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Editor’s Comment Welcome to the Q4 edition of Wealth & Finance International magazine. As always, with every issue we endeavour to provide fund managers, alongside institutional and private investors with the very latest industry news in the traditional and alternative investment spheres. As the end of 2023 nears, it comes time to reflect on the successes and challenges of the past 12 months. While ongoing hurdles include fee pressure, the cost of living crisis, and inflation, there is also a lot to be feeling really positive about in the world of finance. From the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain; to the growth of fintech in the form of mobile banking, peer-to-peer lending, and cryptocurrency exchanges; to the increasing focus on sustainability; to the changing demographics of investors and consumers, with millennials becoming the largest generation in the workforce; to the increasing globalisation of financial markets allowing access to a wider range of investment opportunities than ever before, the industry is thriving and it is an exciting time to be a part of it! As such, we are delighted to be showcasing our cutting-edge award-winning enterprises who are truly evolving with the industry and defining the future of finance, whether a payment solution startup, crosschain asset control blockchain platform, crypto and fintech information platform, cryptocurrency charity, and more. I hope you enjoy exploring their success stories and that you have a prosperous end to the year. In the meantime, I look forward to welcoming you back again for our Q1 2024 issue. Rebecca Scotland, Editor AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

News - Chorley-based Panache Cruises sets sail for £60m turnover with help from Rosebud - Autumn Statement comments from Richard Godmon, Tax Partner at Menzies LLP, one of the UK’s leading accountancy and strategic advisory firms 6. Cryn: Cryptocurrency Charity of the Year 2023 7. My-Money: Best Payment Solution Startup 2023 - Italy 8. Nikulipe: Most Innovative Local Payments Method Service 2023 9. Create Africa Capital: Best Emerging Markets Venture Capital Fund 2023 10. NESTECH: Best Cross-Chain Asset Control Blockchain Platform 2023 - UK 12. Kanalcoin: Best Crypto & FinTech Information Platform 2023 – South East Asia 13. Melaaha Drones: Best Drone Pilot Training Company 2023 - Middle East & Best Drone Sport Activity 2023 - Middle East 14. Winterberry Group: Best M&A and Growth Strategy Consultancy 2023 - Northeast USA 16. UK Export Finance unveils extra support for SME exporters Contents

Chorley-based Panache Cruises sets sail for £60m turnover with help from Rosebud NEWS Award winning luxury cruise retailer Panache Cruises has set out plans to achieve ambitious growth targets following backing from Rosebud Finance, Lancashire County Council’s business loans vehicle delivered by GC Business Finance. Award winning luxury cruise retailer Panache Cruises has set out plans to achieve ambitious growth targets following backing from Rosebud Finance, Lancashire County Council’s business loans vehicle delivered by GC Business Finance. Founded by James Cole, Panache Cruises started trading in 2020 during the pandemic with the long-term vision to capitalise on the growing market over the next 5-10 years. The Lancashire company secured an initial £300k investment from Rosebud in 2021 to facilitate a site move, followed by an additional £200k in 2022 to supercharge marketing efforts and achieve growth ambitions. Since receiving the funding, Panache Cruises’ sales figures have jumped from £6m in its first year to over £20m in its third. Capitalising on that growth trajectory, the company has taken steps to expand its global presence, establishing teams in the USA and Spain. Panache Cruises has invested significantly in its team during this time to accommodate this fast growth, taking it from an initial group of 12 individuals to now surpassing 50. Earlier this year, the business received national recognition for its commitment to skills and development, winning the top small business award at the 2023 Best Workplaces in Travel Awards, and more recent recognition includes James being awarded the national Peter Grant award for his Contribution to the Cruise Industry, as well as ‘Best Online Agent’ at the 2023 Wave Awards. Panache Cruises was also recognised in early November 2023 by the UBS Fast Growth 50 as the fastest growing business in the North of England. The business has also recently completed a £1m refurbishment of its Chorley office. The refurb utilised materials used in ships as part of the rebuild, marking a first for the commercial property sector. As part of its expansion efforts, Panache Cruises has introduced a personal concierge service tailored to the needs of its international clients. The company is focused on leveraging its personalised 1-2-1 service to drive increased sales. Looking ahead, Panache Cruises has forecasted a turnover of £60 million by 2027 and has plans to employ more than 100 apprentices by 2030. James Cole, founder of Panache Cruises, said: “The success of Panache Cruises to date has been beyond our expectations and that wouldn’t have been possible without the backing from Rosebud. “The strategic support that Jonathan and the team gave us has been brilliant and the results speak for themselves. Not only have we supercharged our growth internationally, but also grown our team of talented connoisseurs considerably over the last three years with a laser focus on local talent. I look forward to continuing this relationship as we continue to innovate and grow as a business.” Jonathan Nelson, fund manager at Rosebud, said: “It’s encouraging to see Panache Cruises’ continuous expansion, from its beginnings during the pandemic to its current status as a globally renowned brand. While Panache Cruises has established itself as an international brand, its roots remain firmly in Lancashire. The company’s Chorley headquarters has also played a pivotal role, actively engaging with and contributing to the local community. “The business has an exciting few years ahead of it, with no indications of growth slowing down.” Councillor Aidy Riggott, Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Growth at Lancashire County Council, added: “Panache Cruises is one of those remarkable success stories that demonstrates the true ingenuity and innovation of the Lancashire business sector. In light of this, Rosebud’s significance in advancing expanding companies cannot be overstated. In addition to helping these business owners, the funding has encouraged job creation and general economic growth in our area, positioning Lancashire as the best location for business expansion”. Q4 2023 Wealth & Finance

UK Export Finance unveils extra support for SME exporters NEWS UKEF announces new products and partnerships to enhance international trading opportunities at the export credit agency’s annual customer conference • The government’s export credit agency has announced new measures to help small businesses access more exporting opportunities than ever at its annual conference • Addressing up to 1,000 business leaders and industry delegates, the Minister for Exports revealed that UKEF can now fast-track applications for competitive trade finance worth up to £10 million – double the previous limit Export Finance (UKEF) announces today at its annual conference that it is introducing more flexible, fast-track financing for small businesses – making it easier than ever for UK firms to sell in international markets. More fast-track funding for small UK exporters The export credit agency has expanded its ‘auto-inclusion’ scheme which provides fasttrack access to trade finance products like the General Export Facility. This means that small businesses can now access more governmentbacked credit more quickly without manual intervention from UKEF. The maximum support which UKEF can offer under auto-inclusion has doubled from £5 million to £10 million, meaning that UK exporters can access more support with a simple request through a participating bank. This is a boost for small businesses, which have already unlocked over £280 million in financing through the fast-track scheme since it was unveiled in 2021. The maximum tenor for loans under the General Export Facility has also increased from two to five years, giving businesses more flexible repayment terms where most needed. New ‘invest-to-export’ product secures investment supporting over 2,000 jobs UKEF has announced its first ever ‘Investto-Export’ loan guarantee, securing a major overseas investment in North-East England. Helping South Korean manufacturer SeAH Steel Holding to build a wind technology factory in Teesside, this UKEF-backed financing will support more than 1,500 jobs in the UK supply chain as the factory creates major opportunities for suppliers small and large. This first use of the ‘invest-to-export’ EDG product heralds the availability of more funding to support businesses investing in new UK export opportunities. Tim Reid, CEO at UK Export Finance, said: “We’re proud to celebrate another successful year of supporting UK businesses. In speaking with our customers – and especially with small businesses – it’s clear that ease of accessing finance and flexibility in repayment terms make a big difference for firms wanting to export. “We’re confident that our announcements will unlock even more deals for UK firms looking to sell to the world, whether they’re exporting for the first time or looking for the latest in a long line of export successes.” New routes into major overseas markets Around 7,500 SMEs from the UK export to India, one of the UK’s closest trading partners. A new agreement between UKEF and HSBC India paves the way towards a financing programme to support UK exporters hoping to enter this market. The two organisations will today sign a Letter of Intent outlining their ambition to establish a financing programme under UKEF’s Standard Buyer Loan Guarantee (SBLG) programme. This would unlock up to £100 million in potential loans allowing Indian buyers to purchase UK goods and services. Commenting on the Letter of Intent, Stuart Tait, Head of Commercial Banking at HSBC UK, said: “HSBC UK has a strong relationship with UKEF, supporting British exporters to achieve their global ambitions. As one of the world’s leading international banks, we’re uniquely positioned to support the growth of trade and investment between India and the UK. We look forward to helping UK businesses tap into more opportunities – using our global network to bridge customers, cultures and economies.” Today’s conference includes speeches from UKEF’s CEO Tim Reid and Lord Malcom Offord, Minister for Exports, alongside senior leaders from major financial institutions and partner organisations. This follows the Autumn Statement yesterday, which unveiled that the government will offer additional support to help SMEs access global markets through UK Export Finance. 5.

6. Q4 2023 Wealth & Finance Cryptocurrency Charity of the Year 2023 As a rule, Cryn is dedicated to one crucial goal – to solve the emerging problems that have been created by society as a whole. From starvation, housing and education shortages, and a lack of protection for low income families, there has never been more of a need for individuals to recognise the changes that must be made. As such, it has dedicated itself to supporting initiatives that encourage the production of energy through compressed natural gas and electric power generation. By using capable equipment, such as aeroderivative turbines of varying capacities, this approach creates stable energy sources, all whilst reducing maintenance costs across the board. In short, Cryn acts as a voice for those who need someone to speak on their behalf. Be that the planet, or marginalised communities that aren’t being granted the same opportunities as others throughout the world, Cryn is determined to raise awareness of their pressing needs. It’s incredibly passionate about minimising the harmful impact of human beings, and uses its platform to propose solutions to very real problems. It doesn’t claim to have all of the answers, but the ones that it has forged are solely based on pragmatic and useful information that holds the potential to change the way in which we view our own actions. Another example, for instance, is its commitment to assisting native communities. Cryn prides itself on its support of the World Development Plan for Indigenous People – a project that’s focused on strengthening indigenous communities on a worldwide scale, without the outside world interfering with their beliefs and values. According to Cryn, for too long have politics and governments overseen the ways in which indigenous communities operate. In response to this, it has placed its focus on promoting the value, identities, and traditions of these communities, granting them the chance to restore their everimportant generational teachings. As expected of such a selfless collective, Cryn is devoted to spending its future expanding upon the foundations of assistance that it has built. It promises to continuously empower those who are typically overlooked, and has its sights set on providing as much help as possible. Whether this appears in the form of offering food, shelter, or education, Cryn holds an admirable determination that’s undeniably refreshing to witness from a larger collective. Never acting out of obligation, Cryn has defined itself as a charitable organisation that is hopeful for the future, and we’re looking forward to seeing its impact in the coming years. Contact: Alejandro Jimenez Bustamante Company: Cryn Web Address: https://cryncoin.io/ Born from the need to try and resolve some of the largest problems that the world is currently facing, Cryn is actively seeking to forge a better world. Focused on providing equal opportunities for every individual, regardless of their status or standing, it has developed a resolute synergy with the ONGs it works alongside, all in the hopes that it can assist in project revision and discovering the best possible solutions for the people. Join us as we explore how it offers a variety of investment opportunities with high rates of return to clients across the globe.

Q4 2023 Wealth & Finance 7. Aug23551 Best Payment Solution Startup 2023 - Italy My-Money is a pioneering, device-free payment system that relies on biometrics to make transactions secure and simple. Simply using biometrics, clients will be able to pay for goods or services, and experience the euphoria of freedom, and the safety of a biometric system that is known to be one of the safest on the global market. Imagine a world where card cloning, identity theft, and payment fraud no longer exists. How amazing would that be? Well, with My-Money this world is a lot closer than you think. The Italian company has patented a revolutionary new system that focuses on biometrics, making payments possible without devices. That means there won’t be any need to worry about having your phone charged as you can leave it at home. With My-Money, no one will be able to steal your identity because the system is based on your personal biometrics. It will be easy for all to use, with no technological barriers to overcome, allowing everyone to pay quickly anywhere and everywhere. Paying with biometrics is a natural gesture, easy to adopt, and the advantages will be multiple. No more queuing to enter the underground, or to enter the stadium. My-Money boasts the highest level of security on the market for payment systems and for area access. It can seamlessly adapt to any kind of biometric recognition to achieve this. Primarily the service will be aimed at B2B clients, with financial institutions heading up the pack. However, the company reach also extends to travel, leisure, transport, health, and smart cities. Thanks to the use of robust biometrics, there is no need for a physical medium to be present. “At our core, we aim to provide a secure, swift, and user-friendly payment system, eliminating the constraints of needing physical objects to transact.” Offering its services as a white label solution empowers partner organisations such as banks to handpick components, ensuring they seamlessly fit in with any existing infrastructure. This approach doesn’t just emphasize My-Money’s commitment to customisation, but also pinpoints its expertise in delivering specialised and agile SaaS solutions. My-Money has a strong belief that at the core of every successful business lies its people. It champions their talent, dedication, and collective power to sway the trajectory of an enterprise. To this end, it acknowledges that selecting employees is a strategic move that can make or break the future for an organisation. Foundational qualities the company wants to ensure are always present include a passion for the craft, and a deep investment in the work. This requires more than just skill, it requires heart. My-Money wants every individual to believe in the work, knowing it will shape a brighter future for generations to come. One of the biggest challenges the company faces is the sheer inertia shown by traditional banks when it comes to embracing change and innovation. They can be very slow to pivot, which is especially noticeable in an area where technological advancements are occurring at breakneck speed. If conventional financial operators do not integrate new technology promptly, they’re in danger of being left behind as businesses such as Meta, Amazon, and Apple rise to redefine and dominate the landscape. Considering the immediate future, My-Money has an ambitious strategic blueprint. It aims to expand internationally and solidify its footprint on the market. It aspires to be at the vanguard when it comes to reshaping the payments landscape. It is determined to make payments infallibly secure, and to simplify the payment process to make it super user friendly. At the core of its ventures is the principle of financial inclusion, as it deeply believes that everyone should have access to a safe and efficient financial system. My-Money has been recognised as the Best Payment Solution Startup 2023 – Italy in the FinTech Awards. Congratulations to the trailblazing company as it truly makes waves in the world of finance in new and distinctly cutting-edge ways. Company: My-Money Web Address: https://my-money.it Contact Name: Mara Vendramin

8. Q4 2023 Wealth & Finance Aug23072 Most Innovative Local Payments Method Service 2023 Hello, Mr. Breuss, you are Co-Founder of Nikulipe, a renowned expert for Local Payment Methods. Could you please elaborate more on what Local Payment Methods are? Local Payment Methods allow people to pay for online purchases when they cannot or don’t want to use a credit card. If you live in the US or parts of Europe, almost everybody has access to cards and can use them to shop online. But looking at it globally, in many regions of the world, only a small percentage of the population has access to cards and so LPMs are the only way for those customers to pay for goods and services bought online. Nikulipe is helping global e-commerce merchants to access those customers. So, what would be examples of Local Payment Methods? Examples of LPMs are wallets, online banking payment solutions, mobile money solutions, or buy-now-pay-later. Each country has a different mix of available and preferred payment methods, according to local habits but also technological availability. In China, more than 90% of all online payments are done with wallets like AliPay or WechatPay, in most Africa countries people pay with Mobile Money solutions like M-Pesa or Airtel Money, while in Europe online banking payment solutions are the preferred payment option. There are hundreds of relevant LPMs and this is why it needs experts like Nikulipe to manage and help global merchants to navigate through the complexities of them. What is the biggest benefit of Nikulipe and how do you differentiate from other market players? Nikulipe is focusing on countries and regions that are currently neglected and we enable consumers from fast-growing and emerging markets to take part in global e-commerce. We solve cross-border payment complexities and streamline access to LPMs for global merchants. We are not just offering the technical connection to those LPMs but we solve related complexities, including collection of funds, FX, reconciliation, and more with one API and one contract. This way, we open up opportunities for global ecommerce merchants to reach new consumers in those attractive, fast-growing markets easily and effortlessly. As a final question: Where do you see the biggest opportunities for global ecommerce merchants in the near future? There is an ongoing trend that more and more people shop goods and services online all across the globe. LPMs play a vital role in capturing these additional target groups even in established markets like Europe. In addition, there is an estimated potential of more than 2.5 billion people in emerging markets willing but not yet able to shop online. This includes parts of Asia and LATAM but especially Africa, with its 1.3 billion population of which 70% is younger than 30 years old. Internet and mobile infrastructure is rapidly improving in many of those emerging markets – still access to bank accounts and cards is still limited. This is why LPMs will play a vital role to access these additional market potentials, and by 2030, it’s predicted that more than twothirds of all global online payments will be done with LPMs. And Nikulipe is proud to be at the forefront of this mega trend. Contact Details Company: Nikulipe Website: www.nikulipe.com Nikulipe is a fintech company, specialized in providing global merchants access to Local Payment Methods (LPM). We speak to Frank Breuss, Co-Founder and CEO of Nikulipe, about new opportunities for global merchants to reach more customers in fast-growing and emerging markets. Taking local payments to the next level Press Kit

Q4 2023 Wealth & Finance 9. Best Emerging Markets Venture Capital Fund 2023 In the past, venture capitalists have been reluctant to invest in Africabased companies due to their concern about a variety of perceived risks. However, the region has recently become home to a growing number of successful start-ups, attracting more interest from investors. Currently, venture capital is playing an important role in the growth and maturation of Africa’s developing start-up ecosystem, serving as a source of financing for start-ups and small businesses that are unable to access funding from traditional sources like banks. As well as this, venture capitalists can provide entrepreneurs with valuable mentorship and resources since they often have extensive experience and networks. Aiming to facilitate the provision of venture capital to emerging businesses across Africa, Create Africa Capital delivers a range of services. This includes capital raising, asset allocation, institutional interface for philanthropic gifts, counsel on development of philanthropic strategy, negotiation of current business enterprises, execution of purchase and sale of major assets, and family office and wealth/investment education. Alongside these broad service offerings, Create Africa Capital has several different funds for its projects. Firstly, the company is currently in the process of raising money for the “Create Africa Capital Green Fund”, which will be focused on lithium mining and beneficiation (green and sustainable), gold processing (green and in compliance with the Minamata convention), and green agriculture (sustainable and innovative agricultural projects). Secondly, the “Create Africa Capital Tech Fund” aims to achieve capital appreciation by investing in software development companies, Based in Southern Africa, Create Africa Capital is an advisory and financial consulting company focused on the agriculture, technology, FinTech, mining, and alternative investment fund sectors, working on projects that span across the 16 Nation SADC region. By leveraging an insightful and enterprising approach, the company continues to demonstrate that potential, in the right hands, is limitless. technology start-ups, equipment vendors and distributors, fintech related enterprises, alternative Investment Fund Sectors, and businesses engaged in the design, manufacture, or sale of electronic components. With this fund, Create Africa Capital is constantly searching for various disrupting propositions. Lastly, the “Create Africa Capital General Fund” was created for equity investments in insurance, healthcare (specifically clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and diagnostics centres), logistics, and education (specifically early childhood development, primary education, and secondary education). Create Africa Capital was established by Founder and Director Boniface Dube, a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in the creation of several start-ups across the cannabis, technology, agribusiness, mining, finance, professional services, and professional sports industries. Having been educated at some of the world’s top universities, he is a highly qualified entrepreneur and is always searching for disrupting propositions. For its outstanding work, Create Africa Capital has received the title of Best Emerging Markets Venture Capital Fund in the FinTech Awards 2023. We offer our sincere congratulations to Boniface and his team at Create Africa Capital and wish them the best of luck in the years to come. Contact Details Contact: Boniface Dube Company: Create Africa Capital Web Address: createafricacapital.com

Nov22526 Q4 2o23 Wealth & Finance Jul23111 Best Cross-Chain Asset Control Blockchain Platform 2023 - UK In the current era, it’s not uncommon for individuals to relinquish control of their data to third party entities. Even those who aren’t well versed in the digital sphere have become abundantly aware of the potential risks, leaving a vast majority of the general population unsure of where to turn. Our digital identities require self-managing, and it’s this vein in which NES.TECH proudly operates. Since its inception in 2017, right on the cusp of the birth of a primarily online lifestyle, it has placed immense focus on addressing, and ultimately solving, issues pertaining to selfsovereign digital identity, data security, asset management, and distributed economy facilitation. To both improve and optimise, it’s vital for distributed technologies to possess steadfast solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing problems. Only then can their potential be fully realised. Having recognised this over six years ago, NES.TECH has been doing things a little differently to the competition. It deems itself as personally responsible for the delivery of unique solutions that are both considerate and safe, all whilst adhering to implementation approaches that have a proven track record of success. NES.TECH is committed to acting as a trusted assistant in any individual’s digital journey, and utilises its platforms to place the power back into the hands of the people. Now, NES.TECH is highly regarded as an entity that has successfully traversed the fine line between setting global standards, whilst also remaining wholly genuine and committed to its clients’ protection. Despite claiming that it’s ‘only getting started’, NES.TECH has already mastered the art of forging true distributed authentication, exchange, and ownership capabilities. Combined with its presence in seven countries, with offices located in some of the world’s major cities, NES.TECH has coalesced a comprehensive team that is able to analyse worldwide changes in blockchain technology. As such, it has secured a dependable nature, upon which a vast amount of individuals already rely. However, to truly understand the depth of NES.TECH’s commitment to altering the way in which cross-chain asset control blockchain management is carried out, we must take a look at its first, and only, hybrid platform of its kind - TOB®. Just one of many of NES.TECH’s one of a kind technologies, TOB® is a hyper secure, privacy first infrastructure that has been specifically crafted to mimic the speeds at which we think. TOB® is wholly unique, and represents the very essence of NES.TECH – innovation, operating in tandem with incomparable features that know no equal. Whether it’s being utilised by users, developers, or enterprises, its ability to introduce decentralisation to each helps it to maintain an invaluable standing. Pertaining to cross-chain technology, wherein data and tokens can be transferred between blockchains, one can’t ignore the Web3 and Web5 landscapes. These are rapidly becoming multi-chain entities, and yet TOB® is capable of exceeding its requirements. As detailed by NES.TECH itself – “TOB® is the ethereal connecting layer, already exceeding requirements for Web3 or Web5 and future infrastructure.” NES.TECH is inarguably doing things far differently, to greater effect, and is incredibly proud of its ability to distinguish itself in a more effective manner. In short, TOB® embodies NES.TECH’s eye for creating secure and speedy crosschain asset control blockchain platforms – something for which the collective is now widely known. At its heart, ensuring that asset management is wholly userled is what NES.TECH ultimately strives for. It looks to put the ownership back into the hands of the individual through the most effective, industry defining means possible, resulting in a variety of comprehensive platforms that wholly honour the safety of an individual’s data assets. Its dynamic approach to asset control stands as a testament to this – though its processes are stringent in terms of the protection that they offer, by providing user-led blockchain control, owners can engage with their data in a more versatile way than ever before. In addition, NES.TECH also offers one of the first confidentially controlled self-sovereign decentralised ID systems, supported by bespoke distributed ledger technologies. In short, NES.TECH is at the forefront of realising the full potential of cross-chain asset control, and is consistently honing its blockchain platforms to best serve the needs of clients throughout the digital sphere. It forms a robust bridge between ownership control of both on chain and off chain identification, provenance, exchange, and engagement activities, all whilst ensuring that each process is quantum-proof secured through splintered cryptography. To complete its string of excellence, NES.TECH has gone above and beyond to ensure that each platform is light enough to seamlessly run on mobile devices, allowing it to act as the face of the future. Boasting a unique, decentralised, and user-led positioning, with a catalogue of over 100 first-of-its-kind features, NES.TECH has quickly established itself as the most trustworthy companion for any cross-chain, digital asset management, and blockchain journey. Its privacy centric approach sets it apart as a simply invaluable tool in any user’s digital toolkit, with its speedy solutions and astounding capabilities far surpassing anything that the industry has seen thus far. Though it’s largely a collective that’s focused on delivering the most comprehensive solutions to its clients, what makes it truly unique is the unwavering commitment that is displays both behind and beyond the scenes. For NES. TECH, innovation never stops, and it’s this mindset that has placed it in an award-winning position time and time again. Contact: Charles Anderson Company: NESTECH Web Address: nes.tech Upon recently entering what most are dubbing ‘the digital age’, our data – namely the ways in which it is used – is worth more than it ever has been before. In light of this, many find themselves questioning just how secure their data is, and how to better gain control over it. From this need, NES.TECH was born. Established in 2017, NES.TECH has since revolutionised real world digital identity, asset, and exchange control through its integral blockchain features and infrastructures. Below, we explore NES. TECH’s platforms in more detail, and how they have played a part in reshaping the cyberspace.


12. Q4 2023 Wealth & Finance Jul23102 Best Crypto & FinTech Information Platform 2023 – South East Asia Those looking for the latest information on blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, fintech (financial technology), and other such services need look no further than Kanalcoin, a company which strives to keep users of its platform as up to date as possible on these ever-changing sectors. Chief among these useful offerings is a series of live tables, which present information on the currencies or companies which have experienced the top market cap, gains, or losses, with the current price, and changes in the 24 hours flashing green or red to indicate a rise or fall, respectively. In addition to this, the website’s extensive news section is divided into categories such as bitcoin, cryptocurrency, fintech, and crypto crime, with each section possessing a wealth of information in the form of articles and news stories. These see regular updates, and useful tools on the side of the page allow those using the site and scrolling for articles to see bitcoin’s current price and performance with a handy graph, as well as providing access to a conversion tool, to see how much bitcoin is worth in a variety of other worldwide currencies. A dedicated tweets section also allows for easy interaction with other members of the community, and notifications serve to guarantee that users never miss any updates. For those who may be interested in making a start within the cryptocurrency investment field, but are unsure exactly where to begin, the Kanalcoin platform can help. Thanks to a dedicated section providing insights into the industry through a plethora of channels, including cryptocurrency definitions and explanations more broadly, details on NFT, bitcoin mining, smart contracts, and more, those with little knowledge of the sector can soon become experts, learning the best possible investment for them based on a combination of their needs and current market figures. Digital investments are on the rise across the globe thanks to a spike in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, and they are becomingly increasingly sought after by members of the public and investors alike. Bitcoin is the most famous of these and is a term likely familiar to those with even only a very basic grasp of the industry. Cryptocurrencies have actually been around since the 1990s, but only in the last ten years have they experienced a boom and bled over into the mainstream. Although bitcoin is the most popular of such currencies, there are many available, and in the world today, approximately 1000 types of cryptocurrencies are circulating the market. Kanalcoin firmly believes that there are three types of these currencies that everybody should be familiar with, and the first of these is of course bitcoin, as the leading currency on the market, it experienced its heyday in 2017, peaking at a price of 1 bitcoin to 266 million Rp, or approximately £13,800. The second essential sort is altcoin, this is an acronym for “alternative coins”, and these are tokens or coins that often take the form of alternative versions of bitcoin, with a few minor tweaks here and there. Finally, “token” acts as the key word for transactions carried out within a smart contract, and these take the form of both physical and non-physical assets, such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Ultimately, the world of cryptocurrency and fintech can be a complicated one to begin to understand, but through Kanalcoin’s all-in-one digital solution, investors and prospective investors alike can enjoy the latest information, detailed guides on the different forms that investments can take, and useful tools designed to streamline the experience. For this wide range of reasons, Kanalcoin is more than worthy of being championed as the best platform of its kind in the area for 2023. Contact: Agung Prasasti Lio Company: Kanalcoin Web Address: www.kanalcoin.com Kanalcoin is the ultimate one-stop shop online information platform solution for all cryptocurrency and fintech needs, offering an array of services to those interested in the market, including news, insight, a breakdown of the different sorts of tokens and investments available, and even a new detailed directory page. With a simple and easy to navigate UI, visitors to the site can immediately garner all of the information that they need to stay up to date on industry happenings, with all the information that is published on this digital media platform being indexed by category, as to distinguish between news, information, and other services as straightforwardly as possible.

Q4 2023 Wealth & Finance 13. Best Drone Pilot Training Company 2023 - Middle East & Best Drone Sport Activity 2023 - Middle East Registered in the Emirate of Fujairah and the Emirate of Abudhabi, Melaaha Drones is approved by the Fujairah Emirate Civil Aviation (DCA) and the Abudhabi Emirate Department of Transport (DoT) to provide drone pilot training, drone maintenance and repair services, drone aerial mapping, aerial security surveillance, and the sale of drones and anti-drones. The company also offers commercial, industrial, and insurance inspections. Furthermore, having introduced drone sports to the UAE market, Melaaha Drones is proud to have been selected to begin building a UAE team in drone sports with the UAE aerosport federation as a member of the Drone Committee. Whilst it boasts a vast range of additional offerings, the primary goal of Melaaha Drones is to provide top-notch drone training courses to both professionals and hobbyists. The company hosts several different courses at a 1,700 square metre facility with examination rooms, offices, a simulation room, a briefing room, an indoor practical training area, a maintenance area for all kinds of drones, a data processing lab, and a Centre of Excellence (CoE). Firstly, Melaaha Drones provides an FPV course in which it equips participants with the skills and knowledge they need to fly an FPV drone. Its professional drone pilots will provide them with all the relevant know-how, educating them about everything from what an FPV drone is, what the GCAA UAV rules and regulations are, and how to build and maintain an FPV drone. They will also receive simulator and practical training for basic to intermediate flight skills. This course is great for those who are interested in drones and robotics, drone pilots and enthusiasts, photographers and filmmakers, RC hobbyists, and anyone who is interested in learning a new skill. Moreover, Melaaha Drones offers a drone operator (pilot) course for hobbyists. Lasting for 14 hours, it can be completed in two days. Participants will receive theoretical training through lectures and presentations, a simulation session to experience real life scenarios, and practical training in the flying field. In this, they will learn about GCAA UAV/UAS laws and regulations, the basic principles of flight, basic drone equipment and maintenance, basic flight simulator and practical training, and emergency identification. Once all course requirements have been completed and all theoretical and practical exams have been passed, participants will receive a pilot certificate, certified by the GCAA. Lastly, Melaaha Drones offers drone operator (pilot) courses that are designed for professionals and organisations. Lasting for 21 hours and completable within three days, it is structured in a similar way to the pilot course for hobbyists. However, the topics of education are more extensive, including GCAA UAV/UAS laws and regulations, the basic principles of flight, advanced drone equipment and maintenance, advanced flight simulator and practical training, emergency Based in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, Melaaha Drones is the only integrated drone training institute in its region, providing commercial, hobbyist, military, and STEM drone training. It was the first to be approved by the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority as an Air Traffic Organisation for drone training. Here, we dive deeper into the company’s offerings and the reasons behind is overwhelming success in the Management Consulting Awards 2023. identification and handling, and payload installation and utilisation. The pilot certificate, certified by the GCAA, will be issued to participants once they have completed all course requirements and passed the theoretical and practical exams. In its provision of all its services, Melaaha Drones is committed to quality, professionalism, and trust. The company uses high-quality drones that are equipped with the most amazing cameras, allowing breathtaking photos to be taken. As well as this, believing that its clients deserve the best, it hires certified photographers who take a professional approach to every project they work on. Furthermore, Melaaha Drones works hard to be trustworthy by keeping its promises. Its achievement of this can be seen in its impressive portfolio of testimonials from partners and clients. As a result of its outstanding accomplishments, Melaaha Drones has received two titles in the Management Consulting Awards 2023: Best Drone Pilot Training Company and Best Drone Sport Activity. Considering its impressive journey thus far, there is no doubt that the company looks towards a bright future, and we wish it the best of luck in all its endeavours. Contact: Mohamad Gholoom Company: Melaaha Drones Web Address: melaaha.ae

14. Q4 2023 Wealth & Finance Oct23130 Best M&A and Growth Strategy Consultancy 2023 - Northeast USA Leveraging decades of experience within the deepest realms of its expertise, Winterberry Group is a strategic management consultancy that has mastered the art of uniting strategy and execution. However, unlike some consultancies, generalisations simply don’t exist within Winterberry Group’s parameters. Defining itself as a specialist firm, this band of brilliant minds is able to tackle some of the most complex, and imperative, focuses to assist clients in reaching their desired level of growth. From advertising and marketing, to data, technology, and commerce, Winterberry Group cuts right to the heart of a company to devise the definitive growth solution for them. In fact, Winterberry Group is the only advisory and consulting firm throughout Northeast USA that is wholly dedicated to its specialities. From the moment it’s approach by a client, it will immediately get to work in understanding their business inside and out, as well as what their intentions and aims are. And, if a client isn’t too sure what the answer to these queries may be, Winterberry Group will help them find it. Its approach is one of intense collaboration, wherein it will delve into specifics to extract the strategies that best match the individual client. Winterberry Group is irrefutably adept in its ability to amplify what’s working for a company, and reconstruct what might not be. It’s this very nature that allows it to stand apart. The knowledge that Winterberry Group delivers to clients is nothing short of invaluable. With unprecedented speed and accessibility, its specialists manage to foster true transformations within a company. However, strategy can only get one so far, which is why Winterberry Group also promises seamless executions of devised plans. Once it has partnered with clients to identify the vital aspects of their business, it leverages its industry knowledge to help financial investors make considered, value-driven decisions. Everything that Winterberry Group does is for the benefit of the companies it works alongside, right down to the execution of their advantage granting strategies. Satisfaction only arises once Winterberry Group has seen results, and it’s determined to do whatever it takes to ensure that its advisors help them achieve said results in a timely, yet structured, manner. Having completed over 700 successful engagements, all whilst remaining true to its exclusively partner-led client engagement framework, Winterberry Group has been able to make quite the impact on the strategic growth industry. Empowered by its team’s breadth of expertise, spanning across all sectors of both past and present markets, it has learned exactly what does work, and what doesn’t. As such, it brings an informed point of view to the table – one that serves to support clients and keep them up to date with latest market developments. Combined with a genuine passion for problem solving and adopting a dynamic, yet specialised, approach, Winterberry Group has distinguished itself as a firm of professionals who have tirelessly worked to equip themselves with the hands-on experience required to bring growth to its clients. Contact: Katie MacDonald Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.winterberrygroup.com For any business, continuous growth is a constant pursuit that can often times feel like a minefield to navigate. Whilst it’s true that there are general consultancies that they could turn to, the chances of seeing tangible results are incredibly slim. After all, you wouldn’t task a practised poet with writing a multi-book novel saga – the same mentality applies to business growth. Why settle for a vague understanding of the steps that must be taken, when you can work alongside a specialist consultancy? Winterberry Group aims to be just that – a consultancy that delivers the specialist knowledge that growing businesses really deserve.

Q4 2023 Wealth & Finance 15. Autumn Statement comments from Richard Godmon, Tax Partner at Menzies LLP, one of the UK’s leading accountancy and strategic advisory firms UK SMEs overlooked SMEs are arguably the engine room of the economy, and it was particularly disappointing to see them largely left out of today’s statement despite the Government’s rhetoric around supporting UK SMEs. The sole pertinent announcement for these businesses is the extension of the frozen small business rates multiplier for another year, providing relief to independent high-street businesses. However, conversations with our SME clients have shown that the duration of this freeze is not enough to significantly improve their financial standing. Permanent tax breaks The Chancellor has made the ‘full expensing’ tax break permanent to incentivise business investment, hailing it as the ‘single most transformative move’ by the Government to drive productivity and growth. This is good news for large companies, especially in the manufacturing and construction sectors, as it provides stability for longer-term planning. However, the scope of this only benefits companies, leaving out unincorporated businesses, smaller high street establishments, pubs, restaurants, and self-employed individuals who play a crucial role in sustaining UK’s economy. The current setup also does not create a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. R&D tax relief The introduction of a single R&D scheme, in particular, was heralded as a measure to simplify R&D tax relief and encourage more claimants. In reality, this was a stealthy move by the Chancellor to further reduce the vital tax reliefs available to innovative SMEs. Loss-making SMEs have seen their effective tax credit repayments fall from 33.35% pre-1 April 2023 to 18.6% (if non R&D-intensive) and now further to 16.2% with these changes from 1 April 2024. There will still be two schemes - the new ‘single scheme’ and an additional scheme for R&D-intensive business - with many companies worse off than they would have been under the previous SME scheme. The good news is that the Government has at least recognised the value of R&D-intensive companies, who will receive a higher R&D tax credit rate. This higher rate will be open to some 5,000 more SMEs with the definition of R&D intensive being reduced from 40% to 30%. The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has delivered his Autumn Statement to Parliament earlier today, with an eye on unlocking business investment, rewarding effort and work, growing our economy and backing our businesses. Here, Richard Godmon, Tax Partner at Menzies LLP, shared his views on the key announcements made and the impact they will have on British businesses. National Insurance cuts There has been much chatter about tax cuts in the lead up to the Autumn Statement, and today the Chancellor lowered National Insurance rates for employees and abolished National Insurance for the self-employed. While this spells good news for employees, employer-side National Insurance contributions were not addressed – a move which would have had significant impact, especially given the increased National Living Wage which was also announced. Today’s cuts will be seen more widely as a preliminary step to a more significant reduction in the March Spring Budget as we warm up to the upcoming General Elections.

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