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Contents Testimonials About Wealth & Finance Testimonials Contributors Our Awards Forward Features Advertising Our Newsletter Online Audience Social Media About AI Global Media Contact Details About Wealth & Finance Wealth & Finance International is committed to providing its audiences with the latest information on up to date market trends and advice on all things related to finance and fund management. Wealth & Finance International delivers a quarterly magazine and an accompanying newsletter to an audience of 65,000 users. Thus, making it the go-to resource for those looking to make the right decisions when it comes to securing and growing their wealth. AI Global Media is also a member of the CPD Certification Service or CPD. Our CPD membership profile page can be viewed here. CPD is an independent accreditation centre working across all sectors and disciplines. Established in 1996, CPD have extensive experience and history working with training providers, professional bodies, academic institutions and corporate organisations. Enabling them to support organisations seeking authoritative accreditation for their CPD activities. Contributors Excellent service with very helpful staff all the way through from applying for the award until receiving the award and beyond. Elyas Mogra Very interesting publications and thorough research. My company was pleased to work with W&F International, they provide excellent services. Anastasiya Panfyorova Chris from Wealth & Finance was a pleasure to work with. The team was quick and responsive and communication could not have gone smoother. I definitely look forward to working with them again and seeing the magazine grow. Carolina Ramirez Helpful and creative team at Wealth & Finance. They transformed our business text into something journalistically readable, and their proposed images were also a big plus. Thanks. James Von Claer

Forward Features Q1 Publishing date: 29th February 2024 Submissions Deadline: 19 January 2024 The transformation of the finance industry The latest innovations in FinTech Q2 Publishing date: 20th May 2024 Submissions deadline: 20th April 2024 The change in the figital banking world How to navigate financial turmoil during a time of uncertainty Q3 Publishing date: 19th August 2024 Submissions Deadline: 19th July 2024 Growth vs. value investing, what is the difference? The changing landscape of consumer payments Q4 Publishing date: 18th November 2024 Submissions deadline: 18th October 2024 The implications of merchant fees on businesses Advice on personal finance management Advertising Advertising with SME News allows you to reach your target market and showcase your talent and industry knowledge. Our popular online magazine and website offer a selection of ways to interact with your clients and highlight your skills. With so many different options to choose from and support across every stage of the process, it could not be easier to get your message across. Double Page-spread Full Page 420 x 297mm 210 x 297mm Our Awards Wealth & Finance International is committed to recognise and celebrate the most deserving and best performing businesses and professional individuals that work hard to serve their clients in the finance and investments landscape. We acknowledge and award selected businesses globally that have demonstrated stellar performances, used upcoming technologies and have created new trends within this fluctuating industry. All of our awards are carefully tailored to provide a detailed and in-depth analysis of the best each market, industry, region and sector has to offer. Our winners are decided by a combination of votes gathered from our network of respected industry partners and our own rigorous in-house research. We leave nothing to chance, carefully scrutinising everything from a nominee’s region to their performance over the past 12 months, their commitment to innovation, their methods and even their competition to ensure that only the most deserving names walk away with one of our prestigious trophies. Of course, it’s no use winning an award if you can’t shout about it, which is why we’re also committed to working with all of our nominees and winners to promote their success throughout their industry and beyond and making sure they gain maximum exposure and really benefit from their win. Award Campaign Deadline FinTech Awards 2024 Venture Capital Awards 2024 Retirement Planning Awards 2024 Ethical Finance Awards 2024 Fund Awards 2024 Management Consulting Awards 2024 Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards 2024 April 2024 July 2024 December 2023 January 2024 June 2024 June 2024 July 2024 Winners Announced August 2024 November 2024 April 2024 May 2024 October 2024 October 2024 November 2024

Wealth &Finance uses its social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to interact with its followers and build brand recognition. The promotion of articles and news items on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn sites aids in raising contributor and business partner brand recognition. @WealthandFinanceINT Followers-9,691 @wandfmagazine Followers- 2,427 Wealth & Finance International Followers- 790 Our Newsletter The Wealth & Finance newsletter runs in conjunction with the quarterly magazine featuring the latest interviews, comment and opinion from some of finance’s leading lights. Our readership spans the entire financial landscape; from fun and asset managers all the way through to business leaders committed to supporting and understanding their shareholders’ needs. Featuring in the newsletter can help to increase the exposure of your brand and lead to brand awareness to a new demographic. We have a wide range of advertising services for you to select from and some packages also offer a feature in both the magazine and newsletter for further promotion. As well as this, we like to showcase our readers’ work, and share the success we are seeing the throughout the financial space; therefore we provide a selection of award’s programmes which profile the best in the business and award them for their hard work and dedication. Circulation65,000 Newsletter Open Rate22.16% Newsletter CTR4.45% Online Audience Web Users 94.844 Web Page Views 189,052 Social Media Wealth & Finance International is bought to by AI Global Media, a B2B digital publishing house established in 2010. Through its brands AI Global Media is committed to delivering ‘Content You Can Trust’ and is dedicated in providing news, insights and features providing vital support to the followers, clients and readers of each title. At AI Global Media we value every reader, visitor, contributor and advertiser equally. As such, we work alongside each and every one of our stakeholders to create websites and magazines that act as unique resources for our readers and a means of communicating with specific audiences for our advertisers. About AI Global Media Contact Acquisition International Ground Floor, Suites B-D, The Maltsters, 1-2 Wetmore Road, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1LS Advertising and Sales Enquiries Jen Spencer [email protected] +44 (0) 203 970 0048 Editorial Enquiries Sofi Bajor [email protected] +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Award Enquiries Awards Team [email protected] +44(0) 203 970 0029