Wealth & finance International - Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015

Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015 18 Enterprise Engineering, Inc. Best Financial Services Technology Solutions - New York & Best E-commerce infrastructure & Systems Integration Firm - New York Since 1995, EEI has provided strategic technology services such as enterprise data management, data architecture and governance, big data, business intelligence and systems integration. We are a trusted advisor to the financial services industry because we provide deep expertise and insight, delivered through services and software solutions. EEI focuses on the total picture to ensure that all aspects – people, process and technology are addressed in a holistic manner. We are engaged in mission-critical environments to assess current state, define future state and deliver an optimal business outcome. Company: Enterprise Engineering, Inc. Name: George Anderson Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.joineei.com Address: 115 Broadway Suite 1705 New York, NY 10006 Telephone: 001 646-421-2171 Our EnterpriseFTX™ software suite supports multi-bank environments with modular solutions that offer account and money management, bill payment & presentment, alerts and entitlements. EnterpriseFTX™ is used by hundreds of financial institutions including major banks and brokerage firms, banking and retirement services providers, credit card providers, tax services firms, and online banking and bill pay enablers. Our software products are proven and trusted by the world’s largest wealth managers (front ending assets under management well in excess of seven trillion dollars). As a trusted advisor to the world’s largest and most respected finan- cial institutions, our first priority is to support the productivity of the Financial Advisors and their clients. Our products and services are geared toward delivering real-time information on positions and holdings that help Financial Advisors and clients aggregate their data from across several different firms. This enables clients to determine which investment strategy is best for them based on a total view of all their investments. We know that while it’s easy to thrive in growing markets, it is critical that you also protect your clients’ wealth in difficult markets. Therefore, we believe a consolidated view of all assets across institutions will empower clients, increase Financial Advisor’s productivity, drive the growth of assets under management and enhance the portfolio value. Throughout our business, we are passionate about learning and devel- opment. At EEI, everyone, including our CEO, is involved in formal and informal learning. We encourage industry networking, attending indus- try forums and classes to keep up with current trends. We also work on-site with clients, which provides a very practical view of changes in the markets. Through these activities, EEI has identified leading fintech companies that are complementary to our offering and we have often partnered to provide our clients a robust solution. Understanding this constantly changing space allows us to provide maximum value to our clients, employees and partners. We strive to serve our clients better by listening to their needs and focusing on the results they want to achieve. EEI is passionate about driving results through the use of proven methodologies coupled with over twenty years of industry expertise. We deliver optimal business outcomes by partnering with our clients on their most difficult challeng- es to understand their needs, define the desired result and create work structures that allow a complex problem to be delivered in manageable pieces. We augment the change programs with trusted resources, proven processes and repeatable solutions. As a thought leader in the industry, we enable our clients to achieve their goals. EEI views every client project as critical and always brings a high level of energy and drive to the initiative. We regularly assess our performance and have a continuous improvement program in place. Looking towards the future, EEI’s next stage of evolution includes a broader strategy that integrates services and software with a heavier focus on wealth management. We are currently working with a niche strategy firm and several industry leaders to grow our suite of products and services as well as our DevOps Center of Excellence. The EEI Tax Navigator software solution, recently released, is just one example of a series of offerings that EEI will be bringing to market.

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