Wealth & finance International - Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 19 Gary Goldberg Financial Services Sustained Excellence in Mutual Funds - The GGFS Managed Mutual Fund Program Since its founding in 1972, Gary Goldberg Financial Services always focused on providing sound investment advice to investors who are often shunned by other firms because they may not meet their minimum account size requirements. We got in touch with them to learn more about their company and how they consistently have met their clients’ goals. Company: Gary Goldberg Financial Services Name: Oliver Pursche Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.ggfs.com Address: 75 Montebello Road, Suffern, NY 10901 Telephone: 845-368-2900 Most of our clients are retired or approaching retirement and saved diligently their entire lives. They recognize that investing during the accumulation phase of their life is very different than during the distri- bution phase – errors in the latter cycle can be very costly, hence more diligence and care is required. We focus on the client’s goals, lay out a plan, and meet with each client on a quarterly basis to ensure we know of any changes that occurred in their lives that may impact our investment decisions. Investing requires discipline and an emotionless approach – most mistakes investors make are as a result of their emotions, not because the investments they chose are inherently poor. Our Select Trac Mutual Fund program is our flagship mutual fund wrap strategy, which was specifically engineered for investors seeking a reli- able portfolio that is diversified and built to withstand market gyrations. We utilize a disciplined, replicable investment approach, which means we remove emotions from the investment equation. Decisions instead are based upon sector investing and which sectors have the most opportunity, or which have the greatest risk. Our client services team is solely focused on attending to our client needs. Unlike most organizations, this department of 6 highly skilled individuals is tasked with just one thing – focus on the clients’ needs and understand their goals. This is communicated to the appropriate advisor and the investment committee members to ensure everyone has the same understanding of the client. Separate departments for accounting, billing, marketing, and operations support the advisors and the investor services personnel, allowing these groups to focus on client centric activities only. Gary Goldberg Financial Services is led by our 5 member investment committee, whose members have over 145 years of combined invest- ment management experience, and is backed up by a team of 4 ana- lysts. The depth and breadth of our investment committee and research team allows us to be invited to attend exclusive industry leading confer- ences, all of which directly benefits our clients. Being large enough to be recognized as an industry leader, is evidenced by our ongoing media appearances on CNBC, Wall Street Journal Marketwatch, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business, amongst others. Additionally, we remain exclusive enough to know who our clients are and that has resulted in allowing us to service 4 generations of clients within the same family. Culture is everything to us, as it is a reflection of everything we do and stand for. Building a strong client focused corporate culture takes time and requires that every stakeholder in the business shares the same core belief that we serve the client, period. Maintaining this culture requires monthly meetings with all employees and an open environment that allows everyone to speak freely and constructively. Furthermore, all 42 of our employees are focused on what is best for our clients, which means that when a client speaks with anyone within our organization they will get the right answer to their query, or be di- rected to someone who has the right answer. Either way, they know that the answer is based on what is in their best interest.

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