Wealth & finance International - Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 15 Best Global Private Equity Firm - China & Award for Excellence in Technology-Based Investments - China We congratulate Broadline Capital on winning our award for Best Global Private Equity Firm – China. Company: Broadline Capital LLC Email Address: [email protected] Web Address: www.broadlinecapital.com Address: One Rockefeller Plaza, 10th Floor New York, NY 10020 Founded in 2005, Broadline Capital is a global private equity firm focused primarily on growth capital and impact investments in Asia and North America. Broadline Capital is dedicated to collaborating with leading innovators – companies and entrepreneurs who revolutionize industries and become either category leaders or category creators. Recently, Broadline led the 2015 financing round of China Rapid Finance. According to Oliver Wyman, China Rapid Finance has become China’s leading online consumer lending marketplace based on loan volume. China Rapid Finance has created a unique marketplace to address the burgeoning consumer credit demands of China’s emerging middle class – the world’s largest untapped market. Broadline Capital is the company’s largest investor. Broadline’s heritage of disciplined investing reveals its team’s unique al- pha-generating capability to develop and deploy the skills to source quality deals that have high-multiple performance potential and find ways to reap their full value; spot and mitigate risks to avoid big losses; and consistently stretch to create alpha at every link of the value chain — from deal sourcing to exit realization. The result: superior risk-adjusted returns. Broadline’s investment team leaders have spent their entire careers building trust-based relationships globally. They have past experience as entrepreneurs and CEOs of successful companies, which helps them understand what it takes to build a successful business. They have led some of the most creative deals in the history of their market categories, and their collective experience and network of relationships assure that Broadline-sponsored companies have access to the expertise and resources to reach the next level. Broadline Capital’s success stems from its disciplined approach to investment selection: They start with a top-down approach to identify categories that can create positive impact around the world -- where high growth, strong margins and market fragmentation are yielding abundant investment opportunities. Next, they take a bottom-up approach within these categories to evaluate and select rising niche leaders with proprietary technologies and compelling brands, who have capable management teams that can benefit from Broadline’s financial support and strategic guidance to help develop their business to a world-class level. Broadline Capital invests across a range of market capitalizations and industry sectors in companies positioned to have broad impact and thrive as China transitions toward an economy driven by innovation and increased domestic consumption, and as the world transitions toward a more efficient and sustainable way of life. Major investment themes include Economic Empowerment through the On-Demand Economy; Sustainable Energy with emphasis on Energy Storage and Advanced Materials; Healthy Living and Life Sciences; Technology with emphasis on SaaS, Big Data Analytics, Mobile Innovations and Cyber Security; and Consumer-oriented businesses. At Broadline Capital, selecting and closing a well-structured transaction is only the beginning. That’s because Broadline’s contribution to portfo- lio companies is more than just financial. Their team provides support and guidance to improve operations; optimize the alignment of man- agement incentives; introduce initiatives to grow revenues and increase margins; expand organically and through consolidation; encourage a culture of innovation; initiate advance exit planning; and re-invest cash flow for long-term value-building.

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