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Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Retirement Planning Awards 3 APR2w2 Content 4. Gahnic Services & Consulting: Most Innovative Benefits Management Consulting Firm - North America 5. Endurance Wealth Partners: Best Investment Management & Wealth Planning Firm - New York 6. Lifetime Retirement Income: Best Retirement Wealth Management Firm - New Zealand 7. Advies Wealth FCA Regulated Pension Specialists: Best Pension Review & Transfer Specialists - East Anglia 8. Craufurd Hale Wealth Management: Best Wealth Management Firm - Berkshire 4 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Retirement Planning Awards Gahnic Services & Consulting was created to be a provider of HR services that are focused on emergency and temporary relief in benefits management. Moreover, it acts as a trusted and transparent partner for organisations of all sizes that face a lack of resources to manage their pension plans, group insurance, and other benefits. Indeed, Gahnic Services & Consulting spawned from the shortage of labour that has consequently led to a lack of management for group insurance, pension plans, and other social benefits. Offering solutions tailored to its clients’ needs, expectations, and requirements, Gahnic Services & Consulting prides itself on its flexibility. It seamlessly combines technical expertise with business acumen and deep operational understanding to ensure the continuity of the client’s benefits policy during peak periods, of a leave of absence, or while awaiting successful completion of their vacant position. In addition, it greatly benefits from a background that is built upon an abundance of knowledge and understanding surrounding the industry – as such, this has culminated in a necessary starting point for a resolutely qualitative approach. Working primarily with medium and large-scale companies, Gahnic Services & Consulting cites the P. Drucker quotation, ‘the greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.’ Henceforth, the firm drives its clients to adapt, aiding them greatly through a specialist service. Working remotely, it is essential for the company to take a wholly client-centric approach, as this not only keeps present clients happy, but also draws more in. This has proven to be a great benefit over the past few years, particularly in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Such an emergency, followed by an extended period of turbulence, proved that Gahnic Services & Consulting was a necessary service and that there was, in fact, a place for it within the market. Gaining clients across North America, Providing on-demand expertise in employee benefits, Gahnic Services & Consulting boasts a unique position in the market. Overcoming numerous challenges in its lifetime, particularly the doubts of those who failed to understand its purpose, the company has proven its strength, determination, and durability. Henceforth, for Gahnic Services & Consulting, 2022 is set to be filled with abundance. Most Innovative Benefits Management Consulting Firm - North America Gahnic Services & Consulting guided them through the pandemic using three-to-15-month contracts at a low cost. Additionally, it offered them ‘agility, flexibility, innovation, and creativity’ through the means of remote VPN connections, VDI, outsourced virtual desktops, and customerprovided devices. Their clients provide the cuttingedge technology, and Gahnic provides them timely cutting-edge expertise. Sustainability was a core focus for Danielle Varela, the company’s founder, as she believed that it was imperative to find a way for the company to remain ahead of the curve. Alongside the prior points, Danielle resolved that ‘Agility, innovation, flexibility, [and] creativity,’ was the way forward. However, when initially investing into the company, she was ‘more focused on creativity than innovation.’ Yet these two words, Danielle states, could be synonymous – ‘they both imply a tolerance for ambiguity or unpredictability, a resistance to stress, a willingness to take appropriate risks and an interest in exploring the unknown.’ However, perhaps the primary source for Gahnic Services & Consulting’s success simply comes from a deep-rooted belief in the company. Commenting that ‘many people did not believe in my project and thought that the way I wanted to offer my services was a real joke,’ Danielle’s determination and utmost confidence has clearly infused itself within the company, as after a year and a half, the firm is still here and is more successful than ever. “Receiving recognition as the Most Innovative Benefits Management Consulting Firm - North America-is rewarding. But the intangible and emotional value of this award is by far the most motivating aspect of this success,’’ states Danielle. Therefore, the future looks bright for Gahnic Services & Consulting. Supported by determination, faith, and a growing clientele, there are numerous paths for the company to follow, each one leading to a state of abundance and recognition. Consequently, Gahnic Services & Consulting has cultivated a plethora of plans – including the company’s focus on promoting its services and increasing its visibility in Quebec. ‘’We know that there will be uphill battles and that our objectives are ambitious, but we are confidently moving towards them. After all, Gahnic was born out of ambition: Think outside the box’’ Danielle states. Contact: Danielle Varela Company: Gahnic Services & Consulting Web Address: Jan22381

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Retirement Planning Awards 5 surprise, therefore, that the team often takes part in various races and runs for charity. When it comes to wealth, the team at Endurance Wealth Partners know how to make the most of the situation. We celebrate their incredible achievement and look forward to seeing more people take advantage of their amazing service. Company: Endurance Wealth Partners Name: Ari Baum Email: [email protected] Web Address: For first generation, self-made millionaires, the challenge should never be “How do I become richer?” but should be “What can I do to secure these opportunities for my children, and my children’s children?” Wealth, once found, is so easily lost. It takes a clear vision of the future to ensure that financial success is not a flash in the pan, but a sustainable attitude. The ability to offer such a vision is what sets the team at Endurance Wealth Partners apart. With clients who are self-made, and who do not have a long history of having wealth, the work that the Endurance Wealth Partners team does is vital. They prepare these clients for the various curveballs that life will throw their way. Often, decisions are made from an emotional perspective as opposed to a factual one. Their Q4 formula that lies at the heart of how Endurance Wealth Partners operates removes this emotion and empowers clients to lean into the difficulties of even the most oppressive adversity. When it comes to retirement, the advisors at Endurance Wealth Partners make sure that it doesn’t feel like a major shift at all for their clients. They have what they like to call a virtual paycheck program that moves money from a healthy portfolio into their clients’ checking account. It is as though the portfolio is an employer paying a wage. The teams manage this on a regular basis, taking into account the various bills and expenses involved to ensure that retirement can be done with ease. Endurance Wealth Partner acts as CFO of their clients’ families, while the clients themselves are the CEOs. EWP’s job, first and foremost, is to keep the lights on at home. Needless to say, the use of technology has transformed the way in which businesses such as Endurance Wealth Partners operate. Thanks to the latest developments, it’s possible to provide customers with a service plan upfront that details precisely how often and in what formats the team While many simply look to be rich today, the team at Endurance Wealth Partners help those who want to have wealth that spans whole generations. Their fact-based approach has secured the position of many clients over the years. In Wealth and Finance International’s Retirement Planning Awards 2022, the team was recognized for their incredible work. We took the opportunity to explore just what they’ve done that has brought them such success. Best Investment Management &Wealth Planning Firm - NewYork Feb22294 will be reaching out with pertinent and proactive information. To them, customer service should never be a surprise, but something to be prepared for. This means that all parties can make swift progress to a satisfying conclusion. The future for Endurance Wealth Partners seems bright indeed. While the industry is constantly pivoting to new fads, they anchor their clients on what is most important in their lives. This commitment to their customers’ needs is something that sets them apart. For them, health and wealth are closely tied together. The team shows this through encouraging people to pay as much attention to their mental and physical health as they do their bank account. Regular walks and hikes are key to how the team interacts. It’s little 6 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Retirement Planning Awards APR2w2 With a passion to make a difference, Lifetime Retirement Income (Lifetime) is offering peace of mind and serenity as its clients look to it for assistance. Founder and Managing Director, Ralph Stewart, – who has been researching retirement income products in 2013 – tells us, “At Lifetime we have an affinity and passion for developing transparent, low-cost, high value retirement income solutions that New Zealand retirees can have confidence in. Our purpose is to help people enjoy their retirement with the security of an income for life.” Ralph launched the first retirement income product in 2016 “which was the forerunner to Lifetime’s latest retirement income solution.” As Lifetime sees itself at the forefront of the industry, it is always striving for greatness through everything that it does as it helps people to manage their income. Ralph shares, “We are excited to be launching a new product that helps retired homeowners to convert some of the equity in their home into a regular fortnightly income. Our new product is called Lifetime Home. It’s similar to a reverse mortgage with a number of new benefits for homeowners.” The services that Lifetime provides are as follows: • A reverse mortgage allows a homeowner to borrow money using their home as security. While interest is charged on the loan, it is not actually paid until the loan is repaid which in most cases is when the home is sold. Under this model the borrower does not know how much the interest will actually be, because the interest rate on reverse mortgages are variable and the term is uncertain. Over the course of our investigation, we have seen rates from 6% to 8%. • Lifetime Home does not charge interest, instead we purchase the right to own a small part of the home each year for 10 years. For example we purchase the right to own 3.5% of the home value each year. At the end of the 10 years the homeowner will retain 65% of the ownership and we will have ownership rights over 35%. The homeowner, and their families, Lifetime Retirement Income is a business making a real difference to the lives of retirees by applying its strength and knowledge to every case it deals with. It is ready to release its home equity release retirement income model and it is very pleased to share its wisdom with the world. Here we speak to Founder and Managing Director, Ralph Stewart, about its solutions and success. has certainty. The home-owner also has the right to remain in the home for as long as they wish. The house is only required to be sold when it is no longer the home-owners’ main residents. • Under the Lifetime Home model we own the right to share in the sale proceeds of the home in the future. If there has been good growth or poor growth in house prices, we share the experience with the homeowner. Under the reverse mortgage model, regardless of how house prices perform, the homeowner has a debt to settle in any event. With Lifetime Home we share property ownership risk with the homeowner as partners not lenders. With a fund with an investment strategy designed for investors (retirees) who want to draw a retirement income, and its Income Projector tool that calculates someone’s unique Annuity Factor combined with Lifestyle choices, Lifetime has everything it needs to promote a healthy bank account for people who are retired/taking retirement soon. By keeping clients Best Retirement WealthManagement Firm - New Zealand informed, Lifetime is ready to support every one of them on their financial path. Paving the way for retirees, Lifetime releases new solutions each year – stacking up its tools and solutions for all New Zealand clients. Lifetime manages over $300 million and has a board of industry specialists that all contribute to its success as well as the seamless help that it can offer to its clients. We are proud to present Lifetime with the prestigious title of Best Retirement Wealth Management Firm – New Zealand. Contact: Ralph Stewart Company: Lifetime Retirement Income Web Address:

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Retirement Planning Awards 7 APR2w2 A financial adviser is someone who is capable of staying focused on the needs of their clients at all times, adapting to the changing circumstances of an individual’s life. With so many different variables, and so many different demands on people’s lives, it’s clear that a good financial adviser is more than just someone who offers advice. They have to be an active partner in all respects. From the very outset of discussions, the Advies Wealth team are your partners, working tirelessly to meet your needs. This is done, first and foremost, through taking the time to understand the unique priorities that drive each individual. With no two people wanting to achieve the same results in life, this means that every strategy developed by the team is thoroughly unique. The satisfaction of their clients is what ensures satisfaction in and of themselves. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team have been forced to change how they work to meet social distancing requirements. The need for a meeting to define the detail of what is required is clear, but thanks to various lockdown restrictions this has not been possible to do in person. Phone or video call have become the options of choice for the team, and the aim has always been to meet with potential clients for a free consultation within 72 hours of the initial request. The team works closely with some of the top specialists in the sector, forging the necessary agreements to offer an investment package that is second to none. Each is bespoke designed to suit the needs of the client, leveraging not just the best options on the market, but the expert advice of the team that the Advies Wealth staff have allied themselves with. Discretionary fund managers, trust and fiduciary experts, pensions analysts and taxation specialists are just some of the roles that the team depends upon to deliver their top-notch service. Many people do not consider the value of their pension and retirement plans, but it’s certainly worth giving detailed consideration to its value. When it comes to your pensions, a host of new options have recently presented themselves. It’s worth turning to teams who understand their potential, such as Advies Wealth FCARegulated Pension Specialists. Their impressive service covers the length and breadth of the UK, and has earned the team tremendous success in Wealth and Finance International’s Retirement Planning Awards 2022. We take a closer look to discover more. Asking the Advies Wealth team for a detailed personal report, including the possibilities of a pension transfer, allows you to make the best possible decisions. Many things have changed in the last seven years, and personal circumstances change too. Other options that aren’t your Final Salary pension scheme might be for the best. Advies Wealth is the perfect partner in so many ways, offering a way for people who’s lives are Best Pension Review & Transfer Specialists - East Anglia Feb22411 constantly shifting to stay on top of the challenges they face. Their success over the years is something to be celebrated, providing a resilient service to those who need it most. Company: Advies Wealth FCA Regulated Pension Specialists Name: Stephen Jacobs Email: [email protected] 8 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Retirement Planning Awards APR2w2 With roots traced back to 1949, the Craufurd Hale Group is a Maidenhead based firm consisting of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers. Under this umbrella resides Craufurd Hale Wealth Management – a sector that provides independent wealth management and financial services. From estate planning to mortgages, and investments to financial services, Craufurd Hale Wealth Management endeavours to create bespoke financial solutions that are tailored to its clients’ needs and objectives. Taking a holistic approach, Craufurd Hale Wealth Management seamlessly combines independent wealth management services with financial planning, and through this, it is able to optimise the investment returns and minimise tax liabilities of its clients whilst seeking to avoid the potential for significant capital losses. Moreover, the firm works to find solutions that offer the best value for money, with the ultimate aim being to find the best possible outcome. From the start of the process to the end, Craufurd Hale Wealth Management works collaboratively with its clients in order to understand their investment and financial planning requirements. Indeed, Craufurd Hale Wealth Management ensures that it takes a client-centric approach. Its philosophy is based on the principle of great client service delivered in a friendly, approachable, professional, and timely manner. In essence, the client comes first, and the team should be willing to go above and beyond to create an exceptional customer experience. Henceforth, Craufurd Hale Wealth Management believes that great client care begins with its team. Furthermore, it ensures that clients have multiple contacts within the firm, as it is imperative that the client knows who is responsible for their financial services. The team consists of a range of backgrounds – some have been with the company for decades, honing their craft, whilst others are fresh faces with new ideas. As reflected across numerous testimonials, this mission has clearly been successful. Across For decades the Craufurd Hale Group has been serving clients, presenting efficient and personalised financial solutions to clients. Craufurd Hale Wealth Management, the most recent addition to the group, further showcases this devotion to clients. Backed by a skilled and highly-professional team, the firm provides a simple and easy way for clients to take control of their finances and wealth management. the board, the company receives positive reviews, from its excellent customer service to its transparency when handling projects. Mr P Melling commented, ‘I approached Craufurd Hale 18 months ago to simplify and consolidate my various pension pots. I feel that the advice that is shared with me is balanced and transparent, and I now have confidence in the control and Best Wealth Management Firm - Berkshire Feb22292 mechanics of my new arrangements. And I’m already seeing the benefits of the new arrangement in terms of visibility and value.” Contact: Haresh Raghwani Company: Craufurd Hale Wealth Management Web Address:

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