Wealth & finance International - Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015

Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015 14 Asset Finance Firm of the Year – UK Bluestone Leasing is the leading provider of asset finance to UK organisations in both the private and public sectors. Since 1996 we have provided our customers with access to the largest portfolio of specialist banks and funders in the UK ensuring that they receive the very best solutions available. We cover every size of project, with our transactions ranging from £1,000 - £10M+, in addition to working with the very best channel partners in the industry. Company: Bluestone Leasing Limited Name: Steve Russell, Sales Director Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.bluestoneleasing.com Address: Silkwood Court, Silkwood Park, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF5 9TP. Telephone: 01924 248800 Our firm has two main focuses. Firstly, we obtain a real understanding of the customer and make sure we know exactly what they are looking to achieve. Service is at the heart of everything we do and our cus- tomers often praise us for “going the extra mile” and we are regularly told that we have been able to secure credit where others have failed. Secondly, we add some real value to the process by tailoring a solution to suit them and handle every aspect of the finance process for them so that they have a pain-free and positive experience. We believe that long-term relationships are based on trust and confidence and the level of repeat business we enjoy illustrates the success of these principals. Within our industry Bluestone Leasing have always been regarded as innovators – whether it be mobile apps like our 1-Touch quotation tool for our channel partners or cutting edge 1-2-1 schemes for educa- tion through our Access Anytime programme. The success of these new ideas can be attributed to our principal of always listening to our customers. We feel that if you want to spot an opportunity to push the boundaries, speak to your customers – they typically know what’s needed before you do. After a number of years of underinvestment by UK plc during the credit crisis, Bluestone Leasing has seen a huge uplift in activity as public and private sector clients alike realise that they need to refresh their technology or other assets. Our Interiors Division (focused on funding fit out projects for relocations or refurbishments) has seen huge growth as customers simply didn’t realise that they could lease their environment much like they do their building. Bluestone Leasing has been at the forefront of these industry developments, always striving to improve customer awareness. We feel incredibly proud and honoured to have been awarded this title and it comes on the back of a record number of industry awards we have secured in recent years. We are blessed with the most hardworking, professional and skilled team in the industry without whom we would not have achieved all the success we have over the last few years. We also acknowledge the importance of these awards within our industry. For those that win them, they are a recog- nition of all the hard work and energy that they have invested into their busi- nesses and into the wider industry and an endorsement of what they are doing. For the rest, they are something to aspire to and an encouragement to improve their own offering so they too can achieve such accolades in the future.

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