W&F Q4 2022

Wealth & Finance International - Q4 2022 7 Best Investment Property Specialists - NSW 20 years back, the research methodology that underpins Calla Property Pty Ltd, an accessible Australian property investment firm, was created. The company works closely with its clients to bring their dreams to life, and as a result, it has cultivated a highly diverse clientele. Join us as we speak to Managing Director, Susan Farquhar, and learn more about the innovative business. Over the course of two decades, Susan Farquhar has devised an effective research methodology that is used to identify impeccable properties for investors based on their specific wealth creation strategies. Since 2014, Calla Property has helped 100s of clients to create robust and diverse property portfolios that typically amass three to six properties within the first five years. The company name CALLA stands for the people in my family who support me in business and life,’ explains Susan. ‘It was the first core value as it was a daily reminder, that if I wouldn’t recommend a property to my family, then I couldn’t recommend it to an investor. Many of my clients have become like family and just last week, one of my investor couples, who have invested in 4 properties in just 3 years, sent me and my team a video of their first dance at their wedding.’ Henceforth, this value has not only become a fundamental factor in Susan’s mission, but it has also strongly impacted the way in which Calla Property operates. The company is guided by a motto that Susan created – ‘Building Your Dreams’ – and this simply explains why the company does what it does. It begins with the client’s vision, and then it works to achieve this for the client. In order to effectively match its clients’ goals, Calla Property analyses 100s of data points that direct it to the ‘right property, in the right place, at the right time.’ Beginning with economic data, Calla Property ensures that it asks a range of questions: Is the economy strong and diversified? Who are the major employers and what are their short, medium and long-term goals in regard to growth and diversification? Additionally, it looks at employment, particularly in terms of unemployment rates and how they compare to other regions. Then Calla Property shifts into analysing the population and demographic trends, potential infrastructure projects in the area, and money supply. Susan explains this process, stating that, ‘the naissance of this research was due to me investing Aug22548 in the wrong properties when I was in my 20s. We often hear that you will always make money out of property, however what I didn’t understand is that if you don’t have the cashflow to support it, you will never be able to hold onto the property for long enough to realise strong capital growth.’ Supported by this approach, the company provides its clients with an unmatched service. Most of Calla clients are ordinary Australians with average incomes, subverting the stereotype of only wealthy people having property portfolios. Its clients range from 23 to 84 years of age, with some using the service to get their start in life and some using it as an investment for their retirement. For example, the company’s oldest client, an 84-year-old man, used his retirement funds to invest debt-free in a high cash-flow property that netted seven times what he was earning from his pension funds. The company’s team play an integral role in the success of the business; the staff ensure that the business runs smoothly. In just 15 months, the team has grown from one person to 11, with employees spanning two countries and two Australian states, and as a result, they work entirely remotely. Therefore, it is imperative that the company maintains a strong and cohesive internal culture. It has accomplished this through technological innovation – including the development of a platform of integrated apps that aid communication, automation, workflows, checklists, templates, alerts, and reporting. In turn, there is a greater standard of accountability and there has been an increase in efficiency, meaning that meetings are shorter and more focused and that there is more time for connection. Susan has great hopes for Calla Property’s future: ‘next year, I’ll be able to hand over the day-today operations of the company and I will focus on building more offerings to our clients. This will include new product types to invest in, more education and more research. Next year, will see another year of growth where I expect to double the team and continue to add value to a property platform I’m developing.’ Indeed, Calla Property will continue its purpose of ‘Building Your Dreams’ for both its clients and employees. Contact: Susan Farquhar Company: Calla Property Pty Ltd Email: mailto:[email protected] Web Address: www.callaproperty.com.au