Women in Wealth Awards 2016

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 11 Best Medical Indemnity Insurance Specialist - Australia Avant Mutual Group (Avant) is Australia’s largest medical defence organisation (MDO). Avant is a mutual, not-for-profit organisation, wholly owned by their members. Through their licensed insurance subsidiary, Avant Insurance Limited, they offer a range of insurance products to medical practitioners and students throughout Australia. We spoke to Pamela Michael, who told us more about their expert medico legal advice, and the assistance that they offer to over 72,000 medical practitioners and students. Avant has its own legal firm, which is a point of difference with all other MDOs in Australia. With 48 lawyers nationally, who specialise in medical-negligence and health law, they provide high quality legal services and personalised support as well as rapid responses to urgent medico legal issues. Pamela has over 26 years of health and legal experience, and in June 2015, she was permanently appointed to two roles at Avant, which she holds simultaneously. “I am the only person in Avant to hold dual roles, with teams of 80 and 53 respectively. My previous roles with Avant included Head of Professional Conduct NSW, then Head of Professional Conduct and Civil NSW, and was subsequently appointed to the National Head of Avant Law, which I now hold concurrently with the Head of Medical Defence and Services role for NSW. “These roles gave me the opportunity to work with my teams, the business and our members, so we could better assist our doctors when they are faced with a claim or complaint, particularly given the medico- legal environment is constantly changing.” Tort reform in Australia in 2001 resulted in the capping of the amount of damages a patient may receive as a consequence of suing a doctor. However, despite this, patients have become increasingly demanding of doctors, and are now quicker to complain or commence legal proceedings when their expectations are not met. A patient’s presentation, the medicine and any co-morbidities can be extremely complex for doctors, particularly in circumstances of an increasingly ageing population. “The business of medicine is changing, requiring doctors to be experts WW160017 Company: Avant Mutual Group/ Avant Law Pty Ltd Name: Pamela Michael Email: [email protected]/ [email protected] Web Address: www.avant.org.au in their fields, and now, more often than not, experts in running their own businesses. Avant is looking to provide a range of products and services that will help our members to practice medicine safely and to run successful businesses.” Pamela is excited about her future, finding her current position fulfilling and stimulating. “I have a strong interest in business, as well as being passionate about the fashion industry. At some stage, I would like to challenge myself and combine my business, leadership skills and creative side.”

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