premier global services team, the combination of Enyx and Exegy provides a framework for businesses that want to run smoothly, quickly, and without limits. This is one of the key differentiators for the partnership. The creative and dedicated team ensures the best experience for the customer, through their deep knowledge of FPGA technology and attention to excellence. “What we do is hard, but we make it reliable,” de Barry says. “The finance industry is a very demanding industry and we can’t do wrong. We have to be high performance with high reliability. Clients see Enyx as an entity that can be trusted, and they feel as though it is part of their own teams.” Taylor says the core of the company is excellence in engineering. “The engineers like to see their work being used and the services teams in Asia, the EU, and the US are driven to ensure the customer has an exceptional experience,” he says. The continuing challenge for the combined company is staying ahead of the curve during tumultuous times. “All businesses are wrestling with a changing business environment as a result of COVID, as well as macro-economic uncertainty due to wars and other tensions,” Taylor says. That uncertainty fueled volatility that tested financial firms’ infrastructure. “The volatility on the market got out of whack,” de Barry says. “We had customers that we had worked with in the past that were well equipped and had a smooth-sailing operation, and they had some real pain points keeping up with what the market was doing. After the COVID phase, the dialogue with customers was easier and it became more of a partnership.” Asked about the combined company’s plans going forward, Taylor says it all starts with those client partnerships. “It’s about fulfilling our vision of being the most trusted and capable partner for our clients to deliver these intelligence-ready trading solutions.” With how it is “powering the future of investing,” it is clear to see why Enyx has now won Most Innovative Financial Ultra-Low Latency Trading Technology Solutions 2022. This award is a testament to its founders’ vision, the team’s hard work – and the potential of the Exegy-Enyx synergy going forward. Contact: Jacqueline Genow Company: Enyx Web Address: http://www.exegy.com/ https://www.enyx.com/ Jun22640