Retirement Planning Awards 2022 8 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Retirement Planning Awards APR2w2 With roots traced back to 1949, the Craufurd Hale Group is a Maidenhead based firm consisting of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers. Under this umbrella resides Craufurd Hale Wealth Management – a sector that provides independent wealth management and financial services. From estate planning to mortgages, and investments to financial services, Craufurd Hale Wealth Management endeavours to create bespoke financial solutions that are tailored to its clients’ needs and objectives. Taking a holistic approach, Craufurd Hale Wealth Management seamlessly combines independent wealth management services with financial planning, and through this, it is able to optimise the investment returns and minimise tax liabilities of its clients whilst seeking to avoid the potential for significant capital losses. Moreover, the firm works to find solutions that offer the best value for money, with the ultimate aim being to find the best possible outcome. From the start of the process to the end, Craufurd Hale Wealth Management works collaboratively with its clients in order to understand their investment and financial planning requirements. Indeed, Craufurd Hale Wealth Management ensures that it takes a client-centric approach. Its philosophy is based on the principle of great client service delivered in a friendly, approachable, professional, and timely manner. In essence, the client comes first, and the team should be willing to go above and beyond to create an exceptional customer experience. Henceforth, Craufurd Hale Wealth Management believes that great client care begins with its team. Furthermore, it ensures that clients have multiple contacts within the firm, as it is imperative that the client knows who is responsible for their financial services. The team consists of a range of backgrounds – some have been with the company for decades, honing their craft, whilst others are fresh faces with new ideas. As reflected across numerous testimonials, this mission has clearly been successful. Across For decades the Craufurd Hale Group has been serving clients, presenting efficient and personalised financial solutions to clients. Craufurd Hale Wealth Management, the most recent addition to the group, further showcases this devotion to clients. Backed by a skilled and highly-professional team, the firm provides a simple and easy way for clients to take control of their finances and wealth management. the board, the company receives positive reviews, from its excellent customer service to its transparency when handling projects. Mr P Melling commented, ‘I approached Craufurd Hale 18 months ago to simplify and consolidate my various pension pots. I feel that the advice that is shared with me is balanced and transparent, and I now have confidence in the control and Best Wealth Management Firm - Berkshire Feb22292 mechanics of my new arrangements. And I’m already seeing the benefits of the new arrangement in terms of visibility and value.” Contact: Haresh Raghwani Company: Craufurd Hale Wealth Management Web Address: