W&F Q4 2023

Nov22526 Q4 2o23 Wealth & Finance Jul23111 Best Cross-Chain Asset Control Blockchain Platform 2023 - UK In the current era, it’s not uncommon for individuals to relinquish control of their data to third party entities. Even those who aren’t well versed in the digital sphere have become abundantly aware of the potential risks, leaving a vast majority of the general population unsure of where to turn. Our digital identities require self-managing, and it’s this vein in which NES.TECH proudly operates. Since its inception in 2017, right on the cusp of the birth of a primarily online lifestyle, it has placed immense focus on addressing, and ultimately solving, issues pertaining to selfsovereign digital identity, data security, asset management, and distributed economy facilitation. To both improve and optimise, it’s vital for distributed technologies to possess steadfast solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing problems. Only then can their potential be fully realised. Having recognised this over six years ago, NES.TECH has been doing things a little differently to the competition. It deems itself as personally responsible for the delivery of unique solutions that are both considerate and safe, all whilst adhering to implementation approaches that have a proven track record of success. NES.TECH is committed to acting as a trusted assistant in any individual’s digital journey, and utilises its platforms to place the power back into the hands of the people. Now, NES.TECH is highly regarded as an entity that has successfully traversed the fine line between setting global standards, whilst also remaining wholly genuine and committed to its clients’ protection. Despite claiming that it’s ‘only getting started’, NES.TECH has already mastered the art of forging true distributed authentication, exchange, and ownership capabilities. Combined with its presence in seven countries, with offices located in some of the world’s major cities, NES.TECH has coalesced a comprehensive team that is able to analyse worldwide changes in blockchain technology. As such, it has secured a dependable nature, upon which a vast amount of individuals already rely. However, to truly understand the depth of NES.TECH’s commitment to altering the way in which cross-chain asset control blockchain management is carried out, we must take a look at its first, and only, hybrid platform of its kind - TOB®. Just one of many of NES.TECH’s one of a kind technologies, TOB® is a hyper secure, privacy first infrastructure that has been specifically crafted to mimic the speeds at which we think. TOB® is wholly unique, and represents the very essence of NES.TECH – innovation, operating in tandem with incomparable features that know no equal. Whether it’s being utilised by users, developers, or enterprises, its ability to introduce decentralisation to each helps it to maintain an invaluable standing. Pertaining to cross-chain technology, wherein data and tokens can be transferred between blockchains, one can’t ignore the Web3 and Web5 landscapes. These are rapidly becoming multi-chain entities, and yet TOB® is capable of exceeding its requirements. As detailed by NES.TECH itself – “TOB® is the ethereal connecting layer, already exceeding requirements for Web3 or Web5 and future infrastructure.” NES.TECH is inarguably doing things far differently, to greater effect, and is incredibly proud of its ability to distinguish itself in a more effective manner. In short, TOB® embodies NES.TECH’s eye for creating secure and speedy crosschain asset control blockchain platforms – something for which the collective is now widely known. At its heart, ensuring that asset management is wholly userled is what NES.TECH ultimately strives for. It looks to put the ownership back into the hands of the individual through the most effective, industry defining means possible, resulting in a variety of comprehensive platforms that wholly honour the safety of an individual’s data assets. Its dynamic approach to asset control stands as a testament to this – though its processes are stringent in terms of the protection that they offer, by providing user-led blockchain control, owners can engage with their data in a more versatile way than ever before. In addition, NES.TECH also offers one of the first confidentially controlled self-sovereign decentralised ID systems, supported by bespoke distributed ledger technologies. In short, NES.TECH is at the forefront of realising the full potential of cross-chain asset control, and is consistently honing its blockchain platforms to best serve the needs of clients throughout the digital sphere. It forms a robust bridge between ownership control of both on chain and off chain identification, provenance, exchange, and engagement activities, all whilst ensuring that each process is quantum-proof secured through splintered cryptography. To complete its string of excellence, NES.TECH has gone above and beyond to ensure that each platform is light enough to seamlessly run on mobile devices, allowing it to act as the face of the future. Boasting a unique, decentralised, and user-led positioning, with a catalogue of over 100 first-of-its-kind features, NES.TECH has quickly established itself as the most trustworthy companion for any cross-chain, digital asset management, and blockchain journey. Its privacy centric approach sets it apart as a simply invaluable tool in any user’s digital toolkit, with its speedy solutions and astounding capabilities far surpassing anything that the industry has seen thus far. Though it’s largely a collective that’s focused on delivering the most comprehensive solutions to its clients, what makes it truly unique is the unwavering commitment that is displays both behind and beyond the scenes. For NES. TECH, innovation never stops, and it’s this mindset that has placed it in an award-winning position time and time again. Contact: Charles Anderson Company: NESTECH Web Address: nes.tech Upon recently entering what most are dubbing ‘the digital age’, our data – namely the ways in which it is used – is worth more than it ever has been before. In light of this, many find themselves questioning just how secure their data is, and how to better gain control over it. From this need, NES.TECH was born. Established in 2017, NES.TECH has since revolutionised real world digital identity, asset, and exchange control through its integral blockchain features and infrastructures. Below, we explore NES. TECH’s platforms in more detail, and how they have played a part in reshaping the cyberspace.