Wealth & finance International - Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015

Wealth & Money Management Awards 2015 30 Best Portfolio Analysis Platform - UK StatPro is a global provider of award winning portfolio analytics solutions for the investment community. Their cloud- based platform provides vital analysis of portfolio performance, attribution, risk and compliance. This multi asset-class analytics platform helps our clients increase assets under management, improve client service, meet tough regulations and reduce costs. StatPro’s integrated and global data coverage includes over 3.2 million securities such as equities, bonds, mutual funds, FX rates, futures, options, OTCs, sector classifications and much else besides. StatPro also covers most families of benchmarks including MSCI, FTSE, Russell, NASDAQ and the licence free Freedom Index. We spoke to them to find out more. Company: StatPro Name: Neil Smyth Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.statpro.com Address: StatPro, Mansel Court, Mansel Road, Wimbledon, London. SW19 4AA Telephone: 0208 410 9876 Our focus is on the quality and breadth of the analysis along with the right technology to ensure cost effective delivery and analysis distribu- tion. Data security is central to our services but ensuring our clients can access all the portfolio analysis they need from a central platform is also one of our key priorities. StatPro Revolution was the world’s first cloud-based portfolio analytics platform and we are constantly innovating with technology. We have also won industry awards for our innovation in analysis functionality such as liquidity risk, performance attribution and risk limits monitor- ing and reporting. In our opinion, the most important approach for a company is to listen to your clients. Understanding the entire process of portfolio manage- ment allows us to create functionality and solutions that work as part of a larger process. Ensuring our solutions can respond to new challenges helps us deliver value to our clients. A key differentiator of StatPro Revolution and StatPro as a business is our combination of industry knowledge and functional capacity combined with our technology. Being able to deliver portfolio analysis results in entirely new timeframes and using secure but flexible cloud technology sets us apart from competitors. Despite our continued success, there are also many challenges facing us in our industry. The last 12 months have seen pressures on margins but an increase in assets and products within the asset management industry. This has led to higher demands on analysis and reporting systems to show the value of management and the right levels of control of risk in an increasingly regulated market. In terms of the award, it’s always very nice to be recognised within the industry. StatPro’s goal is to be the number one provider of portfolio analysis platforms and being recognised as the leading provider in the UK is a great achievement. Awards like this are a great way for the market to understand who the leading players are in the many fields of financial management and fintech.

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