W&F Q3 2022

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 22 Wealth & Finance International - Q3 2022 Supply Chain Pioneers! The world is moving faster than ever before, and the team at eBiashara Africa have made it their mission to help. With double-awards success in Wealth and Finance International’s Cyber Security Awards 2022 where the team were named Cyber Security Specialists of the Year 2022 - East Africa and earned the Excellence Award in Supply Chain Technology Solutions 2022, it’s little wonder so many have turned to them. We take a closer look to find out more. Technology has empowered so many to achieve business objectives beyond their wildest dreams. The team at eBiashara Africa have proven themselves capable of defining, building and testing solutions in a short timeframe that have revolutionised the way in which their clients operate. Since opening their doors, the team have focused on providing ways of working that have had a transformative effect on the way in which many have seen the supply chain. It’s not enough simply to use technology anymore – it’s vital that the design process take into account the ability to adapt to future challenges and to scale according to the position of an organisation. Having this flexibility is how the team have been able to guarantee reliable solutions that work for businesses. Recently, the eBaishara Africa team have moved toward helping businesses to adopt new technologies such as cloud computing and to take advantages of AWS services. These innovations have transformed numerous businesses, offering solutions that are affordable at a level of quality that is second to none. Over the years, the team have been able to work with a wealth of different clients in a host of industries. Each has brought unique challenges, and each has had to be overcome using incredible ingenuity. The ability of the firm to understand the scope and needs of each individual business has allowed them to thrive in difficult times. It’s not enough to offer a one-size-fits-all solution, because no two businesses are the same. That said, the results offered by the team almost universally offer an ability to move swiftly in challenging times. Often, the team at eBiashara Africa has been able to offer support which has saved clients a great deal of money as well as providing a more efficient way of working for all concerned. The comprehensive nature of the eBiashara Africa team’s solutions has brought the team incredible success over the years. They are trusted to deliver truly impressive results. By working in fields including e-commerce, supply chain financing, managed services, ERP Consultancy and cloud computing, they are able to provide a way forward that is without parallel. Those who want to stay ahead of the crowd, stay with the team from eBiashara Africa. When we look to the future of the supply chain, we look to firms that can deal with the latest challenges facing economies around the world. The team at eBiashara Africa know better than most that to overcome modern challenges requires a modern attitude. Their solutions have gained traction around the world. We celebrate their breath-taking achievements and look forward to what they do next. Company: eBiashara Africa Name: Naomi Njoki Email: [email protected] Jul22132