Wealth & finance International - Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 17 Awards for Innovation in Business Growth Strategy & Best for Corporate Exit Strategy - California Conduit Consulting professionals’ provide client-specific confidential advice and have a track-record of successfully efficiently leading strategic initiatives on behalf of companies ranging from large multinational corporations to small private enterprises. We spoke with Conduit Consulting founder and CEO Jillian Alexander to learn more about their diverse range of clients and how they provide the best possible service. Company: Conduit Consulting LLC Name: Jillian Alexander Email: [email protected] Web: www.conduitconsulting.com Address: 2530 Wilshire Boulevard Second Floor Santa Monica, CA 90403, USA Telephone: +1 310.260.9765 Conduit Consulting team members act as if we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients, even when we do not. We help clients understand much of their wealth creation and preservation stems from their business’ value drivers, which are the levers to increase free cash flow and enhance the business’ enterprise value. Additionally, we help clients minimize risk exposure and liabilities by developing client-specif- ic investment decision criteria to evaluate opportunities. Our professionals’ services have resulted in investment-attracting busi- ness plans; in-demand products and services; award-winning marketing campaigns; improving customer and employee satisfaction; increasing revenue, market share and profitability; start-ups achieving successful exits or continually operating as going-concerns; enhancing businesses’ intrinsic and shareholder value; and clients realizing more than $3.4 bil- lion in value via completing mergers & acquisitions, private placements, IPOs, and divestitures transactions. Similar to other professions like law and medicine, one practices con- sulting. Consulting has its own unique set of skills and competencies, in addition to the skills and subject matter expertise in sub-specialities such as joint venture formation or cross-border merger integration or Entertainment/Media/Internet company management. Our ongoing suc- cess is due not only to Conduit Consulting professionals’ continually and mindfully honing their consulting skills, but also ongoingly improving subject matter knowledge and being adept at getting smart quick. One aspect which sets us apart from our competitors is that we put our client’s best interest first. We only engage with clients for which we can add value and we do so with a well-qualified team. To ensure clients receive the best possible service, we customize the team, work effort, and project-management approach based on client-specific factors and the nature of the initiative. Additionally, we candidly and respectfully tell clients what they need to know, not just what they want to hear. Furthermore, considerable thought and effort has been given to Conduit Consulting LLC’s organization design, team building, professional de- velopment, and values to foster a productive, collaborative, respectful, and goal-oriented culture which is necessary to build goodwill, establish trust and effectively serve our clients, and catapult them to success. As for the awards, it is nice being recognized for the result of our hard work and doing something exceptionally well. It is often very difficult for those whom could benefit from Management Consulting services, such as company executives and business owners, to delineate experts from others. Awards like these bring attention to those with expertise and whom consistently deliver high-quality services. In addition to being delightfully surprised to be honoured by Wealth & Finance International, it is both gratifying and humbling to be recog- nized for two of Conduit Consulting LLC’s strengths – devising and implementing growth strategies and exit strategies. Our team works dili- gently to quickly understand the current situation and future scenarios, then devise client-specific strategies and workplans. Yet, this recogni- tion would not happen without our clients trust and taking action.

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